The blackout

This post from last August illustrates the communications black out with my old “fiend”. It began in earnest two years ago this month. Back in February ’18 the Hustler began hitting my phone again. He called three times from a new number with no inkling of who it was and then sent a text asking me to call him.

I just had to send a text establishing who it was, well they confirmed my suspicions. I never called the Hustler and he called one more time after that during that period. Of course there have been other attempts at re-establishing the dialogue.

One main reason for the blackout back then was being out of work. If he knew what happened, he’ll find different ways to let me know where I screwed up. I’d feel worse about it than necessary.

Of course let’s not forget why I gave him that moniker. Usually keeping the dialogue going can only serve to cost me. If I answer the phone then as now it will cost me.

And now that it’s February time to extend the conversation about other topics.

Feeling No Love

marketing office working businessNo one’s home…

I know that since last year a lot has been written about the events surrounding the “reign of error“. Often I look at what happened with that period the one good thing that happened during that time – eventually yours truly would begin to cut ties with the Hustler. How did that come about?

Well as stated in another post – “One final drop” – I stated that the soft communications blackout started after his last text message to yours truly. He reminded me that he’s working on paying back the money he borrowed and reminded me of another piece of news that I had actually told him. Anyway I attempted to call him back after this and actually left a voicemail with him and he never returned my call.

At this point I just stopped trying to really chase him down…

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