I often refer to me years – and two different stints – with Fresh Foods as the big money years. Then the bug hit us and the business had to adjust to the pandemic. The hours have gotten a tad more erratic in recent weeks. I’m not like it at all.

Earlier last month full-timers got hit with the policy that we’d have to be available for at least 70% of a store’s operating hours. And the added threat of possibly losing hours which two people confided in me about. One of those people I don’t see as particularly versatile as this seem to stick to one job and show no interest in learning anything else about the department.

Indeed and I’m keeping this in mind that this person seems to have things going on at work. They want to limit the times they can work – not necessarily what they do at work – in light of what’s going on at home. I think what would help them out is expanding beyond what they have done since I’ve started there. If this was my advice it’s unsolicited and just need to steer clear of that. However this bug hit us and that person hasn’t said anything else about it.

Another person actually started doing receiving more than I have in recent years. And view him as having the least to complain about, they don’t like the idea of a job “owning” a worker. However, if they’re concerned about their availability I see their solution – and had offered unsolicited advice to them – perhaps they need to find a buy/receive job. More often than not that’s guaranteed early hours do your ordering, receiving, and replenishing and then go home.

They’re not complaining as much as they had been, however, we have the added concern of this bug and we have some more problems. Our boss sent an email recently with regards to scheduling and hours letting us know we’re making less sales than normal. Suggested a few things like taking some hours in new departments, taking an extra day off or a whole week off, or even taking some hours at another store. Then it got me thinking.

I often liked to say that it’s more likely that I will return to the Hole than return to The Show. Yes, they are two different industries and right now The Show is closed so no return as of now is even possible. But what if I could help out my old department at the Hole and it leads to returning for good. Of course what I realize in that situation is that given the many changes as far as personnel there are many changes.

Another thing in consideration is that while grocery is an essential business as of now and many stores are still hiring there isn’t as much hiring given the current circumstances. I get the opportunity to learn a different department and how they do things and saw a job that could be of interest which is in another department but is a buy/receive position. So once I send this e-mail some big picture thinking is involved and besides this is a period of change & growth.

Regardless, this bug going around where I hear there is some progress – though not enough so that the world can go back to some form of normal – is causing us to adjust far more than we may be comfortable with. My goal right now is to just take advantage.

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