the wrestling girl

Candy_GirlNOTE: the pic above isn’t actually of the wrestling girl, but would you have believed it if i had actually chose to say nothing to explain the above pic? šŸ˜›

i’ve alluded to her in an earlier post. one while we’ve worked together frequently and as of late we haven’t been. bummer because i grew comfortable with her, enough so that i’m fb friends with her now. i’ve alluded that it was my intention to ask her.

she’s called wrestling girl because she’s aware of my interest in wrestling and connect with me on that basis for the most part. other than that it was mostly work that we’d talk about. as a worker she’s real particular about how to do things which is fine. i’ve met much worse people like that.

i was somewhat disappointed that she appears to be with someone. who knows what their relationship has progressed to, but it’s often she and her man often pose together. sometimes there are pictures that shows plenty of kisses whether of each other on the lips or just on the cheek.

the wrestling girl piques my interest in that way. i dunno about a serious long term relationship not sure if that’s what i want with her. i definitely have something in mind with her, but at least for now if she’s involved i can relax.

like hugs she’s outside of my race and she’s rather slender with some height on her. seeing her pics on fb she was kind of chubby in the past although if i did have that comfort with her as i do now it wouldn’t have mattered at all.

my interaction with her mostly involves me saying something smart to her to basic things. like her saying bye or seeing that i went out of town recently. she laughs it off and says i’m a goofball, but let’s just say i like playing around with her like that. i also realize this is an easy way to turn her off.

you know what clicked in my head about her. one of the last few times we worked together we somehow was outside of the job together it was at night. she noticed i was out there with her and just stared and i was trying not to :lol:. we talked for a minute, but the way she was being somewhat playful it kind felt like a signal. now this could be a case of something in my head that has no realistic basis.

another thing i’ve considered since she’s friends with me on fb and let me know she noticed i was out of town to visit my school. it shows she pays attention to me in some respects of course me being me my response was to say that fb isn’t a person though. she shrugged it off, but perhaps she viewed that as me being me…

i did think about this although i can’t do it now. what if i bought her an item as a gift from the all-girls school down there where i paid a visit. i bought a t-shirt and water bottle perhaps she’d have appreciated a baseball cap. it would’ve been the most eccentric gift i can give her and could only wonder if those who are aware of this school or those who attended would just start wondering why she’s wearing such an article.

anyway just a thought lol



how-to-draw-people-hugging-from-behind-the-backTo be sure I’m not considered a hugger by any means but the idea bells rang in my head upon seeing a coworker somewhat aggressively hug a young lady at work. He just went up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

He didn’t speak to her apparently earlier that day so he more than made up for it to her delight. It gave me an idea because I would have never thought of it. I asked her if I could get away with what he just got away with.

She didn’t get it at first but she figured it out…”hug me?” she says with a smile and twinkle in her eye. Unfortunately another coworker saw that a customer was waiting and unfortunately my hugging attempt had to wait. I told her I’ll be back to get my hug.

To be sure this was only a hug, and she does have a boyfriend. I was very excited and nervous about this. And this was one of those things I started to overthink. My concern was would I find myself crossing the line with this young lady.

She giggled through the hug at least when I first asked herĀ  and she didn’t turn me down then at least. Besides if she wasn’t feeling it that would come out. I asked her if she wanted to know why I asked, then told her she was worth it. “Awww thanks”. she said.

I’ve worked with her for five months and unfortunately for me this cute petite girl who’s just so sweet in many ways is going away to school. Friendship is probably the way to go with her, but anything more serious well at least that’s something to consider only in my head for the moment. Her boyfriend I hope appreciates that she’s probably getting a lot of hugs from lots of people who like her!

I told her why I asked her and my answer was “because you’re worth it”. That was before I released my hug. She’s a sweet person and so darned cute hugging her was definitely worth it.