img_3181recently i look at my wordpress app on my  phone and it was noted that i have achieved my one year anniversary blogging at wordpress. one year and technically i wrote a few posts on my old blogger site. regardless a year ago i moved over to wordpress.

i decided to dip my toe in the world of virginity blogging. of course i’ve talked a lot about things like my work history, my adventures in social networking, etc and all through the schtick of being a real adult male virgin. it seems i’ve whined and complained about things during most of the year and showed how things have changed for the better.

now every now and then when i log onto wordpress i get notifications on different “achievements”. i got x amount of likes on this day, x amount of comments, etc. laudable achievements for a blog that isn’t exactly going viral. in fact it was something that was my intention however it’s something that i’d rather not happen at this point.

all the same, in this whole year i can say that i haven’t had many personal achievements. i can say i got a raise at work for the first time in LIFE. i could say for the first time in life i finally got a full-time job. perhaps i’m much closer to being a “hotshot” manager at a job. great things that have happened for me for the past year and a half. mostly happened before i started blogging.

then i realize how much closer i am to missing my goal – to lose my virginity before i turn 40. to at least find the right woman to ultimately marry – or this mythical her. to become him and be the man who can attract that woman. i realize i haven’t an idea.

well we can explore that in year two. yeah i can still talk about work. perhaps i’ll still talk about the connections with women who could be the ones i want to attract. either way year two won’t be much about the past – as much as i have little issue with dwelling on things. it will be about progress – the future.




believe it or not i’m hitting almost a full year at my current job. last month i signed up for more benefits and just recently i got a raise.

i can still say i’m still not where i always thought i would be at this point my life, but things are looking better. my only frame of reference is making less than double figures an hour in wages and staying there for years. on top of that i was miserable for a variety of reasons that helped me to decide to leave the movie theater.

for that period of time the reasons included relations with co-workers, supervisors, in addition to not moving up and not making more money. it paid the bills that i had, but at the end of the day my goal was for more and it wasn’t happening there. so i left.

now times have changed with a better job that pays more with benefits and opportunities for growth. not sure how much more i could ask for at this point. hopefully year 2 will further exceed my expectations.

i wanted to talk about the first day of orientation. i almost ticked off the store manager when he greeted me and i had little clue who he was or it didn’t seem to get through my half sleep brain. then it hit me who he was and responded accordingly.

he introduced himself and shook my hand as my new boss handed me my orientation packet, he said thank you your welcome. then i realized who he was and made sure i acknowledged. at that point it has been weeks since i had to be somewhere at  8:30 AM so in spite of my attempts to keep myself woke i was not fully alert.

otherwise we got the run down about he company and met the many people some of whom i no longer work with as they left to pursue other opportunities or got fired. otherwise it seems like fun & games almost until it was time for the business.

after two days of orientation at a local university we eventually arrived at our store. to be orientated into our department. and then after that week we got sent to training at other stores. then not long after that it was time to open the store.

i definitely miss those days. i don’t miss unemployment however.