“Truths never told”

multicolored multi story buildings

During my 6-month-hiatus from Fresh Foods I admitted that there were a precious few people I told about my situation. For example, I told Keith from The Show the story about what happened and even told him what happened with the man who I initially pointed the finger at (i.e. he got demoted and resigned was my story at the time). I saw others from The Show and I never told them just kept the status quo story that back then I still worked for Fresh. I never even told Henry as we were still in some form of contact, just saw no need.

Well I got another truth I never told. Well I definitely never told Anthony about my situation as I wouldn’t have heard the end of it. He’s such a loud mouth staking a position but has no basis for it. I got even more news for you as much as he had something to say about my switch from Gotham Bank to Fresh Foods I ever told him that I lost my job there as well.

I also never told my mother that I had interviewed to return. The interview I had was’t very good with an assistant store manager – he was in the office when I got let go. He probably didn’t remember me anyway and had a bad impression once I interviewed. Like I stated earlier perhaps it was just a personality clash we weren’t going to mesh well. Although my initial impression of him was he may be rough around the edges but he seemed approachable. However my approach didn’t work.

I tried to get some updates from one of the supervisors and got shut down at which point I realized it was time to let go. He later on admitted that the fact that I didn’t get hired was odd to him. He probably didn’t understand the decision making although in reality as much I tried to keep up my optimism it was the interview that tanked my chances. Whether on his part of my own it just wasn’t good.

I often still say that it would’ve been a great story for me to return to the Hole after 6 months away. Return to the “scene of the crime” as it were and go back to where I started. It wasn’t to be and it only opened the door for an opportunity elsewhere. I wonder if I’d have been such a drag if I had returned talking about that /goofball during the course of a shift. I’m sort of glad it didn’t happen.

Now, if I did return it would be a vastly different situation than I had left. Many of those characters I knew back in the day are now gone dispersed elsewhere or out of the company altogether. If I tried to return two years ago with some form of familiarity, now I just have to treat it like a new situation.

Incidentally I talk about some aspects of the background of the “reign of error” with my mother. I told her that I had applied two years ago to return, but never that there was an interview. Told him that someone who still works for the show now including a supervisor had tried to put my name forward and nothing came of it. In reality I had an interview and nothing came of it.

Either way before the episode On the spot, I had made an attempt to return to the store that I got hired at Fresh Foods in the first place. Instead not getting this opportunity allowed me to take on an opportunity anyway. Although as I’ve often said as of late it’s far more likely that I’ll return to the Hole than it is for me to return to The Show.

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