Case against MGTOW

Sharing a lot of videos lately am I?

This YouTube channel BlueCollarLogic takes on MGTOW. The man – Dave – you see above has his reasons for going his own way and mirrors what I’ve observed from such men. The woman in his life screwed him over and as a result he lives in a mobile home to save some money. While he’s still friends with his ex-wife he describes their split as a divorce he didn’t want!

So his take on MGTOW or feminism is that both seem to want to deny human nature. Men and women are wired differently. We can debate why it’s unfair that women must be pursued. And women could always wish that men become more feminine. The reality is men and women are different and anyone that tries to deny that are kidding themselves.

There was an article in the news that an HR person thinks that sports talk in an office could lead to discrimination. My first thoughts on that is that this HR person just couldn’t relate to men at all. It’s OK you don’t follow sports yet how is it so serious as say men engaging in “locker room” talk with the women they work with. I can see how that is disrespectful and perhaps I wouldn’t want to be subjected to that by women at all.

I’ve worked with women who were loose about their thoughts on men. They gushed over men they liked and absolutely didn’t bite their tongues with men they didn’t like – especially yours truly. And they especially didn’t handle it well when a man they did like just didn’t respond to them in keeping with their “value”. I definitely got one story about that.

Either way, a I’ve often said about MGTOW I don’t have as much of a case as you see Dave above. I’d say his story is far more common in that community i.e. his wife fcuked him over. He will also state that for men going their own way, they got a lot more going for them than they realize. They’re making themselves more attractive by being not so easily available. Also they’re going to the gym and working on increasing their income. Just other self improvement that we as people should always strive for!

It’s not important to shun any relationships with women. There are bad women out there and I’ve met some of them. The thing is speaking of me I hardly play anyway, perhaps the self-improvement is about being a better player. That’s what I’m striving to be when it comes to women. I desire a wife and family and  while I could become hardcore MGTOW, however, that’s really not likely to change with me.

And one final note, my standards aren’t that high. I could go for the 10s as far as attractiveness and go for at least the middle of the road as far as women. I’d say be careful about the types of women you do pursue. Whether they are very attractive or average or below average a lot of them have their own issues. I could go for the looks, just don’t look at the score see how these women are mentally. Once you see where they are as far as character then you can decide whether or not you can go forward with them.

My 2₵!

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