Just visiting

img_3872Last month, I paid a visit to “The Hole”. I just slid right in after watching a movie nearby and hoping to see some of my former colleagues. To be honest I just avoided that store roughly until Rog was no longer there.

Most of what I wrote about “Ruthless” was based upon conjecture and some other facts noted by colleagues. This is stuff that I have gone over in other posts that it’s just not very important to rehash here. However last month when I ran into some of my colleagues we did go over it again and noted how my former boss just ruined it for everyone in my former dept at “The Hole”.

I spent a lot of time in the neighboring dept where a coworker Chuck was holding court. I think he saw me before I saw him although I told him that I now work at another “Fresh Foods” store. We did talk a lot about Rog and we were talking s**t about him. He saw some things first hand from him that proved questionable. Problem is well no one knows that he’s made some questionable decisions. Regardless he was the first one to recognize that Rog’s ego was a bit oversized and he’s going to find himself in over his head. That is exactly what happened.

All the same it was cool to see him again and talk to him again. We talked about the assistant store mgr I had to interview with to return there. Thanks to him I didn’t get it, he was hard to get through to. Chuck just said he might have been a bit racist – who knows. All the same I don’t look at it as a bad thing now because I’ve returned to the company anyway. An opportunity will be there for me to return to “The Hole” in the future, perhaps in a better position. When I originally interviewed to return in March, perhaps I didn’t show this store mgr much of anything to work with.  This paved the way for me to be picked up elsewhere.

So anyway I part with Chuck and head to my former dept where some of the people who were there from last year sighted me first before requesting one of them get the supervisor who I had been in touch with since Rog departed the scene. I expressed interest in returning to help them out and of course this was before I made full-time again. It is still something I’m keenly very interested in at some point this summer.

The folks of my former dept never mentioned Rog. My own shot to my former supervisor was “I don’t expect you to say too much, but I’m glad I missed the drama”. He told me some people are out of action joking that some associates kept getting hit by cars. On the other hand he mentioned the dept is coming back as far as sales. Besides they should be gearing up for the summer where the sales will be very strong. Who knows if that’s a parting shot to the now departed “Ruthless” and with Larry in charge.

Before making my way to “The Hole” I ran into yet another colleague – Bill (who I ran into on the train last year) – who was on his way home for the day. So I changed course and walked him to the train – this was before watching a movie that afternoon. And again we talked s**t about Rog we both agreed that man had no idea what he was doing and also confirmed that with Larry in charge the dept has operated far more smoothly. In his words no more bulls**t.

Though this incident happened after Rog departed we talked about what happened with another colleague who got let go. There was about to be a catfight in the dept and that took care of both participants’ jobs. At first it became a serious verbal confrontation and one of the ladies decided to charge at the other. What I observed based upon the story that was relayed to me was one of those ladies seemed to have an attitude that morning. In other words she was a “mean girl” who just so happen to run into the “Mean girl of ‘The Hole'”. And at least the “Mean girl of ‘The Hole'” was my mean girl as we had worked well together. The “mean girl” was basically a new hire who may have arrived after I left and could be a Rog hire which says it all.

With this said I told Bill when he told me his version of what happened “That is some ‘S**tplace’ type stuff“. What I just heard could’ve happened at the theater and depending upon the mood of mgmt we wouldn’t be certain if anyone would’ve gotten fired. At “The Hole” and before Larry returned there was some disarray thankfully store mgmt wasted little time in getting rid of both of them. Especially the one who seemed intent on committing assault by charging at the other colleague.

We talked about Rog’s supervisor hires both of who are no longer there. One of them who I had met listening to Bill proved to be a bad fit and it’s no wonder that after almost six months she got shipped to another store demoted to associate. If there was a tense situation she’d add to it and in Bill’s words not handle the situation like a supervisor. Considering her boss, I think I could see that if he proved to be useless as a mentor.

The other supervisor that I hadn’t worked with he said came for a store meeting and was never seen or heard from again. I laughed hard at that, but then later I realized she might have been the smartest one in that situation. Who knows if that happened before or after Rog departed, but I just wonder if she realized this just wasn’t going to work. Also bear in mind she was an external hire who knows if Rog had a hand in bringing her in or the panel who should’ve interviewed her just over-ruled him.

All the same an interesting afternoon I had back in May before Memorial Day. This all happened because I didn’t exactly desire to go home just yet. Just wanted to hang around in downtown Chicago and made an impromptu visit to my old store. It should be noted while it somewhat satisfied me that Rog didn’t last in that position as I had began to expect, it’s never pleasing when someone suffers such a decline professionally as he may have. While he may have earned it, I do want to believe that anyone can successfully recover if they learn from what happened

Regardless I remember my first major return to “The Hole” and my old dept! And believe it or not, felt the love! So to speak of course!


MGTOW Virgins


Earlier this year I wrote about MGTOW so now I’m somewhat getting back to this. Another brave man shows his face admitting that he’s MGTOW Messiah and a 38 year old virgin. He wants to break down some of the stereotypes. He said this was a choice and it’s not a matter of not being able to get some p***y.

To speak for myself as a man who is in the same boat as him, even though I hit a bump in the road last year I finally got myself in the position where I could do some things. Perhaps take a vacation or take up a hobby or perhaps even start off a side hustle and make even more money. When it came to women I had been in the doldrums because I wasn’t make enough money and had very little going for myself.

Even had someone like Anthony who just took a serious issue with the fact that I work with a number of women whom I could be trying to talk to. It seems to him I’m just not interested and sadly he won’t accept that for a great many of them that I really wasn’t interested. In some instances I literally blew it by some of my actions though in others some of their actions made it very easy for me to stay away from them.

All the same I like “Messiah’s” style just do you own thing and go your own way. In my case as stated already I long for that special person to come around. Just hope I’m open enough to “shoot my shot” as it were. Though as is the case for the formerly unfortunate male virgin I may need to find a strategy away from online dating. It hasn’t worked for yours truly either!

In the weeds

nature grass park plant

Another attempt at a “final thought” regarding our old friend (or perhaps enemy) “Ruthless Roger“. I tried it last month and had a meandering post about him as my boss with an introduction to some of his assistant mgrs or as I could call them lieutenants. One can only wonder if they also bristled under him if they viewed him as a d**k who wanted everything his way. It was said he was looking to make his mark and since he got demoted and shipped off to another store as a supervisor, likely safe to say he fell far short of it. In fact it’s safe to say he was in the weeds.

Whenever this subject comes up about Rog, the question continues to come up, “how did he get the job?” My best answer is often he got it the same way I could’ve gotten it, he applied, he interviewed, and they hired him. Of course it’s more nuanced than that, he had experience as he originally came from “Fresh Foods'” flagship location. When I recently told one of my colleagues that he was a supervisor and an assistant mgr at that store they wondered aloud that he came from such a large and profitable location and he couldn’t handle the dept he took over. When you think about it, after learning about his demotion that was my thoughts exactly.

Ideally if you want to move up in the company especially into supervisory/mgmt positions at “Fresh” you should be going through a very vigorous process. It will involve a firing line of questions from a panel, something I’ve only experienced once. One of my colleagues theorized that someone didn’t ask the necessary questions they just used Rog’s history & experience with the company as a reason to just hand him the position. My theory is also that he knew how to play the game and was able to interview well. Of course in light of how he explained why he was hiring another associate buyer now I have to call it into question somewhat. Perhaps it’s a matter of how interested he was in answering a question.

Also bear in mind last year that before Rog arrived it could’ve easily been Rayna who could’ve been the new boss. And let’s just say most of us in that dept wouldn’t have been very happy with her if it had come through. Store mgmt probably agree however they wanted her to stick around as one of the dept’s assistant mgrs. We did have a vacancy after all in that area with everything in dept mgmt leaving at that point.

Remember a couple of months ago I noted that one of my new colleagues Nick had noted that he wanted to transfer to my old dept and a supervisor (which he couldn’t/wouldn’t identify) told him to hold off because they were experiencing issues with Rog. No elaboration from Nick it was said as a matter of fact to him that is in other words “young buck save yourself the trouble you’re just getting yourself into a tenuous situation here“. Of course once Roger finally left the dept according to one of the supervisors I talked after hearing the news that things there have gotten better. The man who tried to make his mark made more of a mess of things there!

I’m going to say here what I’ve already said on this blog before though in a slightly different way. I always noted that Rog was very by the book which isn’t a bad thing, however the reality was he just had no idea how to really manage. You don’t need a book to be a manager, you have to be able to manage without using a book. Make some decisive decisions and sometimes do so without guidance. Granted it could be a double edged sword and however you arrive at your decisions you either got it or you don’t. Rog evidently didn’t have it.

Also you’ve heard variations of the idea that he wasn’t a good fit for that position, rose to his level of incompetence and/or in over his head in the job. Perhaps Rog had no idea about the position he accepted even if he had the necessary experience. My words for this had often been that he was set up to fail. Who knows perhaps the people who gave him the position did it to him or Rog did that to himself. One way to look at it, to be able to move up and manage a dept has to be something you want and I believe Roger did want it. Even if it turns out he had some deficiencies…

Finally, I visited my old store (which from this point forward will be referred to as “The Hole”) and dept last month. I spoke to a number of colleagues who gave me their own takes on what happened in my old dept with Rog. Also spoke to one of my former supervisors expressing some interest in possibly going to that store to help them out. This is something worth talking about at a later time.

Meanwhile, it’s time to lay off good ole “Ruthless” for now…

Pay Day

abundance bank banking banknotes

Well there have been other pay days since I returned to “Fresh Foods“. It just seemed to be a nice title to a new blog post which marks a day that isn’t monumental but very important. Just reminds me of two stories to relay..

When I interviewed in April to return to the company I also had to go through a store mgr who ultimately told me they’re going to offer me the job. During the interview he twice had to take phone calls from associates who were calling-in saying they can’t make it to work. Then the mgr states that it’s pay day no one wants to come in to work. This was actually on a Saturday so the associates got paid the day before on a Friday. It makes me wonder what they were doing.

Oh yeah I forgot some people like to go out and party. I generally don’t do that so I may not entirely relate but I can believe many go get some beer and have some drinks with their peeps. Perhaps they go clubbing or to a bar or even a night on the town with their honey. Who knows but evidently pay day means make a whole display of it by spending instead of just growing your money gradually as I’ve started doing in my working life.

I hate to do this to you, unfortunately the next anecdote involved “Ruthless Roger“…

Last year we had an associate who seemed a bit wayward. Nothing outwardly wrong with him, but some of my conclusions is formed from the hearsay I heard later. This employee we’ll just call John Doe had the tendency to call off although he just started and then at one point he asked Rog about when he’s going to get his paycheck. I was told by Gary – one of the assistant mgrs for the dept – that Rog told John Doe that he would get a paycheck on Friday. So he came to work on Friday and I did see that associate stroll past the dept. He was supposed to work that day and John Doe never even bothered to arrive at his station. According to another colleague, John Doe was reportedly seen outside of the job getting a hit of weed.

Not that I know much about the procedure with regards to paychecks, however, if the pay day is on Friday and the last day of the previous pay period ended on Sunday perhaps you should get a check that Friday. For me I have direct deposit although that went out of the window when I lost my job last year. Once I returned I got a check and I chose to wait a couple of days after pay day before picking up my check at the store. Although at some point when I got on-boarded thru “Fresh’s social network” I input the necessary information for direct deposit.

Just bear in mind in years past I wouldn’t normally discuss the period where I would enroll in benefits. This is normally in November & December however once I was no longer employed with “Fresh” that was out of the window. This time around I’ll just talk about the benefits as I get them and I’m actually off on pay day this week which is quite nice.

She Will Resist

I think once anyone decides they’re entitled to sex should realize this is the price. She will resist you, no harm in this. The key is to not allow this to become a problem for you. Of course also realize when you won’t have a chance.

PUA Lifestyle

It’s a woman’s job to resist your advances. It’s your job (the man’s) to try to break through that shit. You even see that daily in the animal kingdom: the feline resists the male cat by hiding and fighting. The mare horse (female) kicks, bites and runs from the stallion [so as donkeys]. The bitch puts up resistance against the male dog.

This is seen all throughout the animal kingdom. Humans, as advanced beings (mammals), we exhibit the same behaviors as other animals. Hence, the female resists us, she runs from us (physically and otherwise), she fights our advances and she does whatever she can to ward off potential mates (males).

With that understanding, it behooves the shit out of me why men seem to think that a woman playing hard to get is a sign of disinterest. SHE HAS TO PLAY HARD-TO-GET! IT’S IN HER GENDER ROLE AND HER…

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As stated in another recent post the final thought proved to end the storyline with something of a “whimper”. Could it have been better? Totally, however, it seems I have more to say on this subject and for the moment this is the post I’m going with. In that recent post I made sure to allude to this future post about how I think “Ruthless Roger’s” role in my firing was greatly over-estimated. In considering this now that I have returned to the company during the course of the past month.

I’ve said a lot of things about Roger such as he was set up to fail, he was a goofball, or he was by the book. Some who read this blog have referred to him as a d**k and said he rose to his level of incompetence. Yet as I sat at home for roughly the past six months and spent time wandering around Chicago it was just in me to blame him for what happened. In part, I was wrong as yours truly was responsible for the tardies that helped get me out of my job at “Fresh Foods”.

I can call Rog a d**k and say that if it was starting to become a major problem for yours truly he wasn’t that willing to work with me on it. He was very willing to let the chips fall where they may and it’s not because he had a weird vendetta against me (this is something I can’t prove). Also remember I had a train delay slip that I had hoped would allow the final tardy to be excused, unfortunately it fell into Rog’s court.

It’s easy for me to say, Mr. Hot Shot likely did nothing with it and kicked it up the food chain to his bosses. I’ll bet his bosses ultimately made the decision and Rog was like OK. Didn’t think much of it. He probably just knew to do what he was told. His bosses told him to send me to them and he did and quickly ducked right back out of that office. A stand-up guy he was….

As for his bosses what did they care? I wasn’t their direct employee even if they run the store. They went through their procedures and made their decisions based upon what corporate said or if anyone else was affected by it. I did think this was a horrible call, but that’s what it is. Roger probably thought nothing of it though I can only imagine what happened when they pulled him aside and told him he was getting demoted. I’ve learned how he had little issue stepping on people – especially using a real reason – and now his bosses stepped on him. Even more interesting that he only recently left the company.

When I successfully interviewed last month to return I had to address the question of why I left the company with my new reports. My answer was to refer to this as a fluke although I also added that this is something I have to take responsibility for. I didn’t want to make this about Rog. The reality is that it probably had little to with him as far as the tardies. On the other hand I was at the point where it was time for me to return now that he seemed to have become a non-factor effectively.

This is my closure that I believe is necessary. Now if you believe Rog was a d**k who couldn’t handle this job or as I would say was set up to fail perhaps that’ll be a future post. How did this guy get into a position where he lived up to his own incompetence. During the past month I spoke to a number of people who had their opinions. It’s probably as close to a story that I can get as far as what happened and why with him as a dept mgr. It could be said he may well have been a d**k for wanting to be “Mr. Hot Shot” however proving that he couldn’t handle it anyway.

May 2014


Been a while since doing one of these types of posts. Probably will retread on some events already chronicled although here I’ll just note some modern day things as well.

Anyway, this month I had two interviews at two different banks. To start my mother had worked on getting me an interview at her bank. Unfortunately the branch I’d have to interview with was on the northwest side a long way from the south side. I didn’t relish it but I wanted another option from “The Show” where I was just stuck until either they squeeze me out or leave them for another job.

I went up there and ran into a snag with the trains a delay here and infrastructure work on the way there upon transferring to another route. I call the branch mgr up there just to let her know that I was going to be late and never really offered an explanation. That didn’t matter because she found a way to use it against me. She hit me with a quick skills test and then ushered me out of the building saying “we’ll be in touch”. She just had to say to me during interview “you came in almost 20 mins late, I’m not impressed”. I later found out due to the changes at this bank she got let go and it was over two years before this bank would fail costing my mother her job. In this instance I tried to do the right thing and it didn’t matter, and for karma’s sake she’s gone because she directly gave me a hard time for my troubles. Might just have been a stickler for time more than she had an issue with my mother.

My friend Anthony – who likes to beg – kind of wanted to stay on me with regards to a job at his “Finer Foods” store. He had been working on me through the winter to call them back. They did call me but got sidetracked and another store called me which I took advantage of though unfortunately I never heard from them again. In fact I did try to get through to the lady at Anthony’s store asking him if she was there on one day he said no and really had nothing else to add. Just went on to the next thing.

All the same, when I finally got in touch with his store at his insistence I called his store mgr. Set up a date and time to hopefully interview with him. It didn’t go as planned and got sent packing after waiting an hour for him to come out and meet with me. The excuse was the store mgr was meeting with his boss on a store walk around. I was upset txt’d Anthony accordingly and never spoke to him until about two days later. While having to explain again what happened (and I had to explain again over two years later) he chewed me out for not following up with them. I had the idea that they’d call me – well they never did even if the associate who did see me did tell me so – and thus I never intended to call them back and worry them about the interview.

Anthony may never have understood this but his behavior during this time was enough to turn me off on working up there at his store. I never blamed him for the store director but his behavior killed this desire enough where when I called him and he decided to tell me to call his HR contact I just wouldn’t acknowledge and said “talk to you later’. That time I called him I was really trying to call him about something else, however, he just couldn’t let go of what happened with his store the previous month. He just had a laser focus on that and never mind that perhaps I moved on to other opportunities.

Meanwhile I continued to work at “The Show” with nothing really dramatic going on and had one more interview near the end of the month with another bank. I felt it went much better than the other interview with my mother’s bank (huge surprise actually), however, I didn’t get it. Though I went to a theater nearby the branch to watch the latest X-Men movie so it wasn’t a totally wasted trip. I consider this a rewards more than anything even if I didn’t walk away with a job offer.

This was the peak of the “streak era” as things did begin to heat up. In about 5 more mos my time at “The Show” would be drawing to a close the frustration of disrespect from my bosses at the theater and some of my colleagues (well calling them colleagues give some of them too much credit) was going to be at an end.