June 2017

Hmmm, we’ve arrived in a year of crossroads in 2021 in more ways than one. However to go back to the original year of calamity four years ago. This month we begin to slide in the era I like to call the Reign of Error. Consider this month the pregame show as it were.

I was doing the buy/receive. I met the man later known on this blog as Ruthless Roger before he officially became our department manager. Our acting dept mgr was on her way out the door to pursue new opportunities elsewhere. We were heading into what turned out to be a very hectic summer, which is a normal summer in reality at the Hole. At the same time it probably proved to be more hectic even as I headed towards what turned out to be my last act there.

As I’ve spend a year writing a narrative about this period of time I make a connection which is wobbly to be honest, but it’s something that’s been noted here for a while. As my relationship with Rog starts to strain my “friendship” with the Fiend is beginning to run its course. As I don’t mind stating if not for the Climax of the Reign of Error perhaps I wouldn’t have really re-evaluated my relationship with the man I often call the Hustler.

It sucks to run afoul of a man who wasn’t settling down in his new role. It definitely sucks have built up tardiness later become a problem as time moves forward. I do think it was awful in the worst way that I continue giving money to an older man who seem to keep coming up with excuses to ask for money. At the same time still going out of his way to drive offer unneeded advice.

We’re going to further address the Finer Foods thing and to be fair I’ve stretched that out for quite a bit. We’re going to do that as I “shoot” on the episode One Final Drop. It’ll fit in the narrative of that episode I promise. But my confusion was why does he insist on advising me to get an interview elsewhere to make more money when things are going OK where I am. Well they were, but I was never at the point even when he brought this up that it was time to start looking for something else.

We’re also going to address that later this month and the very last phone call with Anthony as a friend. It just showed the main issue of our “friendship” or as I prefer to call it situationship. We just were never on the same page, he would come up with a problem with everything or a solution for an issue that never was. Or just this need to swing a conversation into another subject which is out of left field.

Which I can give you an example, the year before I worked part-time at a new cinema for the national theater chain. I eventually quit because I had some schedule conflicts, my planning in that instance wasn’t very adequate, but my priority was my full-time job at the Hole. Ant needed to know if I was still there as I never went out of my way to tell him and told him my reasoning. He still had to say something, “You’re going to learn not to let a job control you.” And that’s after questioning why I never made the arrangements that were necessary to do both. I made sure to tell him I had a full-time job that was a priority and what was it to him that he felt I needed to work two jobs or to question that it was necessary to quit one.

Even one person – a former coworker from The Show – who I told had to state that it would be very difficult to break even moneywise with only the job at Fresh Foods. That’s perfectly legitimate I suppose, however, the Fiend had to make this utterly earth shattering in his own distinctive way. Sadly this is what he does.

Either way this month four years ago whether I recognized it back then or not proved to be a turning point in that situation. Little did I know that I’d start my blackout after our last phone call. I wouldn’t even deem it necessary to chase him down for money he had borrowed from me that I told him he needed to pay back. And as it turned out my attention was going to be on the job which went from 180 degrees from where I had been most comfortable. Everything just seemed to flip on yours truly unexpectedly and I barely was able to catch up.

Later in the year I really would have no choice. The major part of the blackout was that I lost something that I had valued. And I knew the Fiend enough to know that I wouldn’t hear the end of his thoughts on that situation and what I should’ve done. So when in the next year he decided he wanted to be in touch it was necessary to block any attempt by him to assess my situation if that subject came up…

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