I hinted a few days ago at how Anthony continued to bring up the name Finer Foods at random a few times when we were still “friends”. It was often at random the first time he wanted to talk about what happened a few years earlier occurred after I mentioned that I visited one of their newer stores. He wanted to know what happened with that and I knew what he was referring to. Unfortunately only he knows why he wanted to re-open the dialogue with regards to that.

There was a time and I don’t remember if this was before that or later that I was talking about how much I liked Fresh Foods. I had been with that company for just about two or more years at that point and his response to how much I liked where I was “I think you’ll like Finer’s better!” He said that really matter of fact and quick and I shot that down just as quick.

I worked with a few people who formerly worked with Finer’s and they all give that company a thumbs down. There’s a reason many of them chose Fresh and like it there better. They were more passionate about Fresh than they were about Finer’s. It was always about the managers, how much they were paid, the rules, the pettiness. There was a different story with a different person and it wasn’t good.

Only Ant knows why he was so into talking about how much better off he thought I’d be at Finer’s. My best theory has been as I was making raises just about every year and things seemed to have gone well at first he probably got envious (and remember he’s generally miserable) and decided to do something about it. He was in my head enough to try to convince me to reverse course and jump ship. Of course I was assured of how much better off if I stayed put at the Hole at least during that period of time within the first six months of 2017.

The irony of what he was doing was that he was indirectly benefiting from what I was doing at Fresh. He decided that I was making good money which was barely $25K a year, but it was enough for him to beg on occasion. Still he’s begging for money and he thinks I’d do better at Finer Foods which I attributed to his “skill” in negotiation and his experience, however, only he knows in reality. I still say he probably got jealous and used his rather domineering behavior to convince yours truly to work elsewhere to chase “better money”.

So a few times he’d bring up that if “you come to Finer’s, you’d make more money”. It would be different times, but it would be the same line and usually my response was often it “would take something real crazy for me to even consider it”. I think he hardly ever pays attention to what I’m saying and he often repeats himself.

I think one day we were talking on the phone and it was regarding being on an interview panel. I had to explain to him a few times I wasn’t of any real standing to be the final decision maker I was just part of a panel to help determine a new assistant manger for our department. I mentioned that I might be learning buying in the future although he found a way to dismiss that and suggest I’m better off as a supervisor. Thank you for that, but one thing to learn about business is numbers as much as it is about working with people especially with a more visible and higher level role.

Even with this, he turned around and brought it up for the nth time that I’d make more money at Finer’s. I hit him with “YOU MUST REALLY HAVE A HARD ON FOR ME COMING TO FINER’S!!!

He replied defensively: “Nah, I’m just saying…”

Then one day he tried to call me at work and I was actually in the cooler putting product away. On that morning I forgot to turn my ringer off and I hear my phone ring. I send a text letting him know that I’m at work and will call him back. He texts: “Why don’t you come over here with me to Finer’s, you’d make more money and you’ll be closer to home”.


I call him later and further reiterate that some good things were happening at that point at Fresh. Officially I would be doing more buy/receive in the future and there would be an opportunity hopefully to “negotiate“. And he lauded this as such a good thing, “they like you showing you how to do something new” he says. This ended for a moment his continued “campaign” to come to his more favored company and possibly take more cash.

To which let me set up the come over here with me to Finer’s. He allegedly had worked for a Finer’s store where he had attempted to get me on with them. I went to the northwest side of Chicago for an interview which was botched, and he insisted at that time on worrying me about calling them to make it happen. I often resisted and he amped up his efforts in my mind I just wasn’t interested I came to be interviewed and was sent back out the door after waiting an hour. Then not long after those events perhaps going up to maybe September 2014 when he decided to bring it up again he quit. Like I said he really has the tendency to not settle down in any job since he quit the Show in October 2013.

By the time I started doing buy/receive at the Hole he was talking about going back to Finer’s. According to him he wanted insurance for his son for a pre-existing condition and he got some “connections” at Finer’s to get hired at a store closer to where he lives. And as per his insistence closer to where I live also.

I just have to add that pre-existing condition for his son became a prelude for the episode One Final Drop. He may have insurance and yet still needs money for his son’s medical bills. It was during that episode that he brought up Finer’s again though for the last time.

Ant: You’re thinking about jumping ship yet!?!?

Yours truly: *confused* It’ll take something real crazy for me to consider it!

Sidenote: You already know right? The scenario I had in my head was something that I hoped wouldn’t happen…

Ant: *nods his head* Just get an interview, see how much money they’re talking, and know your worth.

Y.T.: *shoots Ant a blank stare attempting to convey no interest*

When we leave the barbershop where I requested he meet with me, he started talking about how much he likes the candied popcorn at Finer’s. He said there is no residue on his fingers after eating the popcorn which I suspect is his way of continuing to sell me on moving on to Finer’s. He states his opinion that it’s better than a Chicago treat which does leave residue on your fingers.

It was my opportunity to ask him about his pay, since it’s his most consistent talking point. His claim was that he makes at least $700 or $800 per check. And I wanted to establish if this is after taxes and just simply states that it’s take home. I know how much I might make week to week in my head and reason that I’m no more than either $100 to $200 less at my then current level away from his rosy income from his checks (presumably he gets paid bi-weekly as I would at Fresh). I process this and find myself not very impressed, perhaps he could tell though he has a history of bullheadedness as far as my responses or lack thereof.

With that said that was the last time we talked about Finer Foods. I don’t know if he remained with that company or at least when he left though I suspect he had when I unexpectedly and with great trepidation saw him in his security guard uniform at a local hardware store. Perhaps he didn’t need the insurance anymore nor did he fit in with them anymore in spite of his pretenses.

Savings 2

abundance bank banking banknotes

Earlier I shared a story about leaving Anthony at The Show one night. It was my response to him asking for money right away and he had just started there and met me. I suppose the mistake I made is that he made his intentions (and other actions) clear early on before he even got to know me. I should’ve paid attention and most importantly keep erecting barriers because he was clearly not going to stay away.

Anyway, we became friends later and it was enough for him to try to hold me accountable for my job hunting. In October 2013, he had finally quit the theater for a security job at a grocery store. He was giving me $h!t for the lack of progress I had been making for most of that year. I give him a lead from someone who we had worked with his response was to say “Great, I’m so proud of him. OK Jack your turn.” He didn’t want to listen to what I had to say.

Later on he gives me $h!t when he calls me when I was at work one night and I was complaining about the job, “You like it there because you’re still there!” It seems at this point he’s trying to be hard on me and indicated that he doesn’t want to help me anymore. He would claim I wouldn’t follow-up on the leads he was interested in such as security or union jobs and others. Add this to the fact that my searching had hit a slump during the previous summer, no phone calls at all. So perhaps he was getting frustrated.

One day I met with him, he was on his way to the movies and I had to go to work that night. One thing I do admire him for is his ability to extract information from people. I wanted him to tell me the HR point for one of the theaters I’ve been trying to get connected with in downtown Chicago. Well he comes through for me that night, however, he notes another contact with that company and then the contact he gives me and suggests this might be it. If I don’t follow up on those opportunities he says, “We’re going to have to re-evaluate our relationship. We might not talk about jobs anymore.”

As we end the call, I’m taken a back by this. I consider this something of an ultimatum if you don’t do this then we’re going to have a problem is the implication. And needless to say I’m of the school “when in doubt do nothing”. Well I have a history of not rushing on giving anyone a call especially if I have no idea what job I’m asking them for. Of course for movie theaters the jobs are largely straight forward until you starting going into mgmt.

Anyway our last phone call probably took place around the week of Thanksgiving. A few weeks after that into December he calls me out of the blue. This time he states “I need some money.” So he gives me an ultimatum a few weeks ago about jobs and then he turns around and hits me up for some money. Something was wrong with this picture in my head and yet I was still on Planet Hustle. So I give him my own ultimatum…

“You only get money on one condition, you need to stop beating me up” Simple enough right how are you going to ask for help and you’re turning around lecturing someone on doing better for themselves. That was basically his response to my condition, “I’ll stop beating you up when you do better for yourself, deal?” Well I agreed to give him money and realize that he didn’t give the response I wanted. He still had to play the father figure while asking his young charge for a few dollars for his martial arts school.

Yup, he needed money for his martial arts school. This was his attempt at a kick-starter so that he could possibly keep the lights and gas on in addition to paying the rent for his dojo. Or at least that’s what I’m pretty sure he would say about what he was doing here.

Ultimately he gives me account information for his bank through a text msg. What he expected me to do was go to any branch of this bank and put some money into his account. If I had been truly without character I could’ve found somewhere to post his account info and if someone was smart he’d get cleared out of money. Besides it takes something to beg someone you work with for a few dollars anyway and portray yourself as unable to pay for your own food, unable to get around, etc.

Sorry to disappoint you all, but I chose to send no money. It was more energy for me than it was worth to go to a bank branch and give him some money. If he needed money for his business he needed a better plan than ask people for money. It could be said what he was asking for and why he was asking for it and even how he expected to receive the cash was a tad shady or suspicious. So I thought about his answer to my condition and some of the criticisms regarding my job search and his seeming unwillingness to provide some semblance of support and thus he got no money from me. No argument, tense exchanges, or anything just no cash and it helps that he no longer worked with me. He didn’t come around trying to collect once I quietly gave him zero.

He did call a few times to follow-up with me and even sent a text asking point black “What’s going on Jack?”. Ultimately I never heard about this again. He never came up to ask why I never gave him money. Presumably he might have found someone else to get whatever he needed for his school.

However, the next time I did see him at the theater when I still worked there was after the new year. He didn’t talk about what happened with the money I said I was going to give him. We did talk about other things more business related. I probably could’ve hoped that was the last time he’d beg for money wrong it was a long time away but he was going to come around with his hand out again.

The next story after this will be his attempts to get me on board with his favored company, Finer Foods. After his blatant attempt at begging, I’d have another “ordeal” where he was bullheaded as ever.