No porn

no_xxxRecently I wrote about fasting from porn and I’ve decided to start that fast. This is probably going to last at least a week although I did find myself cheating.

Last night I logged on to the webcam site that is often the one I visit. Then realized it was time for my fast and quickly closed that browser out. It was past time to do something like this anyway and the time is now.

Not sure how long it took for me to finally decide this was the right thing to do. But now I’m doing it. That only means the two explicit pictures shown here on this blog are probably the only two I will see for at least a week.

Who knows though this fast may last longer. Still my hope is that this will allow me to seek far more from any women I’m interested in. Hopefully it was have little to do with being attracted to their bodies, but to whatever else they’d have to offer.


Porn pt. 2 – NSFW

Heads up the pic below is not safe for work (NSFW). Just a random picture of a porn legend named Midori taking one up the pooper. Often the kind of porn I want to see. Feel free to check out part one which also has a NSFW pic… Continue reading