Doggos in a park

Would you believe I have a YouTube channel that occasionally I will add a video link to my instagram bio? This is the current link to my account, they vid you see above.

Five years ago (the correct time frame was closer to the holidays during that time period) I was eating at a local grocery store near downtown Chicago and looked down and saw a dog park where a group of pooches were frolicking around. At that time it fascinated yours truly, dogs without a care in the world other than the whims of their owners.

During this period I was unemployed although briefly between Gotham Bank and ultimately the Hole. At the time I just didn’t know that, perhaps on that given day my goal was to eat a quick meal and then eventually go to the picture show. There were a number of pictures worth seeing during that brief period while I was still getting paid from my brief time at Gotham and before the unemployment kicks in.

So expanding my rather meager social media presence I decided to share with you this dog park. Although I’m recording this over five years later.

Also if you’re reading this and have a YouTube feel free to subscribe.

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