Pay Day

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Well there have been other pay days since I returned to “Fresh Foods“. It just seemed to be a nice title to a new blog post which marks a day that isn’t monumental but very important. Just reminds me of two stories to relay..

When I interviewed in April to return to the company I also had to go through a store mgr who ultimately told me they’re going to offer me the job. During the interview he twice had to take phone calls from associates who were calling-in saying they can’t make it to work. Then the mgr states that it’s pay day no one wants to come in to work. This was actually on a Saturday so the associates got paid the day before on a Friday. It makes me wonder what they were doing.

Oh yeah I forgot some people like to go out and party. I generally don’t do that so I may not entirely relate but I can believe many go get some beer and have some drinks with their peeps. Perhaps they go clubbing or to a bar or even a night on the town with their honey. Who knows but evidently pay day means make a whole display of it by spending instead of just growing your money gradually as I’ve started doing in my working life.

I hate to do this to you, unfortunately the next anecdote involved “Ruthless Roger“…

Last year we had an associate who seemed a bit wayward. Nothing outwardly wrong with him, but some of my conclusions is formed from the hearsay I heard later. This employee we’ll just call John Doe had the tendency to call off although he just started and then at one point he asked Rog about when he’s going to get his paycheck. I was told by Gary – one of the assistant mgrs for the dept – that Rog told John Doe that he would get a paycheck on Friday. So he came to work on Friday and I did see that associate stroll past the dept. He was supposed to work that day and John Doe never even bothered to arrive at his station. According to another colleague, John Doe was reportedly seen outside of the job getting a hit of weed.

Not that I know much about the procedure with regards to paychecks, however, if the pay day is on Friday and the last day of the previous pay period ended on Sunday perhaps you should get a check that Friday. For me I have direct deposit although that went out of the window when I lost my job last year. Once I returned I got a check and I chose to wait a couple of days after pay day before picking up my check at the store. Although at some point when I got on-boarded thru “Fresh’s social network” I input the necessary information for direct deposit.

Just bear in mind in years past I wouldn’t normally discuss the period where I would enroll in benefits. This is normally in November & December however once I was no longer employed with “Fresh” that was out of the window. This time around I’ll just talk about the benefits as I get them and I’m actually off on pay day this week which is quite nice.




My last stream of thought on “Ruthless Roger” will have to wait til next week. As stated my goal is to wind down this latest work drama storyline. Now that I’m back at “Fresh Foods” though not at my original store, it’s just time to turn the page. This means I get to look through “Fresh’s” social network and see what’s what.

Within days of my interview and rehire I regained access and this enables me to set my direct deposit and look over my benefits (it seemed to be something of tradition to discuss my benefits). Of course another background check which is always an ugh!

First, what’s the story with Roger? Is he really gone from “Fresh”? The answer is no. While I may not entirely be certain what happened between January and now, he’s on the social network. He indeed got bumped down all the way to supervisor at a suburban store near his home. Who knows if he actually got demoted and who knows if he really thought he was likely getting s**t-canned. His time as my dept mgr was definitely a rough period for yours truly and anyone else who bristled under his style.

Larry took over the dept in March and posted two supervisor positions. Neither of the two supervisors Rog had brought on the team (through what should’ve been rigorous circumstances) remain with the team. He brought in one from his former store. She got went to another store however it’s not in a supervisory position. The other supervisor who was actually an external hire is no longer with the company as I can’t find her at all on the social network. I’ve only had the opportunity to work with one of these new supervisors and she seemed OK, but then beyond that who knows?

Rog that summer had hired a buyer who quit that fall for another job outside of “Fresh”. He seemed cool, though not entirely what I was used to – or actually what Wil as associate buyer was used to. People seemed to complain about him, however, I had no issues with him. Not to say he didn’t earn his job, I could view him as  a political hire.

One reason I got bumped off the buy/receive team aside from the tardies – if that was the deciding factor as Rog never said for sure – was that he decided to hire on another associate buyer. We already had an associate buyer in Wil so his reason for posting for another associate buyer: “because this was how it was supposed to be done and he wanted to get one before they took it away from him” (huh?). The person Roger did hire according to Wil is working out in his role so another who earned his role.

Arielle is someone you’ll hear more from in a later post. She was brought to my old dept last year to become an assistant mgr. We spoke briefly at my new store as she was on duty moonlighting for this personal shopping service whom “Fresh Foods” contracts with. She used to work at the store where I will be as a supervisor before joining my old team for a promotion.

Most of the cast of characters that I knew when I got s**t-canned are no longer there. Some may have been let go or moved on to other jobs outside of the company. If Rog was proving to be an awful manager who wasn’t looking out for anyone then why stick around unless you really liked it. That would’ve been me, but I certainly was getting ready for other challenges within “Fresh” and outside the company. Besides I hadn’t entirely let go of the idea of being a movie theater mgr.

At least now I know some further facts from Jill’s FB post. Now I know the extent to the changes at my old dept at “Fresh”. Meanwhile as I continue to write and edit the final “Ruthless Roger” post, now is the time to focus on today!

why did i never get promoted to mgmt?

as jack v continues to finish the storyline involving “the show” we explore why a promotion to mgmt never happened. in this post one reason why it wasn’t likely to happen.


the primary reason why I left “the show” was because of growth as yours truly wasn’t growing at the theater. having worked there for five years especially since it opened it meant nothing not only to the coworkers but to the managers – many of whom came and went over the years. many likely began to view me as a drag and why because everyone had an awful opinion of me. it’s possible that i helped to create this opinion but if someone wants to complain it’s easier for me to say i don’t want to work with them.

it leads to one opinion as to why it never happened was my inability to get along or relate to many of the younger coworkers. especially as often stated the young women i worked with came up with excuses to start complaining and in reality it was all just a simple distraction and misdirection. remember many of the worst ones moved on to other jobs or got themselves fired for stealing.

in the meanwhile i don’t respond to this fit of complaining very well. if i dare run my mouth it only escalates and they dig in. they come to their conclusions and no matter what i say i’m lazy, i don’t want to do any work, i’m lazy, i walked off on customers, etc. once someone realizes they can get under your skin they go much further.

either way as i strive to be reliable – even if i have issues with tardies – better yet strive to be the model worker they want mgmt notes some of the small mistakes i make and blow them up. it’s as if they can relate to the kids who just started working and causing problems because no one pulled them aside to tell them you can’t just go after people like this. many of them have grown to be comfortable behaving in this way whether after years or months or weeks. perhaps as if it’s their so far natural inclination.

oh yeah i forgot how do i get along with my fellow coworkers. not very well and don’t get me wrong i made a few key mistakes one of which had been bizarrely spreading rumors. i caught the attention of an aggressive and panicky senior manager who wanted to know what i knew and how i knew it. yet i was accused of decreasing morale except morale was already bad and not getting better. i think mgmt at the time were picking their targets and picked the ones who weren’t squeaky wheels.

either way as i could wonder how some of the managers/supervisors got promoted i wondered why it never happened for me. one conclusions was that for whatever it was they were looking for that wasn’t me. in some respect for who i’d have been working with and for my inability to really get along with some of the coworkers today i can at least say that i wasn’t ready for even supervisory duties.

i had often looked at the compensation – pay slightly above minimum wage and no benefits – it helps me decide i didn’t miss anything. after leaving i was glad i never got promoted up there. i began to make more elsewhere without getting promoted there or better yet in fact without waiting for an increase in the minimum wage.

i may often still fantasize about joining a mgmt team at a movie theater at some point in the future i at least can still say that today i have more options. especially with not only 5+ years of theater experience, also almost 3 years of grocery experience. i can even include minimal experience at a bank!

what i can also emphasize is that in my current position now i have growth on my side. there are plenty of opportunities where i am and need to allow myself to stay in place as i had at “the show”.


benefitslast year i wrote about getting some benefits. benefits had been one of the reasons i left “the show” i.e beyond free movies i got jack. other than that i found two jobs that offered the benefits i had been looking for primarily health i never thought beyond that.

this past summer the associated of my company had a benefits vote to choose various options in addition to some new offerings. something i took advantage of even if what i would like didn’t go forward such as for example identity theft protection.

either way one evening i just decided to explain to my coworker the compensation/promotion structure with my former employers at “the show”. i told him matter of factly that if i got promoted to manager – well actually supervisor level – i’d get no benefits. to which he retorted that if one gets 40+ of work they should get benefits.

i had to explain to him that the company itself could find a way to skirt the law so that they wouldn’t have to provide benefits. for example, they can just turn around and say supervisors can’t work more than 40 hours they can only work 35 hours a week. boom don’t want to provide benefits that’s a way out. i’d get paid slightly better but that’s all.

now, having left “the show” over two years ago i know my worth. i spend most of my working life hovering around the minimum wage and then suddenly with a job at the bank and then moving onto a job in the grocery business my income went up. i say this to say i wanted to get to management/supervisor level at the show.

to get up to full-management – that is for “the show” senior management – i’d have to go through the supervisory level. as time went on i was no longer interested even if deep down i never got there for reasons semi-unknown. and when leaving that company and figuring out what other companies offered whether i had standing over other employees or not it turns out perhaps there was no boat to miss.

if i understood correct senior management is a salaried position and they get the benefits. not sure the extent of the benefits but they got them. and as with supervisors there seems to be a subjective process in who gets promoted, that is they choose you. you don’t get an opportunity to apply for such positions.

either way i learned of one of the senior managers through a coworker. she had quit suddenly and unexpectedly apparently she had been unhappy for a long time. that coworker claimed she was working a part-time job as a bank teller for better benefits and was forced to quit when her bosses found out. and my worker mentioned this tome as it was time for me to interview with the same bank that this manager briefly worked for.

well what does this mean, well even the hotshot senior managers who should’ve had it made still weren’t getting what they’re due with their positions with the company. perhaps on that level there was no boat to miss either. just as with getting to the supervisor level.

now i had to explain to my friend getting to the senior manager level is like getting into what we call store leadership. the store managers are considered salaried however department managers are still considered hourly. now supervisors are considered as shift managers and they’re the level of the supervisors under the various department managers.

so basically we both agreed that this was a shitty deal. this year we do it all over again and decide which benefits we want to take advantage of for the coming year.

why did i leave?

largeand after being gone almost two years i’m still piecing this together. the main thing was i wanted to make more money and it wasn’t going to happen at “the show”. then i realize that it’s a lot more complicated.

well not complicated just that there are other reasons to add on top of compensation. sometimes i think i was chased out by a variety of people. then again i was around people who had a penchant for complaining and many such people ultimately left before i did. like i’ve stated here once before i outlasted them.

perhaps i grew to realize times were changing around me and i was a relic of an old-time. that is i had my season and it was coming to a close. which is true.

what i realize is that as the sniping or the complaining continued with different people and many may have just wanted me to go away i consider this. all they did was chase me away to something better, if i was truly a target it only backfired. some job such people did.

to get paid more and much happier at a different company. ummmm not necessarily their mistake but not big picture thinking. complaining so that they can score points or whatever goal they had.

i could discuss a friend of mine who became a manager and got sent packing after close to a year. what did him in was a budding relationship with someone who he worked with initially before he became a manager. as they tried to keep their relationship a secret someone put a target on his back. when this happened he wasn’t sure what they were trying to get out of it.

to which i say out of our respective ordeals we both got something out of it. i left on my own for a better job although the job i left for only led me to another job which proved a better fit. in his case well i think he struggled to find his own footing but i’m sure he’ll get there now he can be free to be open about his relationship.

in which case who knows how happy some of the people we work with are with their lives, but i would say we both did much better after leaving. people who have this need to target people will only find other targets. they will never be happy…


Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Benefits

it’s that time of year to look at my benefits and then make a choice. one new change with my company is the addition of mental health on a trail basis. which is a good thing if one wants to talk to a counselor which is under consideration on my end.

at this point i can make a choice as far as vision and dental. well my dental needs for the most part are taken care of and i’m still paying for it although happy with the results. as far as vision it’s time for new glasses. O=O

now to be sure benefits are one reason i left the cinema and moved on to a job that provides them. i found two jobs that did took advantage of them when it became a good deal. now it’s an accomplishment to have an insurance card with one of my employers. good benefits in addition to getting better pay.

the choice isn’t that difficult, if nothing else for other insurance items it probably could go up to $40 out of my check every month. if i was just starting out it would be higher but i arrived to the point where just health insurance cost under $25.

knowing that i work somewhere that provides this feels pretty good.  in the new year, i plan to seek out more than better pay and benefits. it doesn’t matter where i am.