Before the “climax”

I wanted to revisit an Odds & Ends post from over three years ago. It was at a mark before the climax of the Reign of Error. As per usual I decided to re-edit the post but largely kept my thought process as it was back then. My goal wasn’t to change much other than to make that post as readable as possible.

Remember I wrote that I ran into my former boss – the one who hired me at Fresh Foods in the beginning – at his new assignment. He’s now a store mgr at the very same store I had actually ran into him randomly in ’17. And near the end of 2019 I ran into him again at the very same store though in a different capacity.

The tone of this visit was different than two years earlier. For one I didn’t know this yet but at the time I was close to losing my job, dangerously close. I was very unprepared to let him know how close to the edge I was teetering. However, he was attempting to look out for me even suggested positions to apply for to leave the Hole.

At the time he knew that things were getting rough, I admitted it was the new regime. Of course when I met him much later he thought about what happened after he left and he mentioned some of his predecessors not mentioning /goofball.

He noted then that he’d write me a recommendation if I wanted to leave. With the situation of my attendance at the time even with his word, would have been a very tough sell. The situation I was in wasn’t my friend. I did think about it and was prepared to get to work on that, however, I just had to be late one more time.

I was tripping myself over this paragraph:

I also wish I could tell him that the guy who helped train him – as per an email that was posted not long before our old boss left our store – well he’s not happy. He’s worried that his coworkers and manager are talking about him behind his back. I also wish I could tell him that as a receiver the new boss elected to push me aside for some vague reason although I now know that it’s to put in people he knows. Again that’s his prerogative. What I didn’t want to do is make this situation so negative that he begins to wonder if I’m as much the problem. Besides his view of me having a good attitude is what allowed him to hire me in the first place!

I alluded to this in another post earlier this summer. One of the cooks in my department stopped me in the cooler while I was putting away product asking me if a coworker and /goofball had been talking about him. All I could say was that the coworker was actually sucking up to his boss and that no one’s name was mentioned at all. At this point he was insecure about his job and from what I heard because I eavesdrop sometimes he was suffering some health issues as a result of the drama at the Hole.

Consider what happened with that coworker is a sign of some of the changes occurring at the Hole under the man I would eventually identify as Roger at the time. He lost the assignment he liked the most although in his case he got shifted around, he even rightfully told his coworkers in the kitchen that if they didn’t have to also do breakfast, they could get caught up with their lunchtime production. He wasn’t wrong, however, he’s not in a leadership capacity.

The coworker even admitted to me later that there were some issues with the hot wells. I saw /goofball and a store manager working on the issues one morning. Even took some pics of the burned items on the wells. The coworker told me that he purposefully never mentioned the issues, he knew what to do so that they wouldn’t have these issues. However, since Roger came in on a sledgehammer of change the coworker held out on critical information.

Either way, not long after the encounter with my former boss I would experience the climax – which I hope to still share with you all before the end of the month. The ending of the story which I have shared was that part of the reason I returned to the company after a six month hiatus was the word of this old boss and Larry who took over my old dept at the Hole to come over to my latest assignment.

I never really told my old boss what happened near the end other than my disappointments. Perhaps he wasn’t that interested, but I thanked him for what the man who hired me at the other location had told me he had spoken for me. I had spoken to Larry since but never relayed that information to him and it’s worth it.

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