i gave an imprecise term

the glossary is now the appendix. it’s not necessarily the best appendix to share but you have it now. it explains some of the names and terms. and if you have any questions you’re free to let me know. perhaps some of the items or the page itself needs a change.



just for fun, i’ve decided to create a glossary. it’s only waiting to be published in the near future but just to help keep track of the terms i used or even the assumed names. i could include in it the liberal arts college i attended at one point and the all-girls college right next to it.

only thing that stumps me so far are the two theatres where i have worked. i really need a new name for the so called “sh*tplace” because i really want to go along the lines of positivity. it was an appropriate moniker for so long and it’s really time to move on. it’s very important to move on.

i could also discuss the assumed names for the many women i’ve met and even for some relatives that i’ve mentioned on this blog. now what i will say for that is how i arrived at these names are very random and have little meaning. the names used firt  that particular woman at that particular time.

it’s a fun exercise and hopefully will enable you to follow along with the various stories i have told on this blog. haven’t decided whether or not links should be included.

also if you have a new name for the place i formerly worked – the movie theater – then feel free to suggest one for me. a more positive one and part of me wants to use some semblance of it’s real name, but this is an anonymous blog and it’s not very important for me to be very specific.