A reiteration and explanation of terms and names used so far on this blog.

The blog and what it’s somewhat about

Jack Virgin (Jack V) – pseudonym of the blog’s author. We see his misadventures with women play out over time whether in the past or recently. In addition to hints of his everyday life usually work. He is a graduate of a school in Georgia, USA known on this blog as “Mission College”

Her – the idealized women whom he would like to eventually marry and have a relationship.  It’s always without exception be italicized. One hoped to have found her at “Hillman College”

Some of my Jobs

“Gotham Bank” – sometimes called the financial institution or the bank. Worked very briefly as a teller but for a variety of reasons this position didn’t work out for him. Ultimately was terminated but enabled him to only find something better after a brief period of unemployment.

“Fresh Foods” aka Store – my current job after leaving the “Gotham Bank”. So far has seen the most growth in his professional life especially financially although income isn’t exactly where he wishes it could be. So far doing much better than “The Show”.

“The Show” – often either called the movie theater, cinema, or sh*tplace. A former employer for almost five years before moving on to the bank. The scene of many drama created by those looking to create drama. made some good connections there friend wise and professionally. many of the people met there are people who he hopes to never see again.

“Dine-in Show” – My second job in addition to working at “Fresh Foods”. Quit by the end of the summer due to not ensuring my schedule at the store conflicted with the theater. This was a newly open dine-in movie theater that opened in downtown Chicago and is in direct competition with “the show”.


Laura – an aunt who during a period time expressed some sudden interest as in starting random conversations with your hero such as at dawn after just getting out of bed. also trying to get your hero to speak during a family reunion meeting. has at times expressed some frustration to just quit for a moment. recently sent a fb friend request which goes unanswered for the moment

Natalie (Nat) – my first cousin who decided to ask about Nicole – a girl Jack V met away at school and quickly crashed and burned. also was part of the story between Jack V’s intoxicated dad and his mother.

From the all-girl’s school aka “Hillman College”

Carina – a young lady i only know through Facebook. Beautiful and had some accomplishments after graduation from college. She had been an SGA President and currently is a corporate manager. currently engaged

Elise – a young lady who is an engineer moved to the chicago area and we started talking online seemed over eager but seems to have chilled for the moment.

Janice – was a young woman i met at school who spoke to me at the computer lab. until recently we had a distant relationship and started talking. found out later she’s a minister. also married and pregnant according to facebook.

Jennifer – a plus size woman going for her PhD in a STEM field. Perhaps too much to handle but also began communication with her online. moved to california recently after completing her PhD

Nicole – told the story about her only briefly when talking about cousin natalie. this was a very disappointing attempt that after a somewhat promising start went south precipitously. to the point where your hero wouldn’t even discuss her with natalie. this was a dark moment and while warrants an entry in the appendix and a story with a relative may never be fully told.

Women Jack met at work both at “The Show” and “Fresh Foods” aka the store.

Candace – a young woman met at “the show” seemed to have interest in Jack V and was very aggressive. as a result he didn’t respond to her interest well and she had showed that it bothered her.

Crazy Vibe aka Mary – she works in a different department although she’s still very close in proximity. so called because something there that questions her mental state and there are others who have asked the question. still a cute girl but not sure if she’s the one. Recently quit “Fresh Foods”

Mary Jr. – a plus-sized young woman who works in a nearby department at “fresh foods” shows a playful streak and certainly very outgoing and talkative. your hero has had some moments with her and wonders if it’s worth reaching out.

Hugs – a young woman who Jack V had the great pleasure of working with during the course of the summer. very pleasant and sweet and stole three hugs from her hence the name. she eventually left the job to return to school for a master’s degree.

Wrestling Girl aka Becky – a young woman i work with got real comfortable. aware of my interest in wrestling and at times would talk to me about it. she quit the store out of the blue recently.


Carrie – met her when attending a community college in Chicago. ultimately rejected your “hero” after he waited so long to give her a call after recieving her number. never tried again after that.

More to come…