The irony of 2017 is that during the course of that year before reaching the climax of the Reign of Error, I had done a series of posts over the weirdness at The Show. While writing those posts I was experiencing my own weirdness at the Hole and it started during the summer a very short time compared to the last few years at The Show.

As 2020 is considered a year of great calamity for many around the world due to the pandemic of course and in this country we have unrest going on – by the way something’s going down in Louisville and other places in America as always I hope for the best.

Anyway this post is titled 2017 and for yours truly personally this year proved to be a year of calamity. It was a personal calamity more than anything, but it started off great and then it just turned 180 degrees in a territory where I never expected to be. I’m specifically talking about the job at the time, I just didn’t expect that I’d be out the door.

Well that wasn’t the only drama of that time and I mean a boss who was just very by the book and very unwilling to offer a break. Just looking for things to complain about. Of course this is something I’m continuing to hash out as time goes forward so I won’t dwell on this too much.

I also consider Planet Hustle. This proved to be the last year I really spoke to Anthony the hustler. It seems from roughly the holiday season through the last time I really spoke to him that summer we just weren’t on the same page. Perhaps we never were as he had his own ideas on what was necessary for me and I had my own. He’s willing to blow off my own ideas while bullheadedly promoting his own even if I show no interest.

Regardless consider this pattern, during the holiday season in ’16 – this was when my mother was in the hospital undergoing treatment – he pays me back some money he borrowed. This is when he decided to reopen the case of what happened with Jack V being employed with Finer Foods. And then here’s how the pattern come full circle, by the time of the episode One final drop he decided he needed to borrow more money.

The main crux of that situation is that as time went on he began to let me know what he really thinks of me. And as time went on I had to think about some of the statements he’s made towards me. Does one have to associate with someone who seem to have such a low opinion of them?

Worse still I call it a situationship not a friendship because as we’ve explored on this blog there was a reason he wanted to connect. He wanted help or support, but then turns around and says your life is out of order. He’s even more out of order than he realizes. Yes I’m talking about the requests for money on occasion. Good riddance.

As I’ve explored the situationship and the Reign of Error at the Hole were two main events that came to a head that year. One was years in the making the other was in a period of months. One situation I’ve learned to laugh at, the other I’m still processing the data compiled over nine years.

However, once the Reign of Error came to a head it helped make easier my decision to blackout communications with the Hustler. I’ve stated that he’d make me feel worse about the situation I found myself in. I get the idea that he’d never let me hear the end of it and will turn it into you should’ve listened to me about Finer Foods. It’ll be about his solution…

And once he’d start calling again – perhaps he needed something – during a time where I was unemployed helped me keep my resolve. Although even when I did go back to work, I still never went out of my way to contact him again.

So we’ll go back to the Reign of Error in the next post. Hopefully tomorrow if not soon as there were some revelations I hinted at earlier this summer that’s necessary to address. It’s not something I spoke about in the many times I spoke about the situation with /goofball.

Finally, I used climax for a reason. The day I got led by /goofball to store mgmt to be “separated” from Fresh Foods was a very dramatic moment and it was wrong in my mind. However, I used that term to say it wasn’t the end of my story and the reason I could laugh now is because whatever happened – oh to be the fly on a wall – it was really the beginning of the end of /goofball story. When I arrive at my last day at the Hole the title of that post will be Climax.

Now that I’ve dealt with 2017, perhaps 2020 isn’t this year of calamity for myself after all.

wedding season – revisited

I just had to rewrite this post from just about three years ago. My brother got married at this point 20 years ago. It’s amazing how time flies.

A few things I do remember from that period of time. I may have mentioned this in another post, however, during this time my cousin Natalie and the rest of the family were at one of my aunt’s house after my brother’s wedding and they got to talking about her husband Nate’s aspirations.

At the time I didn’t know what kind of job Nate had however I do know he was working for a major company. Somehow I do recall that Nate at some point noted he wanted to do something entrepreneurial – I think a record store came up. Nat had a problem with this and stated how she’d be less of a woman if she accepted that.

I suppose Natalie liked being a wife to a corporate hot shot. And the aunt who hosted us told Nat “Don’t say that” trying to discourage such talk. It’s amazing how I had such a long memory about that and have never forgot that statement many years later. Who knows what Nate’s current aspirations are now.

They didn’t have children at the time and weeks after my brother’s wedding it became known in the family that Nat & Nate were expecting their first born child. They now have two children and it’s amazing to note that both have grown up and their first born daughter is in college. Time flies for sure.

As for my brother, he decided to make a change in his life at that point. For which I’m happy for him, though I noted in that long ago post that back then we were at odds. My mother had noted over the years that in temperament I’ve turned more and more into my dad – minus the alcohol. My brother I feel may well have inherited my dads’ unfortunate disappointment with life. If my dad wanted to move forward he gets sidetracked and it held him up from achieving his goals.

My brother has a lot more going for him in 20 years since he graduated from college and got married. He’s in a great position currently, however, he still isn’t very happy with his life. That’s very sad as I should be the one who’s very unsatisfied with my life. However, I’d like to get into his position as far as income anyway.

As far as our relationship, as you may have already guessed it’s not great and the blame could go on both sides. However, I know that my brother and I were connected on facebook at one point and he deleted me at some point. Used my other facebook to get him back and he rejected that request. So he’s still being funny, but as I got older I recognize that it’s time to do better as far as that relationship.

I’ve got some reason to these days! Don’t forget to revisit the post that I rewrote so that I can go backwards in time this evening.


Rerun time!

This story actually happened six years ago. I’m sorry to say in my mind I still call back to this. It’s just a strange story of a dramatic young woman at work.

What makes this worse is a manager who’s willing to take this up. I wish I can say this doesn’t happen but sometimes it does. More often than not that when it does the adversary doesn’t always look much better.

This incident happened not long after an interview I had at a bank at that point. And this happened during a time of anticipation and certainly when I just wasn’t in the best of spirits. Worse still that situation caused me to go from 25 mph to 100 and I attribute this to the person who wanted to turn this something and a very unsympathetic manager.

I don’t want to blow this up anymore than necessary because it’s been too long, however, this was the moment I realized who everyone was. Especially the house manager who I suspect wanted to really place nice with his new toy if that was his motive.

As for the young women I;ve long noticed she had the unfortunate tendency to mouth off. Yes she is cute, and she likely knows that. At the same time now that I know she has a child I get the idea she’s driving her baby daddy nuts because of her mouth and complaining.

As far as the house manager, well as long as The Show is still closed I’m sure he’s hurting a tad. I know he’s something of a businessman but he’s comfortable where he was. So who knows how that’s going and certainly I need not waste not much time thinking about what’s going on with him.

Actually not much with either of them. I have to remember they’re in the past and that situation is over. And the lesson here is how does one best handle this situation.

Enjoy this look back.

Feeling No Love

Concession Counter at Movie Theater

Lately I’ve found myself telling this story to some of my current coworkers. This is one that has still got me riled after leaving three years ago. Basically what I’ve told them is a shorthand version of this very petty story. They all ask the same basic question “did she try make this as if I did something to her” or “was she trying to imply that there was something sexual”.

The answer to those question is, I have no idea. The basic story is that she ran to mgmt because I bumped into her to basically illustrate the pettiness of this story. And the worst part of this story is that the house manager – the no. 2 honcho at the theater – decided to handle this and this situation escalated. To be fair I was already not in a good state when this happened and the house manager…

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“Showed me up”

Alright let’s try this again! This very post got deleted because I had failed to save this on the wordpress app and closed it out. As a result an older unedited version overwrote the post that was published. Dang it!


I found myself telling this story recently after arriving at my two year anniversary of my “retcon” at Fresh Foods. I started with the company over five years ago and have seen so many changes which also included my 6 mos. hiatus.

At some point during my first summer in 2015 with the company I ran into a man who’ll be dubbed Harrison or Harry. For the remainder of this post we will call this individual Harry as in real life he shorted his real first name to the first three letters. It was sort of cool how he identified himself it was simple and short. In some respects it help to somewhat reinforce his personality as I saw it at the time.

The first time I recall Harry was when I arrived for my night shift and probably within an hour or so he was going home for the day. He and another young man was there helping us out from another store. In fact the store I often shopped at when I still worked at The Show. There would be another shift where I’d have to work with Harry.

I had opened our deli case one morning and doing my usual routine. We often put product in the case and it takes us a minute to garnish. I’m usually a minimalist when garnishing however my learning curve with that wasn’t that good I’ll admit. Perhaps it’s not good to admit that my goal is to do just enough and make minimum effort to make the product look good.

So I opened that particular morning and I see Harry come in past the department. He may well have peeped the case on the way in. He reports to our department and then I see him go to the front of the case and he’s grabbing items from the back. In my head I’m thinking what is he doing. What he was doing is he was going to work re-garnishing the case to his standards. It just wasn’t good enough for him.

Once he was done he went and got one of the supervisors who was in the kitchen behind us. Then one of the assistant mgrs walked by he was so impressed he took out his iPhone and snapped some shots of the case. And then he came and pulled me aside not only to show-off the wonderful job he just did for yours truly, he also wanted me to know this is how you’re supposed to garnish. That man just showed me up, he just had to!

Harry just couldn’t resist taking this one opportunity to show off his skills. He often spoke not only to our management to show off what he did, he even talked to even store management. Look at this wonderful job I did and did it all by myself!

I’m going to give him his due though he does a great job and takes the effort to present the food. Yours truly just did what he knew to do at the time, however, was Harry the right teacher? I find that he just likes to bust you out if it wasn’t done the way he thinks it should be. Not so sure that’s a good thing to insure people learn the lessons you want them to learn in the long run.

Because Harry just enjoyed showing off his skills and was shamelessly promoting I just had to ask him why wasn’t he in mgmt. His only response was to state that it’s in the cards. Another coworker who experienced behavior I considered very hyper at the time just thought that Harry was just too comfortable in the role he had to go for a higher position like that. I could read his actions as that of a person who was taking control of a situation, however, he really doesn’t seek a position with those real responsibilities.

The next episode I remember where he really made a spectacle was one day he designed to rearrange the deli area to his liking. The people who already knew him working with him for years noted themselves that he’s trying to turn our department into the department he worked at his own store. However, what he did at this point wasn’t entirely wrong my issue was how he went about it.

I would say his goal was to make our workspace more efficient and he was going to fix it. He was empowering himself to make the changes that he deemed necessary to make. He rearranged the furniture and got upset when he saw the filth behind the furniture. Harry had enough of a sense of entitlement to try to get a supervisor to look at this. At this point he was just looking for something to complain about.

He tried to tell one of our assistant managers of what he saw and that mgr took Harry to the back for a quick word. One of the supervisors – actually Larry who later got promoted to dept mgr for my now old dept at the Hole – showed no sense of urgency when Harry got up in arms over the dirt. By my eyes, I got the idea that he was finally giving our dept mgmt a headache in that time.

I had later heard little things about Harry such as he got himself to the point where if he wanted some OT he never had to call our store to ask, he could just come in. That lasted until he did come in one day and mgmt told him they had no more OT to offer him. So it seemed we could expect to see him at least once a week and then at some point we hardly ever saw him again. I would go to his store sometimes and see him working with me usually avoiding him. I don’t characterize our interactions as clashing, but our styles weren’t going to mesh. He might stress himself out, however, based upon how he was it was nutty working with him. Although admittedly I picked him brain on somethings, however, did a lousy job implementing them. Yours truly was still learning.

I was gone from Fresh Foods for six months and not long before the “reign of error” I saw that Harry had finally left his home store and found a position at another Fresh store in another state. Once I returned I couldn’t find him on Fresh’s social network and that likely means he’s no longer with the company. I suppose that mgmt opportunity never materialized for him or he didn’t want it anyway.

Once I arrived at my new assignment after my brief hiatus I asked a couple of colleagues whom I figured worked with Harry about him. Only one agreed that he could be annoying, however, I told both about his behavior. One was a bit more open about how he was as a coworker, the other hardly commented. They both were unsure about what happened with him later, one even thought he got promoted to a supervisor.

Hmmmm, while it’s great that he can show what he can really do in that role I get the idea he would be an absolute headache for not only the people he’ll supervise, but the mgmt team as well. From what I can tell through my own digging he never rose to that role, however, only he knows and I have no inkling to talk to him in the near future.

I just wanted to add that in passing two women at work were talking about him one day years ago. One lady not from my department though helped us out occasionally could not remember his name was talking with one of my dept’s supervisor about how he was busting his moves on her but she already knew it wasn’t going to work. Saying some key words like he didn’t work at the Hole, but another location and the supervisor asked “Harry?”. They both agreed that he was making some bad moves as far as how he related to the women he worked with even briefly.

Lay of the land


To start this next anecdote with regards to the “reign of error” I failed to note some other aspects of that period of time before the arrival of Ruthless Roger. First, we had a store meeting at one point that spring and our store manager Morley ran by having to speak to us. He seemed strangely cheerful or more accurately smarmy on that particular early morning.

He was letting us know that it was time to inject some fresh blood into our department and he repeated rather snarky that we needed to be professional, professional, professional. Unfortunately our department had some issues that I can’t even be dishonest about. We lost two supervisors to those “respect” issues over time, and I wasn’t part of those issues at least. I wasn’t always even keeled, however, unlike another job where I became part of the drama (whether unintentionally or otherwise by my responses) I largely wasn’t part of the drama. I still can’t really say what was the nature of any drama that Morley was referring to.

Unless there were some general ongoing issues that was part of his and his colleague’s attention. Only they knew what that was though it’s probably ongoing things that needed a solution even if that meant progressive disciplinary action. Or it just might be a need for change in general only Morley knows. I do know my reaction or my initial thoughts and his rather cheerful and playful behavior when he states his intentions was in my opinion inappropriate. In my mind, he’s taking one step towards threatening people’s jobs and having a smile on his face about it. If I felt as if he made some enemies at that moment right in front of those who paid witness to this.

Either way I’ve written that we essentially had new assistant managers. Many of the ones I’ve know at the Hole were moving on. Larry had already left to become a dept mgr elsewhere, another was going to another store to work in a different department, and another became our acting dept mgr. Problem with that is she was going to be gone by the summer, however, for a limited time only we had one more familiar face in mgmt who will remain.

I was even part of the process to hire another assistant manager and without going into too many details he didn’t quite make it. It was determined he wasn’t ready and it probably disappointed him to the point where he stepped down from his supervisor position. I think he had some of what it took to take on the position, but just didn’t get the company lingo right and was just shaky. It happens and unfortunately opened the door to more people that we didn’t know to come in though at least the one person we did hire to become an assistant manager – Arielle – many in our dept was familiar with her.

Now before I started doing those buy/receive shifts per our acting dept mgr I finally did meet Roger for “the first time”. This was not an apocryphal meeting and it’s not dubious. He helped us out with closing one evening. I even talked to him on that evening and he seemed cool and the feedback from another colleague was that he seemed cool. Him and our acting boss I believed were colleagues from the store where he was an assistant manager, I thought the relationship was good enough where nothing crazy would happen.

Spoiler: something crazy did happen and it was the thing I hoped wouldn’t happen

Well here’s the rub, if he seemed OK to many of us that’s because he didn’t get the job yet. He was smart enough to play nice and even if we did learn he didn’t know what he was doing he didn’t cause the stir that Rayna had when she wanted to be our dept mgr. Rog didn’t do the wrong thing to come over and check out our department to seek out the lay of the land on his own. Problem is in accepting the position to run my old dept at the Hole it’s possible he didn’t realize the dynamics of the position he was accepting.

As stated before in another post, I probably took some things for granted. I expected business as usual and at least towards the very end it didn’t happen that way for yours truly. Though to be honest /goofball probably didn’t expect how things turned out for him either.

The next story will likely be Rog’s installation as our dept mgr. You all should know how that went because I’ve written so much about it over time.

The job that didn’t “suit” me…

As far as marking this month, I will use a “rerun” to do the deed.

As often stated this month five years ago I got fired from my “new” job as a bank teller at Gotham Bank. The post I wrote over the past spring is just a sequence of events that caused that nightmare scenario.

I also illustrated that I got ready and started applying for jobs because as it turned out this wasn’t working out for yours truly. This time five years ago I was able to connect with the boss I would have at the store to be known as the Hole.

Another tidbit I never noted was that after my 1st & 2nd interview for a job at the Hole I went on a day trip to the south. It was for a funeral of my dad’s uncle in the suburbs down there. It was first trip south other than homecoming at Mission College in a number of years.

It was an interesting excursion, however, I wish it was under a number of different circumstances.

Of course as we know in the new year 2015 would prove to be a wonderful new year for yours truly.

Feeling No Love

pedestrian lane

I’ve dwelled on the stagnation of my time at The Show and then what happened later at The Hole with /goofball. However, I never really discussed at length nor dwelled on what happened with my bank teller job at the company I dubbed Gotham Bank. The teller job represented the job offer I finally received after over two years of looking to leave the theater.

Unfortunately it didn’t go well and after no more than a month and a half I was let go. It was really such a short time that I was there and being unemployed that it’s safe to say there just wasn’t much time to dwell on it. This event was what I now consider a temporary setback. Before getting into what went wrong how about something of a lay of the land for that time.

One of the first people I met once I arrived…

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Keep Him In Line

Women like this are everywhere (and I suppose so are the men). The sooner you see the signs the sooner you can just stay away from people who may prove to become a problem.

For me, let’s just say the more recent time I’ve ran into such female aggression is at work. But then again people like this exist everywhere. You can’t avoid them, but what do you do when you encounter such a personality?

The Unedited Version of Navigating Single Life

You have to keep men on a short leash in order to get them to do what you want. The best way to hold on to a man is to keep his belly full and keep him guessing.  Sex is a powerful weapon, use it because a man will do anything for it.

Man on leash

When women make such statements, other women will laugh and others will agree. They are great advice and they are funny! Right?

A woman’s place is in the kitchen. She belongs in the bedroom not the boardroom. A good slap will keep her a** in line.

When men say things like these, they are great advice. They are funny, right? No? Not really? Do I hear a difference in standards?

The Acceptable Attack On Men

For many years, women have been the underdogs. We were property with no voices or say in our lives. Even though women’s statuses have improved in certain countries, there will always be misogyny. Even in this day and age where words like ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’ are accepted…

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The weather has been horrible here in Chicago. Most of April was cold and before getting hired again at “Fresh Foods” I came down with a cold. My nose still runs, however, I didn’t feel as bad the weekend before reporting to my new dept the next Monday. Regardless I actually accomplished a New Year’s resolution, and as stated the easiest one to fulfill.

I’m looking forward to this new beginning and the new attitude I’ll have with my current job, that it’s nothing more than a means to an end. This summer will again be a period of great self-improvement. Besides earlier this year I did consider returning to school, perhaps learn a new skill. This is something that’s worth doing this year. Especially something that might help with future job (or even entrepreneurial) prospects.

Although I did express interest in learning something new taking some art classes for example – besides I do want to become adept with photoshop. Of course those aren’t the only activities to take advantage of where hopefully I can meet people. This is one of my goals this year is to go outside of my comfort zone and meet people outside of work. Which is key an old friend once said don’t s**t where you eat (lol). Meaning perhaps it’s not wise to date people from a job….

All the same what type of trouble should I get myself into this coming summer. Especially now that the weather has warmed up finally!

“Editor’s note”: Been thinking about changing the title and url of this blog. Perhaps just trend on the side of the positive. Even though on occasion this blog could trend towards the negative. What do you think? What could I rename this blog?

Perhaps “The life and times of Jack V” a bit long, but a nice ring to it. Perhaps just simply “Jack V” and make this blog pseudonymous & eponymous. A few ideas to consider. 😛

Could it be…denial?


Read the Observations post it leads directly into this stream of thought.

“The nightmare is over?” I feel as if it’s a question to the only two people whom it’s been stated. I said this to Danny upon seeing him doing his paperwork before my own interview to return to “Fresh”. I also stated this to Wil – the associate buyer – upon seeing him at the store when he got off work one day. The nightmare remark feels like a question to me, however, it’s actually more of a statement. Besides I never understood the idea of a question as a statement, however, this was without a doubt a basic example of this concept if you will.

Wil even wasn’t sure what I had been referring to with that statement. Though I clarified with one simple answer, Roger. Wil’s response, “I thought that’s what you meant”. Danny didn’t need clarification, he knew what I mean and delved immediately into how “Ruthless Roger” was. Simply put the man just wanted his way, just very by the book. As Wil put it our former boss stepped on a lot of toes and it was his way of saying our former boss was just trying to be very strict. According to Wil, Roger wrote him up for messing up some orders. My comments on this was to say  – because I know Roger’s no longer there  – that this was a man trying to save himself.

Now I can discuss Roger or whether or not he knew what he was doing, a lamer, or a man who lived up to his level of incompetence. What never goes away is what happened with yours truly? Why am I no longer there? How did I allow this to happen? As much as my focus has been what happened with his job back in January when he officially left, here’s my account as far as what happened with yours truly and where I went wrong with “Ruthless”.

One day I was about to clock in for the day and this was an odd shift from the ones I had been working all summer. Remember with the previous mgr my consistent schedule was always a morning shift and get off at about 1 in the afternoon. Some weird way with no notice it became a middle-shift every now and then instead of starting in the wee hours of the AM. How this happened? Well I tell you what, if I had made some “noise” about it instead of just accepting it there’d be a different story since well this is what helped get me outta there as far as my job.

Anyway on this day Roger greeted me when I came into the store and he ran into me again he said “Come get me I want to talk to you”. So I clocked in and found him then he pulled me into office with door closed. While I won’t fully go into our conversation, let’s just say I consider this a trash-talking conversation about some aspects of my receiving. He was just looking for something to s**t on and needless to say while this wasn’t a tense conversation my body language suggested that I had a problem with what he was talking about. Yes, I did try to explain myself as it was an issue he decided to have a “conversation” about. While he understood my side I got another bombshell instead and I was somewhat expecting it.

The previous week I was looking internally at jobs with “Fresh” and saw for our dept that Roger had posted for an associate buyer. WTF? We already got an associate buyer who was Wil and then I figured at that point that yours truly has been sunk. I was on an attendance probation anyway so that would be a good excuse. Not only that because of my probation I couldn’t apply for this position and during the course of that convo Roger pointed this out. One way to cull people you don’t want in key positions slap them with a disciplinary action, it’s one way I look at it now.

Funny thing was about a month before and shortly after getting hit with that probation, Roger came to me in the dept and said something about changing some codes and insuring that I would indeed become team receiver. Cool I thought it was time that I had gotten access to the buying system which never happened before he arrived in our dept. I remained in a weird purgatory where I had to depend on Wil and the buyer he installed to be able to make orders and get other invoices I would need. All I asked for – on the advice of another mgr – was ask for the position and besides hopefully a raise will come later.

So back to the bombshell, Roger wanted to pull me off the buy/receive team. He wanted to know what else I’d like to do to which at one point he suggested doing “fresh pack” which I somewhat accepted and he quickly says “Speed and efficiency is key in that role, something to think about.” I view that as him shooting that down as soon as he mentioned it. Ultimately I never gave him an answer, I had little problem rotating as I had been before the previous mgr put me onto receiving.

While at one point it was hard to point a finger for why I wasn’t feeling him. Since he officially departed in January I can say with near certainty that he just didn’t mesh well with the team. I think his mgmt style did it his strictness, his by the book style. He was our boss, however, we weren’t enthused about him nope though one easy answer for that is he messed with our routines. That was his role evidently to shake things up in our dept at the time. Bottom line enthusiasm for anything involving him was starting to get lower and lower!

Anyway let’s fast forward another couple of months, Roger finally put me off of the buy/receive team. I was doing some of the stuff I normally did in the dept before being placed in the receive role by Roger’s immediate predecessor. I ran into my former mgr from when the store first opened and while I didn’t want to tell him about my situation he knew things in my dept was rough. So I was encouraged – though I stupidly wanted to see if things would turn around under “Ruthless” – to find a way out of my current role. I just wasn’t happy there anymore. Unfortunately I was late one more time before I got to work a few days after meeting my old boss.

It was a stormy and wet early morning commute and the train was delayed a bit anyway. No big deal I though I could still have a little time to spare. Then at one stop the train just sat and the only time I knew something was wrong was reading a tweet from the local transit authority stating that there was a sick passenger aboard our train. So when we got moving finally first act was to go to a station agent to get a train delay slip which I left with assistant mgr at the end of my shift who said he’d hand it to Roger to get that last tardy excused. Red flag, but for that moment I just put it out of my mind until two days after this.

Two days later I was more than half-way through my shift when Roger in his nerdy baritone voice simply said “Jack, come with me”. He marched me to the store mgmt office where he ducked right out before the firing guillotine fell on me. Needless to say I was upset, but noticing how “Ruthless” marched me to office and walked right back out caused any respect I had for him evaporate further. His bosses didn’t allow much room for error affirming Roger’s discretion, and I just wasn’t happy when I got the bad news.

To be honest, to this day I still go back and forth on this. I get what happened and the reasoning behind it. This is one of those calls that could’ve gone my way and it didn’t work that way. What does this have to do with Roger, well I sort of hoped that this tardy would be excused. In this case, I think he had no vested interest in keeping me around. His bosses acknowledged the tardies and they also acknowledged that I was a good worker, however, Roger wasn’t around to say anything. And I also figured that if he was still there say by now, I’d probably have a tough time getting my job back!

Of course as with anything job related – especially if it proves frustrating  ex. “The Show”- I tend to remember it. This is one of them, the anger could clear up and I can reason it out however it doesn’t go away. Yeah, perhaps it was a personality thing or an odd vendetta however it could also be that I definitely put a target on my own back. All I needed to do was watch my tardies and watch my schedule. Perhaps I was starting to get too comfortable at the wrong time with that job and in that dept at that moment.

Now, if there is a pattern here, probably. If you remember I had a job at “Gotham Bank”, it was a case of I began not to care for the job that I had accepted. It was a better job compared to the theater, however, this wasn’t the job I wanted  I was at a neighborhood branch closer to home and I definitely wasn’t comfortable there. The theater I eventually figured out over the years and was most comfortable, the bank in comparison was a pressure cooker as time went on. Though this was also a job I lost due to attendance (combined with job performance), no one made me late back then and as time went on I just lost interest in the job. Not that this was happened with Roger, what happened was a perfect storm that I could’ve just as easily avoided for my benefit.

With this said, the final part of this series of thoughts will be coming up after this. I will talk more about the dept under Roger. Perhaps the schedule I had after he officially took over the dept and of course the leadership team he had once he arrived. The point could be to further discuss the changes and how it did affect me in some way. Coming soon!

Interview time!

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Before I get on with this thought, I’m eager to put to rest the storyline with regards to “Ruthless Roger” – the mgr of my dept at “Fresh Foods” who ushered me into store mgmt offices to let me go. He walked out the office when the axe fell on me admittedly unexpectedly because I though a delay slip from the transit authority was enough for that final tardy to be excused. Anyway having heard three different stories from more former colleagues I learned that he’s no longer there – he was either demoted, quit, or quietly moved to a lesser position at another store. Regardless knowledge of his departure made it easier for me to start applying at my old store once again.

Thus I had an interview to return to the store. While granted I wouldn’t yet have all the bells & whistles I had before the guillotine fell, perhaps I’ll get those back yet. I met once again with the assistant store manager who called me the previous weekend – he was in the office with his boss when they made the call last year. He seemed to sympathize though sadly he and his boss had their own jobs to do unfortunately.

Let me just admit that interviews are often unpredictable affairs. I’ve never done a very good job of anticipation with these interviews. Though it’s rare that I’ve had interviewers who were downright hostile to me because I fell on the wrong side of their personality quirks (for example I was late for interview). Then I’ve had interviews that went pretty well and strangely many of those interviews didn’t result in jobs – especially during the “streak era”.

I’ve had interviews where I was given a timeline of next steps and usually those are signs that I’m in the running if not all but hired for the job though ultimately in most of those cases I didn’t get it. In one case I do remember, it seemed as if the interviewers liked me although I was eager to get the hell out, however no mention of timeline that I recall. Days later I learned of my job offer to “Gotham Bank”.

With the manager who hired me at “Fresh” it took three interviews with him and two other managers before he finally was ready to hire me. So my process lasted into the new year if you recall. He made it clear that he liked me and even then not a clear idea as far as next steps or timeline at least until he hired me.The point I want to make is that unless they hire you on the spot one really doesn’t know how the process will go until it goes.

This is how I’ll characterize this interview at my old store. I was talking with Danny who was filing his paperwork when the assistant store mgr came out to interview me. Felt as if I was waiting a minute to interview but at least it wasn’t entirely obnoxious wait. As he walked up I was letting Danny know when the store mgr arrived at the store. At that point I looked back and saw him walk up.

He said he was going to keep it brief from the jump so basically questions about the company and what they offer. Also my knowledge of most of the products that “Fresh” sells every day. He had to test me once because I had an answer that was vague but I recovered. He had to ask about what would be different about my attendance now and just stated that I would give myself an hour some extra time to arrive to work and mainly manage my time better than I had previously.

After discussing hours and availability, I asked a few questions about his background. It seems to be my strategy of choice as of late. How long has he been with company? How the store had been, which he only answered great. Had he always been at the one previous store he was at – he says he hadn’t been. I knew about his background he previous worked in my area before getting promoted. Then finally did he like it and from where did he start his career. The answer to where he started his career piqued my interest and lets me know that if you’re exception doors will open to you.

So after this, he gave me not a timeline though certainly a heads up as far as next steps, mainly, job wasn’t a guarantee and there were 12 other candidates to interview. Now bear in mind he’s on the store mgmt level so while he may have the power to hire, he still had to cover his bases with the individual dept mgrs. He said as far as next steps or decisions I would hear via e-mail or phone. We shook hands and told him it’s nice meeting him again and he replied in kind. Then thought to myself what bulls**t interview. Though later I had to soften myself…

My worst tendency is to overthink and I still haven’t stopped looking up advice as far as job offers, interviews, and follow-ups. It took me a few days to figure out what I needed to say to him in a follow-up email. I took the advice and just looked up his name online and was able to come up with his email addy. Thankfully it hasn’t come back to me as if it’s a bad address so mission accomplished I think.

My goal to follow-up was really not to nudge the process. I didn’t want to be like my friend Anthony who seems to have the need to obsess over whether or not he’ll get a potential job offer. Just thanked the assistant store mgr for meeting with me, mentioned something about the interview expressed excitement over rejoining my old team at “Fresh” and then moved on. It’s on him if he wants to respond to it, hell it might be the reason why I come back.

Fact of the matter is that right now since I can’t characterize this interview as a knockout punch, all I can do for now is wait. So for the moment this just means that I will keep you all updated on what happens!