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What if it’s possible to remake your image? And it doesn’t matter how old you are it just matters that you’re determined to make some changes.

I like to think everything isn’t set in stone. What if you can make changes to your lifestyle? What if you can make changes to your attitude?

If people hold you to what you used to do when you were younger, does this mean you disassociate? I’ve had to do this with someone I knew, knowing among other things that they have the tendency to bring things from the past to the forefront. It’s is as if today doesn’t matter, past actions matters more and remains part of the discussion.

What prompted this was that a coworker asked about the ride I have one day at work recently. I want you all to know I don’t own my own vehicle, however, it’s one of my long term goals. Still I sort of bs’d and claimed the vehicle was mine instead of admitting that it’s my mother’s car. Yep, I lied no one needs to know my situation at the same time I’ve learned that once someone learns the truth they get a kick out of calling you out on it! It’s often temporary though very unsettling in the moment.

Then I thought about it. What if it was part of my image? I don’t have to stick strictly with humility per se as I already buy luxury brands. For example most of my shoes wouldn’t be considered value brands, nor would most of my attire. Also my tech, they’re not value tech unless you consider some of my devices that were bought refurbished.

Perhaps for most of my life I cared very little about upholding my image. The hard part is that upholding an image is hard work. It’s even harder work if you’re creating an image that doesn’t hold up because you created it and it’s not real. Still if you want to change your image you have to believe it and it shouldn’t be a mirage because if it is no one else will believe it.

No I don’t own a vehicle, but I will. Nope that vehicle may not necessarily be a luxury car, however, it will be mine. Perhaps one day I will own a luxury vehicle. As most things in life it’s always a work in progress. Time to put in the work.

2 thoughts on “Image

  1. Reblogged this on Feeling No Love and commented:

    At the end of last year, I realized in order to attract a mate you have to put in some work. I suppose earlier last year I had created a template for this purpose. I suppose there is something to work towards in the new year.

    Just remember as far as my own personality, this really is going to be work. It won’t take much to slip back into some bad habits. Let’s bring it!


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