You know I’ve been promising the Climax of the Reign of Error post since about September and I think this month is as good of a time to finally write about it. I’ve written a basic story about the time where I worked my last shifts at the Hole, but it’s going to be the culmination of the creative direction for that period of time.

This month proved to be a turning point during my hiatus from Fresh Foods as this month I learned that /goofball was no longer in his position over my former dept at the Hole. When I first heard about it, the information I got was that he had either stepped down or was demoted and resigned and his boss Morley was upset with him when he did depart. It seemed like such a short order when Rog departed and ultimately replaced by Larry who used to be part of the dept in the beginning until he accepted a promotion elsewhere.

Just as snow fell recently on the Chicago area, heavy snow fell on the Chicago area once I heard this news. However, what this meant was that it was OK for yours truly to start re-applying and had started immediately upon hearing the news. Began to really test the waters with one of the supervisors who contacted me once the proverbial hammer fell.

Another thing of note in that period. Anthony my old friend who started coming back into contact with a series a phone calls from a number I did not recognize. And a text message with no identification asking yours truly to call him. I never did and an answer to this is considering the situation I unexpectedly found myself in starting in October. I didn’t want him to take that news and run with it as I figured he would.

As much as I want to transition away from that frequent subject, I do want to add some more thoughts to that this month. Even had been working on a post re-running that time he tried to get me on a date with someone we had worked with. It was a fail all around, but let’s further explore that. Perhaps it’ll be the perfect “anti-Valentine’s Day” piece.

Meanwhile, I continue to dig out and stay warm in these uncertain times. Hopefully you’re staying safe wherever you are right now!

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