When talking about going out of my comfort zone one of those things is assuming responsibilities that I often presume I’m not ready for. I’ve yet to own my own car although I do have my license true since I was 21.

Often I do think about what kind of car do I want. Do I want to peruse the classified ads, Craigslist, or even facebook listings for a cheap ride? Or do I just want to get what I can from a good dealer.

When I think about buying a car I want to get a luxury car. Almost like what my mother has although I don’t want the same brand. For example I always desired a Cadillac, but then I’ve got my eye on a Lincoln lately. I make good money – even with student loans – to possible get a late model entry-level luxury car which is worth in the low $30K range. The question is should I get such a vehicle.

I want to share this Doug DeMuro video from earlier this year. I got my eye on the Lincoln Corsair. As far as a car for myself – to go wherever I please at any given time so that I won’t have to take public transportation to work all the time – well perhaps within the next year I’ll get that done.

3 thoughts on “Vehicles

  1. One thing to think about is the maintenance cost in addition to your insurance and monthly payments. If all that’s affordable, then look at places like Car Max etc where it can be cheaper and less likely to get a lemon from Craiglist or owner seller.

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      • If you get a VIN number, check out a few insurance companies and get a quote – do the same with getting financing (sometimes credit unions have lower rates), then you can see where things are with 💵. Luxury cars and sports cars are always extra $$$. Your starter car may just be something less fancy but with great gas mileage. Good luck car shopping, it can be a little daunting.

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