Lay of the land


To start this next anecdote with regards to the “reign of error” I failed to note some other aspects of that period of time before the arrival of Ruthless Roger. First, we had a store meeting at one point that spring and our store manager Morley ran by having to speak to us. He seemed strangely cheerful or more accurately smarmy on that particular early morning.

He was letting us know that it was time to inject some fresh blood into our department and he repeated rather snarky that we needed to be professional, professional, professional. Unfortunately our department had some issues that I can’t even be dishonest about. We lost two supervisors to those “respect” issues over time, and I wasn’t part of those issues at least. I wasn’t always even keeled, however, unlike another job where I became part of the drama (whether unintentionally or otherwise by my responses) I largely wasn’t part of the drama. I still can’t really say what was the nature of any drama that Morley was referring to.

Unless there were some general ongoing issues that was part of his and his colleague’s attention. Only they knew what that was though it’s probably ongoing things that needed a solution even if that meant progressive disciplinary action. Or it just might be a need for change in general only Morley knows. I do know my reaction or my initial thoughts and his rather cheerful and playful behavior when he states his intentions was in my opinion inappropriate. In my mind, he’s taking one step towards threatening people’s jobs and having a smile on his face about it. If I felt as if he made some enemies at that moment right in front of those who paid witness to this.

Either way I’ve written that we essentially had new assistant managers. Many of the ones I’ve know at the Hole were moving on. Larry had already left to become a dept mgr elsewhere, another was going to another store to work in a different department, and another became our acting dept mgr. Problem with that is she was going to be gone by the summer, however, for a limited time only we had one more familiar face in mgmt who will remain.

I was even part of the process to hire another assistant manager and without going into too many details he didn’t quite make it. It was determined he wasn’t ready and it probably disappointed him to the point where he stepped down from his supervisor position. I think he had some of what it took to take on the position, but just didn’t get the company lingo right and was just shaky. It happens and unfortunately opened the door to more people that we didn’t know to come in though at least the one person we did hire to become an assistant manager – Arielle – many in our dept was familiar with her.

Now before I started doing those buy/receive shifts per our acting dept mgr I finally did meet Roger for “the first time”. This was not an apocryphal meeting and it’s not dubious. He helped us out with closing one evening. I even talked to him on that evening and he seemed cool and the feedback from another colleague was that he seemed cool. Him and our acting boss I believed were colleagues from the store where he was an assistant manager, I thought the relationship was good enough where nothing crazy would happen.

Spoiler: something crazy did happen and it was the thing I hoped wouldn’t happen

Well here’s the rub, if he seemed OK to many of us that’s because he didn’t get the job yet. He was smart enough to play nice and even if we did learn he didn’t know what he was doing he didn’t cause the stir that Rayna had when she wanted to be our dept mgr. Rog didn’t do the wrong thing to come over and check out our department to seek out the lay of the land on his own. Problem is in accepting the position to run my old dept at the Hole it’s possible he didn’t realize the dynamics of the position he was accepting.

As stated before in another post, I probably took some things for granted. I expected business as usual and at least towards the very end it didn’t happen that way for yours truly. Though to be honest /goofball probably didn’t expect how things turned out for him either.

The next story will likely be Rog’s installation as our dept mgr. You all should know how that went because I’ve written so much about it over time.

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