A desperate 42-year-old virgin

I just discovered this article and found this article interesting. It causes me to have a few questions alas this is over four years old at this point. I laud this young lady’s Christian values and her holding to them and she’s dated in the past, however, fell into the issue of cheating. It causes me to wonder why she stayed single.

As far as this younger boyfriend she met, we never know how old he was. At the same time we know from a previous relationship he has two children. However, at 42 years of age she doesn’t want to stay single and desires to have her own children. The clock is ticking though I would dare say being in her 40a is very hard for pregnancy.

I have a first cousin who has a house full of her own children and married. Her last pregnancy wasn’t too far before she herself turned 40 and not long after giving birth she had to return to the hospital for those dreaded complications. I’m finding in my own research that there are risks in pregnancy after the age of 35 for women and my own conventional wisdom is after 40 pregnancy is either unlikely or with risk of complications for both mother and child.

Of course let me swing this conversation to this 41 year old virgin who finally had a child.

And her family is judging her on it. She evidently isn’t a Catholic and they don’t want her to date her fiance who is a Catholic. So they rather her remain lonely till she finds someone they like. I think if they think there is a potential partner who is a problem I don’t think they’re wrong to bring it to her attention.

At the same time I agree with the columnist, she has to live her life and especially after her parents may leave this earth. When they’re gone she has to live with her decisions good or bad. Perhaps they need to butt out knowing what she desires especially with a down to the wire ticking bio-clock.

As far as my own history, I hope my folks would look at a potential match and tell me if it’s good or bad. I really would like to find a compatible match hopefully much younger so that I can still have children. However men don’t have a bio-clock many of us can go as long as our bodies will allow us. 😛

I’ve thought about getting with a single mother but hopefully she has one child and wants to have more children. On the other hand being a step-parent just doesn’t appeal to me so I don’t know about that anymore.

I would like to figure out how to meet younger women at the same time my issue is getting into the game. Also I feel as if it’s not wise to view women at work with amorous intent as that opens you up to charges of harassment. Actually some young women I’ve met are definitely guilty of such behavior but no one will call them out as easily.

What I have settled on at least is that I would like to find a professional woman who is ready to settle down and have children, ideally between 25 to 35. And knowing me I don’t want to waste a lot of time. I’m getting started though I have to recognize she may not want to be rushed.

Here’s hoping the 42-year-old virgin above got married is on her way to having healthy children…

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