The Modern Day

I saw recently that my old dept at my current assignment is hiring for part-timers. I overheard a discussion between my old boss and one of the store mgrs. He specifically asked would staffing help.

So far from what I can tell the requisition are for part-timers only. A part-time customer service and a part-time porter. I don’t know if they had any discussion with the part-timers they transferred out. I was told if they’re looking to restaff they’d pull us aside, but it’s not clear if they had pulled aside the part-timers they transferred.

I have to really ask them about it and haven’t allowed myself the opportunity. Although one of the part timers who works for the butcher team has been picking up shifts where he can including our former dept. Though perhaps over a month ago he mentioned they may pull us aside at some point. It’s amazing that we’re just about four months into this out of the blue change thanks to the after effects of this bug.

I see that jobs in this state for Fresh Foods are on the uptick. The numbers seem to go up and down the last I checked there are 172 jobs available in this state for the company. This includes jobs at the regional corporate officers, a distribution center nearby, and the various stores which are in the Chicago area.

I’m keeping an eye out on available opportunites. And I still got my eye on the Hole especially any higher level opportunities as discussed with Larry. The opportunities are out there and if I get tired of the current situation the hard part is making a move. This is the time to do it.

My old department is down one assistant manager. I spoke to him when I learned he was leaving and he told me where he was going. I wished him luck but this was an out of the blue move though closer to home for him which I understand. That means maybe my old dept will be looking for a new assistant mgr though as of yet a requisition hasn’t been posted.

There is also some turnover in my former dept as a few people have left including one outspoken and troublesome older woman who didn’t mind finding things to complain about. She was so stuck in her ways it was very difficult to correct her. Others have commented that as far as her job she was woefully inefficient.

I went on a 15 min break as she was making sandwiches to be packed out and sold on the floor. When I came back she was still working on those sandwiches. My reasoning is that if it was me I’d have moved on to other sandwiches by that point or packing them out as opposed to still making them.

Anyway just judging by some of things she talked about she knew some people who could help her. Especially as far as with opportunities she talks about how she was a professional and didn’t belong in a retail environment. I was glad to see things were progressing for her and she felt confident in leaving a situation that she decided wasn’t working for her.

And I also know there were some people who breathe a sigh of relief when she moved on. She was miserable and was said to brought people into her misery. That includes yours truly who came to that store after sitting at home for six months after the climax of the Reign of Error.

We got a presidential election coming and I know who to vote for this time. My plan is to go to my precinct and cast my ballot in person. I don’t trust electronic voting and I definitely don’t trust mail in especially now. As always I hope for the best with it as this has been a wild year in my memory and in this case worldwide too.

As always, stay safe & be well.

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