img_3181recently i look at my wordpress app on my  phone and it was noted that i have achieved my one year anniversary blogging at wordpress. one year and technically i wrote a few posts on my old blogger site. regardless a year ago i moved over to wordpress.

i decided to dip my toe in the world of virginity blogging. of course i’ve talked a lot about things like my work history, my adventures in social networking, etc and all through the schtick of being a real adult male virgin. it seems i’ve whined and complained about things during most of the year and showed how things have changed for the better.

now every now and then when i log onto wordpress i get notifications on different “achievements”. i got x amount of likes on this day, x amount of comments, etc. laudable achievements for a blog that isn’t exactly going viral. in fact it was something that was my intention however it’s something that i’d rather not happen at this point.

all the same, in this whole year i can say that i haven’t had many personal achievements. i can say i got a raise at work for the first time in LIFE. i could say for the first time in life i finally got a full-time job. perhaps i’m much closer to being a “hotshot” manager at a job. great things that have happened for me for the past year and a half. mostly happened before i started blogging.

then i realize how much closer i am to missing my goal – to lose my virginity before i turn 40. to at least find the right woman to ultimately marry – or this mythical her. to become him and be the man who can attract that woman. i realize i haven’t an idea.

well we can explore that in year two. yeah i can still talk about work. perhaps i’ll still talk about the connections with women who could be the ones i want to attract. either way year two won’t be much about the past – as much as i have little issue with dwelling on things. it will be about progress – the future.



sometimes i like to rewrite posts. basically it’s just to reword and adjust some grammar. it may not always be precise but the goal is definitely to cut down on some of the errors that may be in the writing.

sometimes in spite of my writing skill i fail to do one main thing which is proofread. i’m never under any illusions that i’m the greatest writer up there with any literary giants. however my process is somewhat like there this (see what i did there).

some posts you read here had been written in advance. perhaps i’ve been working on them for days or weeks and that gives me time to make them as perfect as i possible can. of course perfect being the goal that often may not even come close to that level.

another part of the process is sometimes i just go ahead and write a post. just bang it out in a matter usually of minutes although sometimes it might take a day before it’s ready to publish.

so there you have it perhaps one of two ways to create content for this blog about a mid 30s virgin. perhaps i should at least shoot for taking a day to write a post and ultimately post same day. or take more than a day to write a really good post that’s worth writing. what this means is i never just post something that’s less than what’s worth putting out and thus worth reading by you.

that somewhat explains the post about missy that has suddenly popped back up. believe me that is not the only post that needs some corrections. of course this is one of those posts written up in a matter of minutes and ultimately posted after completion.



Some way some how I found this blog called Virgo. It’s about a male virgin in fact he shows his face which makes him brave. Unfortunately he stopped posting about 14 months ago.

With that being said if he shows his face what does this tell you? He’s probably sure about his reasoning for discussing and/or maintaining his virginity. In part, his reasons are also my reasons – though not necessarily over not adding to the statistics of single-parent households.

I had little desire – even if I aspire to have a family of my own – to sire children before I was ready. At this point I’m not sure about being ready but closer than I had been previously.

Now for all we know while he may have never had sex – and who knows that may have changed by now –  he may have far more success with women. We have no idea if he’s socially awkward or he may be a hit with the women in general. There are women out there willing to give it up to him if he wanted.

Alas he’s never finished telling us his story. For those of you who are also male virgins who can relate to him as I can somewhat he started off very well. He has my respect as a virgin. Here’s hoping wherever he is right now that he’s happy with his own status and life.

While there isn’t an easy way to get in touch with him perhaps some of you can send his blog some “love” anyway.

How I’ve Become An Adult Virgin

I think this is what is going to help me re-examine my life. What’s written here is something I can relate to and perhaps a similar post will be written here on this blog.

Only thing I may not be able to entiely relate is religion as I’m not religious. At the same time a person who chooses to abstain from sex for religious reasons have my respec

The Joyful Noisemaker

When I’m with you, yeah
You, yeah
It feels just like the first time
When I’m with you, yeah
You, yeah
It’s still just like the first time
When I’m with you, with you
with you, with you
When I’m with you, yeah
You, yeah
It feels just like the first time- First Time, Big Time Rush

I never thought I would actually use a big time rush song for a blog post. That’s a little weird for me. Well… onward to my post and the business at hand. In other words, let’s get to the blog post.

I don’t think there’s any need at all to tell you this, but I will in case you haven’t read my blogs at all. I’m a virgin. Even in the top caption of my blog, it does mention virginity in it. So, yes I do talk about it and sex too. Don’t…

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where does this blog fit?

another identity crisis: what kind of blog is this supposed to be.

of course this is a virginity blog but could it fall under dating/relationships?

this could also fall under sex. i could spend a lot of time talking about sex. there are posts about porn here, however, how much can i talk about sex when i’m not getting any.

at times this is as much a life blog because i talk about work. not sure how much i’ll talk about family as so far i’ve talked about my dad and one of my cousins. i also talk about abstaining from sex and alcohol.

i may even talk about the hobbies i want to take up. perhaps one day i may take up improv. perhaps i’ll find something else to take up in addition to that. who knows.

either way, i’ve seen nothing more than a handful of male virgin blogs out there. the question is where does this genre of blogging fit in the grand scheme of the bloggosphere?