Lay of the land

This month two years ago I’ve learned about the departure of the man known on this blog as Ruthless Roger. Often as stated he was the man whom yours truly had worked for and in part thanks to him I lost my job at The Hole. That moment where he walked me into the store management offices so that his immediate boss Morley let me go has become one of the more dramatic moments of my working life.

I don’t want to dwell on it a whole lot yet. This is the time to set the lay of the land over three years ago. Back in ’17, yours truly didn’t expect some of the rapid changes that were occurring to the team as I knew it back then. At this point my department was at least two dept mgrs ahead of Roger’s arrival. It was this time that the boss we had since the previous summer announced to us that he put in his two weeks and he was leaving. I learned later that he just wasn’t quite working out for some reason and store mgmt wasn’t too pleased with him for some reason.

It didn’t depress me, however, it was as much of a blow as the man who hired me getting promoted to become an assistant store manager elsewhere. As it turned out he was cool at the same time there was uncertainty among the team as a few declared that they were planning on departing in the near future now that our then boss was leaving the company. At this point to see how the situation shakes out we have the remainder of the spring and summer to find out.

Well at some point our team came under the leadership of one of our assistant managers. And she was the one who assigned me to do the buy/receive shifts by the summer. I also had the opportunity to become a supervisor and failed once I didn’t get passed screenings. As an aside one of the supervisors she elevated eventually became one of the assistant managers at the Hole in my former department.

During that period began a slide as far as my tardiness. I had a number of mid-morning to afternoon shifts that I had done a real $h!t job of being on time for. Briefly Morley was our dept mgr and he had me sign paperwork for them. It would take time for those tardies to roll off the bad news it when they did it would be just in time for Rog, if he was looking for a target, to take advantage of.

Long story short there was uncertainty. However, I had no reason to think things would go the direction that they would eventually go during the course of that year. Perhaps in spite of the many changes occurring in such a short period of time there was no reason for me to think that yours truly would be sunk by a bad boss. As stated before there is a reason that he lasted roughly six months as a dept mgr, then sent to another store as a supervisor, and then eventually departs the company not long after that.

Soon I will tell the story of the first time I met the man I also refer to as /goofball. There was something of a lay of the land to that also. There is also an “apocryphal” story that occurred just about two years before that. Little did yours truly would know if that was the first meeting he would later become his boss in a few years.

Stay Tuned.

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