I’ve put that minor detail on my Tinder profile as of late. Just to see what kind of responses I get. Added to the wizard remark is to feel free to ask about it. When answering honestly I seem to have a knack for getting unmatched.

Lately I just avoid answering the question and that gets me unmatched. I realized its better to not allow any potential match to ask such a question and at work whether or not you answer come to a wild conclusion about you. Besides often the advice with male virgins are that it’s best to keep that to yourself unless you’re religious and sadly I’m not very religious.

I like referring to myself as a wizard it seems so mystical, although in reality it’s way for me to say I’m a virgin over thirty. Whether young or older at least the women who match with me will know what they’re dealing with. Still, it always seems iffy if women have an idea of what type of man they want and maybe they want a man who gets around. As opposed to a man who seems to have never got around.

I’d say back to the drawing board on that idea. Although most of the matches who asked about the wizard thing were young perhaps teenaged to early 20s. One woman was in her 40s, but dang it I still want a relatively young woman.

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