kwhen it comes to my awkward dealings with women i have an interest i always look for signs or signals. the main signal must be favorable to me or otherwise i have a hard time deciding whether or not she wants me. when it comes to waiting for such signals i’ve been burned before.

that being said over the years i have proven to be very oblivious to whatever signals a woman may send. look no further than my story about candace, the signals were there and i chose to remain oblivious. that’sĀ  not the only one, but it’s said only in 20/20 hindsight.

whether or not i get the “go-ahead” signal from a woman the issue with me is how to proceed. with some women all i can do is still screw something up and she’ll lose interest. my experience has been that it doesn’t take long for her to lose interest. you’ll get nothing from her at all if she has none.

my thing when it comes to women is that well you never know if any signals of interest is all in your head. look no further than becky. some of her behavior and what she told me about her “guy-friend” may just be signals that are all in my head.

and yes i am considering the comment made by the unfortunate virgin.

if she talks about her guy friend it may mean no interest. of course even then there is a context, is she serious with him? alas i may not have all the data to determine that. even worse there are those women who would play fast and loose with whether or not they’re with someone. this is something i would want to be careful with.

another thing i have experienced with women is that sometimes the signal i think i see may just be in my head. perhaps i think she wants me to make my move, then i make it and then she shuts down on me. she’s not interested and there’s little i can do to change that response.

then the other thing is if you take too long to make a move, it makes it easier for her to move on. in some cases she may just be pissed that you didn’t make your move on her. more or less how dare you not get in on this action.

man this romance/sex business is a difficult thing to manage. so many variables, personalities, or even thoughts. sometimes normal logic doesn’t even prevail. perhaps i’m not chasing the right ones…


connection? part 2

729bd-022216-3d-transparent-glass-icon-culture-religion-cross-simpleafter some time of no messaging janice has finally written back. earlier i wrote about making eye contact with a young lady (not janice) at collegiate homecoming. it turns out she was there in the festivities and missed her again. šŸ˜¦

it was noted in part one that she may have a man in her life, but for the moment who knows if that’s serious. all i can hope for is that she’ll be very serious about me in the near future. at least considering that i was unwilling to really go for it when something immediately could’ve come of it. also we carried on an online convo over months and then suddenly after attempting to say let’s go for a movie nothing.

she told me recently that she’s an ordained minister. it was something that has blown me away and causes me to question whether or not i should proceed with her. besides what i wish i could do with her wouldn’t be very christian although i realize one thing. even women of the cloth just like the men still have their desires and they want someone. that someone still has to be a good fit.

at this point, i don’t know about janice but the big picture is maintain some type of friendship with her. i may have my second chance or i may not but who knows it may help me find someone at some point. that or become a pick-up artist in my own right.

Eye contact

4c06aa3b60d5d7824673ba772a88b47e1eead789a2277faf54beb1ad251409dbYou know I have experience with this to know when this either evokes positive feelings or outright hostility. Both have happened to me although have I acted on it no.

Recently I went back to my college for my first vacation out of town since I’ve started my current job. Saw a handful of old friends there but this is a big event at my school so I probably wouldn’t be able to see everyone.

To be honest when I was in school I never enjoyed the best relations with women. Indeed whatever I did have with the opposite sex was mostly online with very few exceptions. Some young women may know me from that but many still prefer to meet men – whether friends or potential mates in real life. It took me some time to understand that, but that’s the fact.

Another time on this same campus but a previous year, I unexpectedly ran into another old friend. He was talking about eye contact. How one time on this occasion he was looking right at some young lady and their eyes locked. Then he noted that she showed this look on her face because she was with her boyfriend and they immediately broke eye contact.

I have my own story, though it may be how I usually end the story. I locked eyes with some young lady although not entirely intending to. I was walking by a sorority tent the young lady in question was talking to her soror and I walked by at this point. My shtick mostly is not eye contact but just looking at faces people watching. Eye contact depends it’s powerful but dangerous.

Basically as I walked by the tent I decided to look back because I still have a thing for women in a sorority. Although it’s no longer that serious as I’m not an undergrad anymore. Without planning to, for a brief moment me and one of these women made eye contact. I got her attention although when we seemed to have locked eyes it didn’t take long for me to break off contact.

Now I’ve over analyzed this in my head, this could’ve been where I would’ve showed my comfort in talking to her right there. I wasn’t really, it was also possible that she may have recognized me from somewhere, perhaps one of those many women I’ve attempted to speak online but she wasn’t interested.

To internalize this, the issue may well have been shyness. I have no problem making eye contact with women I do find attractive. At the same time, the onus is still on me to keep her interest and sadly I’m not a player in that game.

This college sporting event that I was just outside of for tailgate probably would’ve been the most perfect time to find as many women as possible to speak to. Unfortunately I have no running buddy soooo…..that could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Alumni or young co-eds a game plan is necessary of course I’d have to find the right one.

Many seemed interested in my selfie stick some are getting their 15 secs on youtube at some point. All the same if I go to other events such as this, I can walk off with more women I can get the chance to know. That could be phone numbers, facebook, or an instagram.

You know what if I found that girl with whom I made eye contact. She may recognize me and get freaked out. It may also be possible she may have forgotten as that was such a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things.