The continuing issues with this bug going around in this world has caused some changes at work. To start I work in another department currently and it feels rough. I never realized how much it sucked to be the new guy. To be doing something that’s relatively unfamiliar and dealing with new managers.

My mindset has been this is just learning something new which is great to go outside my comfort level. I suppose that right now it’s just difficult to be upbeat about this. For one thing the change happened very quickly within days – perhaps about 7+ days – after my boss pulls me aside and asks what department I’d like to work in, I’m working in that department.

My gut feeling is starting to tell me that it’s going to feel like making the transition to the bank and it was a very rough transition just about six years ago. It didn’t go well and although I’m in a different sort of workplace at this point my goal is to listen to my instinct. It could be wrong, but is it?

I was told that once the situation in our department gets back to some semblance to normal as far as sales we’ll be asked if we want to return to the team. However, by my boss it’s characterized as an outright transfer. Part of me thinks they’re just casting out the weak performers in this critical time, but then again my dept mgmt sent their associate buyer to another department to help that team out. So perhaps it’s not as dark as my gut wants to believe. Regardless I’m lead to believe this situation is only temporary, however, the way things are going temporary might become months.

What I had to tell another coworker who got shifted into another department is that I’m still getting used to it also, but I just have to give it some time. Part of me wants to throw in the towel, not quit but definitely register my unhappiness with this situation. And there isn’t much that can be done about it if my department right now isn’t making the sales it would normally would before this pandemic hit.

I had hoped that by now we’d be coming out of it, however, in the news some states are registering new surges of infections. Clearly this bug isn’t going away even as the weather gets nicer and there are some people who are choosing to do whatever they want to do and risk getting themselves infected. My part of the world has been doing very well with their rates and moving onto a new phase in reopening the economy. However I had to admit I never thought this would keep going and going and going.

I feel a tad blindsided by the situation at work. Not so much because it came out of nowhere, I feel as if it should’ve been done months ago. There was a period of time where we were slow, however, as things began to ease as far as these quarantining measures business began to pick up. Also we lost our store manager all we know is that he was “separated” from the company a few weeks ago. So I think this chaos we’re experiencing now is also a result of that situation.

Either way as of now I’m weighing some options within the company and outside the company although I don’t see too many options considering the pandemic. All that can be done for now is to continue soldiering through the situation.

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