Election Night 2016: time suckers SHOOT

Feels like the right time to revisit this episode from over five years ago. I can connect this with the last convo I ever really had with The Fiend and it turned into such an ordeal in my humble opinion. I think in both cases we just needed someone to talk to and for me in my last convo with him he wasn’t just not as willing to talk or listen as I feel as if I was on Election Day.

I may have been looking for reassurance because what led to the last convo I considered a bit triggering. It wasn’t so much that he just couldn’t empathize in that moment it was that he was in no mood to really listen to my thoughts on it. It’s one thing if it wasn’t something he really wanted to touch, however, in the months leading up to it he was mentioning a subject that was more or less a no-no for me. And at that for me to take on that subject I thought was a no-no for him however as stated in yet another post this was yet another way to further his own negativity.

Now as far as election night 2016 I don’t know what he was looking for other than to rant even as he was patrolling a grocery store parking lot on the graveyard shift. As far as I remember we never really talked about that election that year. It was a most unusual election and the results was for many unexpected. Perhaps he took an outcome for granted and it freaked him out very easily.

I think he really exposed his own hell, fire, and brimstone alarmism on a night where I was just ready to call it a night. I didn’t have the same type of alarm that he did as far as who was winning. When I think about it, just wasn’t sure where that election was going just knew that neither candidate for President appealed to me though it appears Anthony had picked a horse and wasn’t happy.

He chose me to call and repeatedly referred to the man who became President-elect a racist, rapist and declared there was going to be a race war. He also declared that he was going to move to Canada and this country is screwed. I was not in the mood for a real political discussion and definitely didn’t want to engage with someone who was very upset and unglued. While trying to have a balanced approach I told him the other candidate wasn’t all that he just stated that “we’d be screwed even less under her”. This was when I asked if we could change the subject and he agreed.

Of course we talked about a range of subjects in that moment but here’s where the convo just went into a strange direction. He asked if I saw the latest Marvel Comics picture Dr. Strange. When I answered in the affirmative then he asked “who did I go with?” When I answered no one he launched into a strange lecture about how I needed to start dating or all the women will start laughing at me – oh right that’s encouragement.

He noted that I was a loner “which is just fine with you” but I “make good money so you really don’t have an excuse”. He made a pitch for me to again use PoF.com. I just said OK as if to say this convo isn’t going any further and he had to keep it going “I know what that means. Give me one reason why you can’t do it.” I didn’t give him a reason just my typical way of dealing with something like this is to say hardly anything as if to say I’ll consider it.

To give some background he knows I like to go to the movies but as a “mentor” it was important for me to take someone to the movies. That was his priority, why I have no clue as stated many times on this blog he’s a disappointed father that’s his schtick. I just think in his mind he feels like what suits him is for me to have some female companionship. On the other hand while he claims to get a lot of action with the ladies to one time graphically telling me one sexual encounter with a grandmother during that period I just see a man who’s just single and chasing pu$$y not really companionship.

Aside from the fact that since I cut ties now he later became engaged. YaY him as long as he’s serious which I suspect he probably isn’t but that’s not my business anymore.

Anyway as for PoF.com he’s mentioned that site to me before. When we were still working at The Show we were regularly taking the train back to the south side from work and he would start mentioning that site frequently. His main selling point was to predict that “you could get laid by next week“. As far as how his campaign went I just wasn’t interested. I checked out the site and saw nothing I really wanted to connect with out there.

I usually just demurred and stated that I didn’t see the point and I liked connecting with women who went to school at Hillman College. Well not specifically Hillman I was more referring to connecting with women on Facebook before they had their own dating services. He was not deterred it was his mission to get me to connect with a woman as me being a man without a woman was just an issue for him.

He would at that point probably 2012-13 just would follow up with me. Did you finish your profile? Did you upload a profile pic? I usually just said no and probably cited finances as far as why I just didn’t have much interest. For those of you who have kids, you put on the pressure then you find out how uninterested the kids are in your ideas here’s a good example.

Anyway until election night 2016 he brought up PoF.com again and as it turned out for the last time. The difference between 2016 and just about four years earlier was that this time he dropped the sales tag of you could be laid by next week to just get a date and get you some female companionship before you turn 40.

However, as far as me not having much success with women he couldn’t help but continue to take his shots. Even kept mentioning the name of one young lady he insisted I take to a comedy show at a downtown theater which fell apart because I just wasn’t into it. He wanted to keep blaming me for what happened with that until I saw the confused look on his face with no further answer beyond “you blew it with her.” The look on his face was basically I’m no longer buying that answer and he knew it. He ultimately left it alone.

Anyway let’s turn this 180 degrees and discuss how he ranted about some women near the end of our convo. First I had to listen to him rant about the elections now I had to hear a rant about how he was talking to a woman over time and some other woman he knew decided to interfere with the motive that “she was lonely and she didn’t want her girlfriend to have anyone“. My advice which I hope was sensible – and could probably be easily ignored by Anthony – was he should just leave them alone which he easily agreed stating that he already has. There I go being a friend to someone who really was no friend of mine.

Anyway what a strange up and down conversation. Frustrating, tiring and a bit long lasting two hours, I didn’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I missed some of the results but that’s OK did some catching up as I wanted to follow this one.

To give you a break down this happened about a month after the episode of The Next to Last Drop. I do hope you follow the original Election Day post.

Also it was election day somewhere in the country on Tuesday, hopefully you did your civic duty.


One of my long term goals has been to stay away from porn. I would be alright if I never watched a minute of porn as it’s become very perverse to yours truly.

Except that when I take a break from it sometimes I go right back to it. They say you shouldn’t quit something cold turkey except porn ought to be one thing one should quit in such a fashion. We’re not talking about substance abuse we’re talking about something that’s more psychological.

I shared a quick review of this movie from a few years ago called Don Jon which where the title character has largely the same types of issues. He may get the women he wants even had a girlfriend during the course of the movie but is so unsatisfied with his conquests that he turns to porn. The girlfriend had to catch him not once but twice to break up with him because he lied to her. Regardless she made him wait for sex and he was still unsatisfied.

He admitted later that the porn was him being selfish. He thought more of the fantasies he had from watching porn than the actual desires of the women he was with. It took meeting a widowed MILF to train him away from the fantasy of pornography. He realized in order to satisfy his needs he also had to satisfy the needs of his girlfriend.

I suppose after so many years of watching porn I had no issues with the various scenarios men and women find themselves in whether we’re talking threesomes or orgies. I talked about how I liked watching bondage scenes or women doing anal. I also recognize that if you take some of those things in porn into your own bedroom things could get to the point where one could go too far.

I could fantasize about smacking a woman upsider buttocks one time and watch the jiggle of her skin and muscles (or fat sorry ladies) then I get concerned about whether or not I could turn that off. Jack V wants a lifetime companion and lover not a partner who’s scared of him for not knowing where the line is.

So I realize that I need to stay away from porn. My mind need to be on more realistic relations with women. Yes I do desire a wife in the future and hope that we can do adult things as a couple I just hope that there isn’t a point where I could go too far. That’s my worry now and perhaps that makes me a terrified virgin.

My idealized relationship with a woman has always been romantic. I also know there are women who sneeze at that. Not all women seem to want a romantic man and yes I recognize being romantic might not be best at first meeting. However, porn which seems to have a history of cheesy pick up lines once a scene progresses is not the frame of reference I need when trying to build relationships with women.

What I recognize now is that the porn I see now where there are plenty of scenes with women who are pushed to the point where they might need diapers in the future. Or women who are often roughed up, slapped around or even faces contorted by the aggressive hands of a man is not something that is particularly appealing.

What’s also not very appealing about porn are the very alternative expressions of sexuality that now exist in porn. It’s strayed far away from what I started seeing porn for which is two people doing the nasty. There are things that I find perverse that now is just something I just don’t want to see. I steer far away from that content.

Just have to ask myself why it’s so difficult to move on!


When I started this blog I had a specific vision of losing my virginity before a certain age. Well it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Worse still I haven’t made many of the benchmarks I hoped to have.

I had to suffer some disappointments and not only sexual ones or even relationship ones. This blog often focuses on work, it’s the one thing I know how to control. Perhaps not the people around me bosses and coworkers, but just having a job in general. I figure if a job is nothing more than a means to an end other things will follow.

I found this article looking up anything on virginity. This woman’s story – L. Rosen – is seemingly the most 2020 story ever. She wants to have a child and started off as a 40 year old virgin, then she ran into her childhood friend and lost her virginity to him. She’s still trying to have a child doing fertility treatments although this bug put a halt to it!

It causes me to take stock in what’s going on now. I feel as if in writing this blog I made more personal progress in my life. I had to cut out nosy people who really had very little to add to my life other than leeching. I realize what it takes to be successful to hopefully become a husband and father.

Unrealistically I think fortunes just change, reality is that you have to work to change your fortunes. The scary part as always is just getting the ball rolling – getting started. Waiting has gotten me nowhere.

I never before noted this, but as far as connecting with a girl or with a woman my hope was that it would happen organically. Perhaps I get that magic education or get the magic job, that hasn’t happened. I mention to a couple of childhood classmates that I went to a prestigious university usually no further contact ensues with those women I went to school with. It could be said yours truly got that prestigious degree but has very little to show for it. On the other hand when finally crossing the stage and getting that sheepskin I never felt so useless.

Thankfully I went through a whole decade after leaving Mission College with the work experience and skills that should’ve really been attained starting in my teens. I feel very behind in adulthood in more ways than one to be honest. However as long as I have life, I will not stop and it needs not stop at getting a woman. My life need not stop at that, however, I do desire a family of my own and will continue to work towards that.

So I think I do share a goal with Ms. L. Rosen….



Remember that video I shared a few days ago. Well perhaps I have a new goal which is aspiring YouTuber. These aren’t crazy numbers, however, to have gotten new subscribers and likes and views to that video in a few days time someone is paying attention.

Someone even recommended – and it could be spam who knows – that I need to share more of my own thoughts. Of course I was looking for this video and uploaded it and never quite expected the response. At this moment I got almost 30 comments and even had one hate filled comment.

I suppose what do you do when you find one woman who’s at odds with the message of this video. Perhaps a woman with her attitude is the reason why MGTOW exists. Well that’s not entirely my problem.

I’ve been thanking people for the response especially on instagram and on facebook. Yeah now that I’m on YouTube I’m just about everywhere as Jack Chaste. I post plenty of wild stuff on facebook.

Anyway, if you went through this blog to watch, like, subscribe or comment thank you.

I want to refer you to this long ago post about my thoughts on this video. I had shared this over two years ago and the channel where this video was originally uploaded had been deleted from YouTube. Glad to give it yet another wind.

MGTOW 101: Women struggling to find mates

I just made this upload public today it’s already been liked 8 times & just about 70 views. I’ve been looking for this video out there and didn’t find it, even e-mailed the man behind MGTOW 101 although he’s moved onto other projects since then. He still has two YouTube channels that we might occasionally post content on these days Men 101 & Driven and Desired.

I couldn’t find this on a mirror site well actually another video site that he sent me a link to find this video. Found another video there that I’d like to share with you as it’s kinda hilarious. You’ll have to see later however.

Then I found it through achive.org. There were quite a few videos from MGTOW 101’s long deleted channel. And I found it, though it’s too bad the quality isn’t what I’d like it to be. However, I didn’t create this content in the first place someone else did. I posted this video on this blog over two years ago and it was lost once that channel had been terminated.

Finally I’ve been advertising my YouTube channel on here for a while, I’ve mostly been uploading footage I’ve been hoarding and it’s often nothing exciting. Let me know what you wouldn’t mind seeing me do with it. You want me to share content about my thoughts on MGTOW, male virginity, dating, women, etc.

I’m curious this blog needs not be an echo chamber…



man in white dress shirt holding suit jacket

What if it’s possible to remake your image? And it doesn’t matter how old you are it just matters that you’re determined to make some changes.

I like to think everything isn’t set in stone. What if you can make changes to your lifestyle? What if you can make changes to your attitude?

If people hold you to what you used to do when you were younger, does this mean you disassociate? I’ve had to do this with someone I knew, knowing among other things that they have the tendency to bring things from the past to the forefront. It’s is as if today doesn’t matter, past actions matters more and remains part of the discussion.

What prompted this was that a coworker asked about the ride I have one day at work recently. I want you all to know I don’t own my own vehicle, however, it’s one of my long term goals. Still I sort of bs’d and claimed the vehicle was mine instead of admitting that it’s my mother’s car. Yep, I lied no one needs to know my situation at the same time I’ve learned that once someone learns the truth they get a kick out of calling you out on it! It’s often temporary though very unsettling in the moment.

Then I thought about it. What if it was part of my image? I don’t have to stick strictly with humility per se as I already buy luxury brands. For example most of my shoes wouldn’t be considered value brands, nor would most of my attire. Also my tech, they’re not value tech unless you consider some of my devices that were bought refurbished.

Perhaps for most of my life I cared very little about upholding my image. The hard part is that upholding an image is hard work. It’s even harder work if you’re creating an image that doesn’t hold up because you created it and it’s not real. Still if you want to change your image you have to believe it and it shouldn’t be a mirage because if it is no one else will believe it.

No I don’t own a vehicle, but I will. Nope that vehicle may not necessarily be a luxury car, however, it will be mine. Perhaps one day I will own a luxury vehicle. As most things in life it’s always a work in progress. Time to put in the work.

Case against MGTOW

Sharing a lot of videos lately am I?

This YouTube channel BlueCollarLogic takes on MGTOW. The man – Dave – you see above has his reasons for going his own way and mirrors what I’ve observed from such men. The woman in his life screwed him over and as a result he lives in a mobile home to save some money. While he’s still friends with his ex-wife he describes their split as a divorce he didn’t want!

So his take on MGTOW or feminism is that both seem to want to deny human nature. Men and women are wired differently. We can debate why it’s unfair that women must be pursued. And women could always wish that men become more feminine. The reality is men and women are different and anyone that tries to deny that are kidding themselves.

There was an article in the news that an HR person thinks that sports talk in an office could lead to discrimination. My first thoughts on that is that this HR person just couldn’t relate to men at all. It’s OK you don’t follow sports yet how is it so serious as say men engaging in “locker room” talk with the women they work with. I can see how that is disrespectful and perhaps I wouldn’t want to be subjected to that by women at all.

I’ve worked with women who were loose about their thoughts on men. They gushed over men they liked and absolutely didn’t bite their tongues with men they didn’t like – especially yours truly. And they especially didn’t handle it well when a man they did like just didn’t respond to them in keeping with their “value”. I definitely got one story about that.

Either way, a I’ve often said about MGTOW I don’t have as much of a case as you see Dave above. I’d say his story is far more common in that community i.e. his wife fcuked him over. He will also state that for men going their own way, they got a lot more going for them than they realize. They’re making themselves more attractive by being not so easily available. Also they’re going to the gym and working on increasing their income. Just other self improvement that we as people should always strive for!

It’s not important to shun any relationships with women. There are bad women out there and I’ve met some of them. The thing is speaking of me I hardly play anyway, perhaps the self-improvement is about being a better player. That’s what I’m striving to be when it comes to women. I desire a wife and family and  while I could become hardcore MGTOW, however, that’s really not likely to change with me.

And one final note, my standards aren’t that high. I could go for the 10s as far as attractiveness and go for at least the middle of the road as far as women. I’d say be careful about the types of women you do pursue. Whether they are very attractive or average or below average a lot of them have their own issues. I could go for the looks, just don’t look at the score see how these women are mentally. Once you see where they are as far as character then you can decide whether or not you can go forward with them.

My 2₵!

China doesn’t like single women

I wanted to share this video I just watched tonight. This is of a woman in China who might be of the age where she can be considered a “leftover woman”. What a sad distinction in my opinion.

Another part of this is the men she dates. One guy she’s talking to expects to be the dominant figure in the family and her enthusiasm for being with that man wanes. As she seeks out the right mate, she sees what her options are and they’re not good.

I could laud her work ethic to achieve some of her goals, especially as far as her education. Sadly while it seems her family – and probably for messed up reasons the idea that girls are often inferior to males – prepped her to get an education because an educated woman equals a man. At the same time the familial pressure to get married and have a family conflicts with her own current feeling that she doesn’t mind being single.

I can sympathize in some respects. I’m getting older and have realized that I’ve missed out on some aspects of life many others take for granted. I didn’t achieve the success that young lady had at the same time as long as I’m in good health hopefully there will be somethings I can do as a single man.

Of course this reminds me of a video I shared on this blog (from a long deleted YouTube channel) a few years ago with regards to a group of young single women who’re still looking for a mate. Perhaps the dynamics in this country is much different, however, I know that part of the so-called dearth of available men for very well-to-do educated women in America could be as much about strict standards. What types of men are they looking for? Are there men they are rejected as they seek a needle in a haystack.

And what do you think about this young lady’s story in the above video? You think some women are in the same boat here in America as this young woman in China?

Moviegoing Experience

Well I want to lighten the mood for a moment although I know this is complaining. I talk a lot about working at a movie theater you may even conclude that I really hated it. At the same time I do really enjoy watching the latest releases.

John Campea who’s YouTube channel discusses movies talks about three things that ruin the moviegoing experience. It might surprise you but one of those three aren’t prices. Let’s go through what Campea notes.

Trailers – coming attractions lately I don’t seem to be able to make it early enough to watch them. As much as there are those releases that might catch my attention I don’t feel awful about missing them. The Show used to have at least 10 mins of coming attractions while others might go up to 20+ minutes. I can understand that timing is everything and there comes a point where you’re ready to get to the feature presentation.

3D – when I first opened The Show one of the features were 3D movies and I hate to break it to you, in my opinion it’s not always worth the extra charge for 3D on top of admissions. There are some cool effects I’ve noticed with 3D in some flicks otherwise I really don’t sense the images coming at me and looking very real. Unless the showtime is the only one available soonest I’m largely avoiding 3D flicks. Evidently Campea don’t like 3D movies either as it comes at the expense of regular screenings.

Concession lines – I really don’t have any bad experiences with this. Perhaps the only time this is annoying is when I just got off work and my feet hurt and there’s only one register and you got one customer who can’t make up their mind what they want and it’s taking up a lot of time while your picture is about to start. I could approach this with the customer in mind as being the cause or I can certainly discuss the employees involved.

I don’t consider this strictly a “dating blog” as you may have noticed I hardly write about going on dates. Movies are one place you can take a date especially if the both of you are going steady. It’s not a great first date for sure or is it? Perhaps you might want to know what your date is into. Of course at least this isn’t the 1970s when the primary way to watch a “biology movie” is to go to a seedy part of town at a seedy cinema that probably used to be a movie palace.

All the same let’s open up the floor. Do you take your dates to the movies? What types of movies are perfect for dates? Do you make going to the movies more of an event combined with other activities such as going to a restaurant?