Back to the modern day


Before the new year I actually ran into my former boss from the Hole, the one who hired me before the store opened over four years ago. What I didn’t know at the time was that when I ran into at a local Fresh Foods store that he had been promoted. In fact, and the irony is I had last ran into him at that store just about a mere week before getting let go from the Hole over two years prior.

He was still an assistant store manager at the time and was only at that location to help them out. Seemingly knowing how rough things were at the Hole he seemed to be suggesting that it’s time to leave for a moment too bad I didn’t see out help or advice with the situation I had been in. It was cool running into him then and even better he expressed interest in returning to the Hole or possibly being at that store. Two years later not only did he return now he’s running the operation.

I expressed interest in working with him again and he said he’d reach out to my leadership as  far as opportunities at that store. I made sure to note and thank him for how I returned to the company, he stated it was the easiest letter of recommendation he could write. I hate to note the disappointment of what happened and got the peaks and valleys statement, I guess ups and downs. We parted as he was actually speaking with someone else at the time, and all I did was stand off to the side hoping to wave at him once he looked in my direction.

With this said I just had to get the word out and especially reached out to two people who I thought needed to know. One of whom is Jill who is no longer with the company. The story as far as this is most interesting and likely could keep her out of the company.

Jill was the one who told me that Ruthless Roger was no longer the dept mgr of my former team at the Hole. She also was the first to note who was going to take over the department who was dubbed Larry once I found out. I never returned to the Hole incidentally after that also within weeks of that communication she was also let go. This was first told to me by a colleague who was long gone by the time of the “Reign of Error“.

I wrote an accounting of what happened with that as I encountered a colleague Bill when he was leaving work one day. There was a fight at the store and from what Bill told me it sounded as if Jill was just caught up in some young cantankerous young woman who probably didn’t want to be at work that day. I could believe no hands were being thrown and it does sound like they had to be pulled apart or separated. And unfortunately Jill lost her job and for her aggression the other party well she’ll figure it out one day.

So Jill who herself could be a tad cantankerous was also very good at her job. She was even associate of the year at our store. And then this which I could say was the result of a leadership vacuum. Larry hadn’t yet arrived to take over the dept full-time and chances are if none of the assistant mgrs wanted to step up to run the dept that left someone from store mgmt to run the team.

Incidentally when I mentioned that Morley had been let go (she already knew by the time I reached out) she expressed a strong reaction. She said his termination served him right, yeah like I said strong reaction. As it turned out she wasn’t the only one, and it seemed Morley had made a few enemies who were happy that he lost his store mgmt position. WOW!

Anyway I told others about my plans with regards to Jill including my mother and they advised that I needed to stay out of it. Jill suggested forwarding her number to our former boss, I merely send her his email telling her to congratulate him and mentioning that there was an open position available at that location. Though I pledged to give her word of a position at my assignment once they become available.

All the same I was advised to stay out of this because I just don’t know enough about what happened with her back then. I don’t know who fired her, and I got a word of another colleague and her word about her actions in that incident. In fact she termed her dismissal as a “wrongful termination”. The one I presumed fired her is no longer with the company (the one she expressed a strong reaction), however, no idea if it was him.

So either way I hope she got in touch with our former boss. In theory he could hire her over and dept mgr’s head but I know in the workplace that’s not so easy. I think they have good rapport so I don’t foresee any issues as far as her returning. However with this company she might have a much easier time than working two jobs to make ends meet. And she is one person who I believe deserves a second chance.

Which I have to add, I intend to write a tad more about what happened that led up to the Reign of Error. As stated often I’ve only learned to laugh at what happened over two years ago. Come to think of it my second run with Fresh Foods led to yours truly getting two raises before the end of his first year back. One was a hike in the minimum wage, another was a regular raise which was barely anything, and then the last one was the company raising the price floor. If Rog wanted me gone, he’s gone from the company and my paycheck is looking much better. Of course that’s not the only measure.

Starting next month I will set the scene. What set off the chain of events that led to the Reign of Error?

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