When I started going into a new direction in talking about Roger – my very last boss at The Hole three years ago – I made sure to note in some of the earlier posts about being complacent, taking things for granted, and even getting comfortable. I was in a different position than I had been since I started with the Fresh Foods and it was going to be taken from me.

I often noted that I got let go based on attendance – well in fact tardiness. I was having some issues with the man I’ve began to later refer to on this blog as Ruthless Rog. My gut tells me for some reason he was targeting yours truly and it was probably true for the whole department he probably had his eye on everyone. And if I wanted to be left alone I was in the wrong position as at that time my role meant I had to work with dept. leadership.

I stated in the latest installment that Rog had found something to complain about and made a big show of it. He pulled me into an office to let me know about fruit flies, keep department clear of food debris, and take away boxes. He also once called me out publicly for not being in full uniform while he’s on the floor. Like I said he was already looking for some excuses and he was going onto the attack.

I was in such an odd holding pattern by this time as well after that earlier bull$h!t I did try to have a discussion with him as far as my position. Even said I’d be willing to go through the process i.e get interviewed even if it meant I didn’t get the position. Part of my own ego is that well I wouldn’t have minded it if they handed me a role as part of the buy/receive staff, but I was willing to interview for it. I made sure he knew that so that he wouldn’t think that there was a sense of entitlement on my end.

I could also allege that he himself just walked in at the right time to take on the role of our department mgr. I doubt he had a particularly rigorous process…

And that was before the disaster, the attendance probation. The strangest part is that even if I could say it was all orchestrated, he still seemed willing to let me take on the role as part of the buy/receive team. This was less than a week after getting hit with that probation. Allowing me to fully take on the role according to him meant changing some codes or what not. And even got some further training on the role I’d be involved with.

Again allow me to remind you, by the time our acting dept. mgr. had departed for her newest assignment it was never settled as far as whether or not I’d officially get the position with the buy/receive crew. I didn’t want to press and possibly have it look bad on myself, however, who knows if things had worked out differently if I had tried. Still, since that was never settled before Rog took over we’re living in the reality of the so-called “reign of error”.

Perhaps most of us on the team were unsure about him. I heard from someone who’s a tad more familiar about Rog than I was that some mgmt at the Hole seemed uncertain about him- especially if there were familiar with him from the store he came from. They didn’t want to talk about Rog with this guy, he got the feeling that anyone who knew him wondered what he was doing there in his role. Perhaps he was in a position he didn’t belong and they knew it.

Meanwhile I still had to work with him and unlike the start of my time at the Hole I wasn’t as optimistic as things seemed like they weren’t going in the right direction. Hell, remember a guy I dub Mr. Boastful, he was getting in my head about it. Perhaps people were talking and he wanted me to know people were talking. I was trying not to be part of that discussion or have that in mind head but he insisted on bringing it up occasionally.

Of course I would later find out that Mr. Boastful decided he wanted my role. He had his eye on it and was a step ahead of me on communication as far as seeking it out. He knew something was going to happen and it would prove to be an opportunity for him. It’s a role he still have to this although he’s moved further along with himself leaving the Hole recently. I wonder if he still has the outspoken and stubborn attitude.

Funny thing is one of our longtime associates who got promoted to supervisor when we still had our acting dept. mgr. noted one handicap about Mr. Boastful which is he was often not very organized. Very quick and efficient as far as his role, however, there were some little things he never seemed to be able to get done. He just prioritized differently as I had in some aspects of my role.

Either way, I’m just going to stop there. There is a reason I talk about the complacency and it involved my attendance. I feel as if I should leave that for the next installment and to further discuss how Roger had arrived at finally just making his decision as far as my role as he had. And the point where our working relationship seemed to have become fractured.

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