Another record….

That last post as of now has 12 likes. Also I got a notification of that which is screen capped below. Whew in a short period of time got a lot of accomplishments and it seems some of those accomplishments were caused by noting other accomplishments. Or just updates that including changing the creative style of this blog.

To which I must add that I have some posts in the pipeline. One of those is more about my former job at “Fresh Foods” which I hope to be able to return. I wrote about that briefly earlier this past week. Then perhaps I need to hit the “virgin beat” so to speak which would include posts about “migtow”. Those hopefully are what you’re looking forward to beyond these accomplishment/milestone posts.

Again thank you all for your support.


100 followers – Thanks

I have finally reached as of now 101 followers on this blog. Thank you all for the follows and hopefully you all won’t be strangers around these parts! Just think sometime last week this blog got a total of 500 likes!


Thank You

As of the time this post is written the actual count of likes on this blog is 508. Thank you for following and thank you for liking my space on the world wide web. Hopefully you all will continue to like this blog. The last post about “changing styles” put me over the top!

The screencap below was from roughly the time I had posted the “changing styles” post!

Changing styles

In not often using proper capitalization on this blog it was my goal to give it a distinctive style. For the most part everything was written in lowercase for the most part. A friend of mine suggested capitalization and punctuation which I will oblige him. Perhaps this will translate to the rest of you following this blog. If this is what you want to see feel free to express your sigh of relief in the comments.

What this means is this post & the many posts that I have in the pipeline will be written with proper capitalization. Hopefully if many of you have difficulty in following my writing this will translate into greater readability. Hopefully it will be to your liking! 👍🏽

Dateless-Man vs. Older Virginity Advice

thanks to dateless man. about what he writes sometimes i feel the same way. i also wish i could provide that middle ground where i could find success with women and provide a path towards other men who are in our general predicaments.

and yes he’s right no one should make us feel worthless because we’ve never known a woman. if a woman can get away from her worth with regards to man, then the same for men. women don’t need a man to be fulfilled and men don’t need a woman to be fulfilled.

another conclusion i’ve come to, those people who make an issue of it are probably single and desperate themselves. i often characterize those as such who seem to like chasing pussy and perhaps the same for women who want the “D”.

anyway i said too much, what do you think about what dateless man writes about?

A new year means a fresh slate of at least 10-12 blog entries here, at least ideally. As a minor update I am still at my new gig, officially three months in. Only another nine before I am past probation, and the pressure is high. But that isn’t what I want to talk about here. […]

via Dateless-Man vs. Older Virginity Advice — The New Adventures of Dateless-Man!

more original photos. what do you think?

Olloclip-iPhone-7-21 i’ve been going around using my iPhone to take some shots around chicago. i want to punch this blog up with shots that i’ve taken. i wish i can share with you some archival photos at least those that i have never before published. time will tell on that.

although to be sure i can share more current photographs of the city as i see it. perhaps you may see hints of where i formerly work or even where i do work now. to be sure i may never identify any of those places as such but you may see them.

oh not just places i have worked certainly places i have frequented over time. i hope you enjoy the new presentation.

besides once a commenter suggested seeing a photo montage from the “mid-thirties virgin” although now it’s the “almost 40 virgin” at this point.