august 2014

during this month back in 2014, my job search began to heat up after a two-month dry spell. i got two interviews with “gotham bank” and no job offer to my disappointment, though finally i had some optimism.

at work well same old same old immaturity and conflicts abound with some of my young female coworkers and to a lesser extent a young batch of new hires. things didn’t seemed to have degraded like they have before. sooner or later i would begin not to recognize half of the new people coming in. some were cool and great to talk to and in one case gave them a brief history lesson, however, it was time for me to leave increasingly.

sooner or later the bat attitudes of my fellow work associate’s and perhaps the need of some managers to do a tense of job of managing me – with great unprofessionalism – made it easier for me to accept a future job offer at a neighborhood “gotham” branch. and again in spite of what would later happen i still look at it as more money with benefits after a probationary period and hopefully more hours than i had at “the show”.

i still spoke to anthony on occasion. earlier in the summer he had me speak to a manager at his new assignment – a bed and bath store near downtown. it was essentially a screening interview. anthony claimed that they will call me however by the end of the year i had never heard from them. he even said if i hadn’t heard from them give the store a call, however, i had simply moved on. if my performance in interview kept me on the backburner it wasn’t important for me to nudge them forward.

another thing we talked about was he claimed he had an interview with the national theater chain – with whom i later had an interview to be a manager – to become essentially an operations manager. he would attain the job equivalent of “the show’s” house manager. he evidently didn’t get it because he wanted them to come to terms as far as pay there was a $10K difference between both sides and anthony seemed to have sneezed at the benefits he wanted more money. so thusly he had to turn them down or they decided he wasn’t worth it. whom do you believe?

in the hopes that they could “come to terms” i asked him to keep me in mind. initially i had told him that i interviewed for a bank branch near o’hare and ultimately he found a job at a warehouse up there himself. his only answer was that he’d rather i went to o’hare “i know what’s going to happen before you do” he says. he also suggested this left-field job idea and worse than his idea for me to do security with him – airplane fueler…..WTF???

he tried to sell me on good pay, it’s UNION, with good benefits. i simply told him i got to think about it and promptly didn’t consider it much after that. one while he was keen on me working at a bank because he believes it suited me though he still has no idea that i crashed and burned at a bank later on. though i did let on as far as “quitting the bank” that i just had a hard time and ultimately couldn’t stand the assignment that i had accepted. though he’d still blow it off and say i could’ve been a personal banker…

i don’t know how many times i’ve told this part of my story it was time to start fixing my teeth and started doing so during the course of this month. mainly just with deep cleaning that involved numbing my gums. i never got many comments on my smile, but when i did they almost always seemed negative. at that point with newly purchased dental insurance it was time to get started on fixing my teeth.

beyond that as it turns out leaving the show was only two months away though it took another three interviews for that to finally happen.


December 2014

at this point i had been gone from “the show” for almost two months. my new job at the bank wasn’t going very well and it wasn’t long before i was cut loose. my saving grace strangely enough was a series of interviews afterwards would get me back to work in the new year.

the branch i found myself at wasn’t a very good fit. the team i worked with seemed to be looking for an excuse to criticize me. my performance made it easy for them & i was a big mess. regardless without going into much details my firing involved attendance and job performance.

still what i will say is that i didn’t do very well with the leadership at that branch. my manager was a stickler for time and my immediate supervisor was a rough one. i don’t think i got on very well with her at all.

either way, i grew to not like it there and began fantasizing about the manager position i interviewed for at another theater in downtown chicago. i didn’t get it but i still imagined what if i had. it was what i knew at that point.

i had decided the previous month to start looking again. funny part was when i got the job offer from the bank in october i had calls from other employers looking to interview me. i never responded and only one came from a job in downtown chicago which was a grocery store – that’s another story.

either way before the bank let me go i had one interview also the previous month and amusingly it was at a grocery store not far from “the show”. one frequently patronized by me while for a period of time working nearby. i didn’t get it unfortunately which i attributed to my anticipated work schedule at the bank.

i had to answer for starting a new job and looking for another. my answer sort of hedged my bets to say i was looking for more hours in addition to the limited amount of hours starting at the bank. to be honest, i had decided that if the store hired me i would quit the bank even though i really just started. well the bet wasn’t a good one and who knows probably should’ve just been honest, just didn’t want to look bad.

either way i was going to have a date in the unemployment line. the day it happened i didn’t want to go in but did so only to be told the bad news in an office at the branch. it was snowing that day so after about half an hour back out in the elements figuring out the next steps. which was just go back home, follow-up on a job application to another theater, and then upon realizing i was being paid to not work go downtown and catch a show. at that got to the show early enough to catch not just one but two shows.

so i was fired on a friday, the day before i finally called the manager who ultimately hired me and successfully passed a phone screen. the day after the firing i would meet with him for the first time the start of a series of three interviews which resulted in a job in the new year.

oh i almost forgot after i got fired it was time to install the permanent bridge in place of the failing teeth that got pulled. two months earlier i was issued a flipper now another piece of the puzzle of change has been completed. a new job, new teeth, unfortunately a setback, and then in the new year a rebound.

october 2014 more changes

two years ago i request off some days for the weekend at “the show”. the intention was to do my collegiate homecoming. then i had two interviews early in the month which mean i had to delay my dental procedure a week or two. that meant i couldn’t go back to see my alma mater in georgia that year for one weekend.

i had two interviews in october 2014 one at a bank and another at a movie theater. the bank hired me and i decided it was time to leave the show. not sure how long it took me to bang out a two-week notice, but it was what i decided to do then. it was right as why should i stay somewhere i had been unhappy.

in the meanwhile during my time off i could get those ugly front teeth pulled and get a flipper installed. that means when i arrive at my new job i will have new teeth. also the folks at “the show”, when i return will also see my new teeth.

like i said, this month two years ago was the start of some changes in my life. new job and a new look and then some when 2015 came around.

of course the year ended not badly but certainly with something of a wimper. that’s ok as i start the year off better than the previous year with another new job.


jack v marks another milestone – a month that turned pivotal…

octoberoctober was when i finally received my first job offer in years, probably since starting at “the show”. after two interviews earlier in that month the next week i got a phone call with a job offer that i accepted. so among other necessary changes a new job was one of them.

another change was that it was time to finally pull those bad teeth and receive a flipper to replace them. i learned only recently how my appearance somewhat changed because i had some teeth fixed. this month was only the start of that and more to come.

moreover i did those last two interviews before job offer were with bad teeth. the first interview that offered me the job was for a bank teller position. the second interview interestingly enough was to be a manager at a movie theater downtown. the second interview gave me great confidence even if i didn’t get it and while i continued to struggle at the bank often fantasized about what if i had become a theater manager.

in the meanwhile it was time to figure out what to do with “the show”. the bank job was actually part-time and i was on probationary status starting out. some suggested that i keep the job at the theater and ultimately i decided it was time to say peace out to “the show”. time to go and pursue other opportunities that i wasn’t going to be able to access where i remained.

i had to leave some of the people i grew somewhat fond of behind. the others whom i began to have issues with i had to leave them behind also as they weren’t part of my future. ironically before i turn in my two week notice one of the mangers who i had some issues turned in hers, she was tired of that place also.

having turned in my two week notice it was time for the so-called “victory lap”. i succeeded where for a good period of time i wasn’t able to. it felt great to be able to  leave that place behind. finally to work a job that pays great and with some benefits. most importantly opportunities for some career growth not just a job.

of course as you already know as i’ve written about this pivotal moment a number times since i started this blog the job i accepted let me go after over a month. this set into motion even more changes just as important as leaving “the show”.


this blog has marked a number of milestones especially jobhunting milestones. for example two years ago in october i finally scored a job offer and left “the show”. this time last year i got my first raise also this time last year i signed up for health insurance through my job.

today it’s been two years since i decided to get started on my teeth. i sometimes look through my own fb photos and see my upper lip extended a little over my bottom lip. it’s because one front upper tooth drooped down and somewhat affected my appearance. today i see a minor difference when i look at more recent selfies since having this procedure done.

i made this decision not long after purchasing health insurance which included dental. initially i got started with frequent cleanings and got a prescription for a abscess. the issues weren’t new i had periodontal disease diagnosed in the last decade but it was only recently i began to do something about it. my teeth started to get worse as time went on.

it helped that people didn’t mind commenting on it. in fact a customer being an asshole only said “beautiful smile” after seeing my teeth. he could’ve been negative but my thought was why even say anything.

either way i just made a call to my mother’s new dentist and her office was in a nice building in hyde park. ironically it was one where i paid a visit to a periodontist years ago and this lady wanted to perform a procedure where they’d have to cut my gums to really clean between teeth and perform bone and gun grafting. needless to say thanks to the expense of that and the goriness of that procedure it was easier to just not do it.

either way within the next two month i would get deep cleaned in my mouth and then prepped for getting those problem teeth pulled and then fitted with no only “flipper” teeth but also a permanent bridge. i feel much better about my appearance today then i had for a few years at that point.

now i continued to interview with bad teeth and for a while i was getting no results. in spite of that i got a job offer at the bank. the first day on the job at the bank i sported new teeth. and then just before i started my current job i got more new teeth. at that this was just after the bank let me go.

for the time being at least and it turns out to be partially true in my estimation, my teeth was no longer a barrier to getting a new job. hopefully not a barrier to finding a mate.

BTW, i had to note many of the people i worked with at “the show” the ones i enjoyed working with noticed the change. they wanted to know who my dentist was. i felt really good about the change after that. 🙂



recently i bought some vitamin b6 in addition to some apple juice which also contains vitamin b6. b6 is something that induces lucid dreaming. and the effects are somewhat mixed.

to start i had a recent dream last night and i was losing my teeth. of course i didn’t seem to realize i was in a dream. my two front teeth fell out and were basically similar to some small dominoes recently. then one of the canines fell out of my mouth. so i was toothless and concerned quickly….

then i woke up and realized well i have a bridge where all those teeth are at now. barring some weird catastrophe in that part of my mouth nothing is likely to fall out. my dream allowed me to remember life before getting this work done on my mouth almost two years ago. that is having two loose front teeth at the top of my mouth.

it’s one thing that i once had that i don’t miss at all.