Remember that video I shared a few days ago. Well perhaps I have a new goal which is aspiring YouTuber. These aren’t crazy numbers, however, to have gotten new subscribers and likes and views to that video in a few days time someone is paying attention.

Someone even recommended – and it could be spam who knows – that I need to share more of my own thoughts. Of course I was looking for this video and uploaded it and never quite expected the response. At this moment I got almost 30 comments and even had one hate filled comment.

I suppose what do you do when you find one woman who’s at odds with the message of this video. Perhaps a woman with her attitude is the reason why MGTOW exists. Well that’s not entirely my problem.

I’ve been thanking people for the response especially on instagram and on facebook. Yeah now that I’m on YouTube I’m just about everywhere as Jack Chaste. I post plenty of wild stuff on facebook.

Anyway, if you went through this blog to watch, like, subscribe or comment thank you.

I want to refer you to this long ago post about my thoughts on this video. I had shared this over two years ago and the channel where this video was originally uploaded had been deleted from YouTube. Glad to give it yet another wind.


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. I just wanted to share my instagram. Right now I’m just sharing a mostly memes and perhaps a few shots around Chicago. I hope that if you’re interested you would connect.

Not much going on with me this weekend other than work.

Facebook dating?


I’ve spent about a week playing with the new facebook dating thingie. I’ve had a few matches already however not enough conversations. They jury as far as i’m concerned is still out as far as whether or not this is worth it.

I will add that since I’ve been on facebook since before it became a big deal and back when only college students largely populated the site I’ve been using the site to check out women anyway. I largely approached the site in that vein alone in addition to connecting with people I knew from before I got into Mission College.

Of course in this case I won’t just be checking out women who were my contemporaries at the neighboring universities in the area where I attended school. I will be scoping out women in the Chicago-area and hoping to make a match. Like I said I made quite a few matches though I could hardly characterize those as solid nibbles.

What I may not like since I’ve largely become vain about my age is how it’s put on your dating profile. Like I do with Tinder or even Bumble I should be able to leave that off. Perhaps I should suggest that to Facebook Dating. Also at least with Tinder you can reverse any likes or dislikes (or reverse your acceptance or rejection while swiping).

Either way I do like being able to be very selective about who you would want to match with. Let’s say you can set your filter to whether or not your potential matches has children. I could utilize that more often to be honest and not just that attribute of course.

Another thing I’ve done is pick nine women off of my facebook list that would open the door do some interesting crushes. I’ve debated whether or not they know that they’re my secret crush – which could help thin the pool of available women presuming they are single. One just for the hell of it is one I’ve been talking to since going to Mission more as a friend than as anyone I’m interested in alas. Others are from the sister school Hillman College, some live in the Chicago-area, one I used to work with, etc.

I’ll update you if I let any of these ladies know of my crush on them. And even better I can always make changes to the list so the first nine I have, may change in the future.

BTW, I got to wonder what Tommy thinks of this new facebook dating. Will he ever do a review of it? He has been very quiet lately…

Nice guys lose


I hardly think of myself as a nice guy and I hardly think of myself as a mean person (hard to believe right?). Either way the mistakes made by men as seen in this video well I’ve made them. I’ve been pretty lousy and is one reason why I had very little success out there in the romantic world.

I’ve lost quite a few decent women with these mistakes (or perhaps in some cases they weren’t meant for me anyway). Though for the most part my main issue has been I just loathe making a move. As I have thought about with the women I do work with main thing is to treat them as colleagues and definitely not as potential dates.

One thing I’ve failed to do is engage them. It’s easy to engage the ones I could never imagine dating, but I’ve never done a very good job engaging the ones I would. It’s an odd catch-22 I’ve had difficulty getting over.

One thing I will say about the above video, it’s an odd balance to go from being a jerk to being a pushover. At the end of the day you have to find out who’s for you. The one who likes you for you, will be the one who is for you. That’s what I’m looking for and hopefully it doesn’t take me being a jerk or a pushover to find her.


Online dating

apps blur button close up

I don’t like online dating. It’s hard for yours truly to really break out of the pack and score a date. It’s possible I’m making some mistakes with those women who are out there.

I’ve seen a lot of non-binary, queer, non-monogamous, pan-sexual, poly-sexual, bisexual and have even ran into a few trans-women. For the most part I swipe left for most of them. Right now I want someone who’s sure of themselves and most of them aren’t at least in my opinion. I don’t want someone in transition and I definitely don’t want someone who’s unwilling to truly commit in a traditional sense. If you’re non-binary sorry I’m looking for someone who’s a she not someone who wants to be a they/them.

That’s the trickiness of dating it’s very easy to point out what you don’t want, but no real idea as to what you do want. Then again you got to have the ability to reject those you’re sure might not be compatible in your life. Those who are just plain radical in their lives are not compatible with my own goals in a relationship which is that I desire a family and children.

So far my many matches are anywhere from college girls to just about grown women in their 30s. Some of the women I found on tinder are my facebook friends through the “Hillman College” connection. Is it worth risking being a creep who break some unwritten rules? Well actually I have….

Let’s say some of those women whom I’m connected with on facebook I had actually messaged them there with regards to Tinder and got no responses from them. There was one I really thought was cute and unfortunately she seems reticent and she’s local too so that should increase the chances. Perhaps I should try again, but I loath being the guy who is only talking to themselves in their inboxes.

I’ve matched some who are looking to have a bit of fun. I could read that as they “want the D“. Well those I’m very concerned about, yep I could get laid with those types. At the same time I don’t just want to get laid I really long for love. I’ve never been successful with love. One noted fetishes on their profile, well I’d feel a lot better with a girlfriend who was into that.

A somewhat frequent topic on this blog has been those young women who are looking for sugar daddies. I’ve taken myself out of that hunt because I don’t exactly have sugar daddy money. Then again I wouldn’t mind a college girl, then again depending upon the girl that’s dangerous. Especially those that have over protective families and me dating a girl who either just entered college or isn’t that close to graduation could prove to be weird.

What have I decided? The real world is better. Perhaps I want a younger woman however how do I meet them? And perhaps I need to stay away from college girls…



Potential TV series idea

I’m writing this post to have a little fun. This blog hasn’t been known for much fun as of late and I hadn’t thought much about potential entertainment projects as of late. Especially as I did months ago on this blog, depict yours truly getting fired from “Gotham Bank” and moving on to “Fresh Foods”. Not the most interesting idea, however, there is some artistry I’d like to use to make it more interesting.

So what if I depicted “Fresh” as not much different than the old British TV series Are You Being Served. The show is set in the clothing department of a British department store ran by two elderly brothers. We also see interactions between the dept and other personnel in the store especially with ownership & mgmt. Of course if I am to depict a grocery store it has to be somewhat different than a clothing dept.

So let’s say in my own Americanized version this takes place in say the deli/hot foods dept of a grocery store. Let’s say the elderly bros who own the store on the series would be represented by store mgmt as “Fresh” is essentially a publicly traded fortune 500 company. It is not a family owned business although I could always turn around and do a version that’s set at “The Show” which is family owned.

Since the characters work in a specific dept at a grocery store then the main characters work in this dept. Perhaps we can start with the assistant mgrs and supervisors and then to the rest of the team. Perhaps the main supporting character who we’ll see the most of is the dept mgr and I can envision creating a version of “Ruthless Roger” as a Mr. Rumbold. In real life I worked under several dept mgr but I could come up with an interesting storyline where Rumbold comes in “rises to his level of incompetence” and then he’s gone!

The easiest one to characterize in Mr. Humphries. On my former team there literally was an effeminate man who worked with us. His voice was a manufactured high pitch voice and I could never imagine with a deep voice and would be taken aback if he used it. Although for this individual in real life unlike the character his sexuality is not ambiguous.

Captain Peacock could be an assistant mgr in real life it’s possible you’ll see a assistant mgr on the floor. They may have to run to the back to handle dept business, however, they’ll be seen on the floor instead of the dept mgr. A dept mgr or a Mr. Rumbold will less frequently come to the floor. So it’s not like they’ll always remain in the back and do dept mgr things. They may help out in the dept on occasion when it’s necessary.

Supervisors well we have Mr. Slocombe, Mr. Grainger, and others who we’ll also see more frequently in the dept in addition to the Capt. Peacock character. It’ll be interesting to see how they’d interact with characters like Mr. Humphries and others who are just regular employees. Both of these characters will have distinct personalities one is flirtatious the other just cranky. Though both very good at their jobs so you can respect them.

Of course you have a Ms. Brahms or Mr. Lucas and others who round out the characters. Brahms is a young woman whom all the men have a crush on. Lucas could be a charming young man who tries his luck with all the women he works with. Let’s say to turn this into a sitcom there has to be a degree of sexual tension or unusual situations that prove to be very hilarious. Some of those situations can include customers.

Think about situations involving incompetent bosses or rude and stupid customers. Imagine the storyline where one of the main characters gets unexpectedly fired by “Ruthless Roger” Rumbold. Or better yet Rumbold basically loses his job and one of the main characters returns to his old job. And just think I got one more for you.

The Grace Bros store of the series has been depicted as a struggling store. The owners have little clue that it’s actually beginning to decline. We could depict this “Fresh” store the same way. Or more accurately this dept might have been undergoing a decline which accelerated under the naive and incompetent regime of Rumbold. Perhaps when Rumbold gets demoted Peacock becomes dept mgr finally as it was what he was angling for.

As for a TV theme, why not an updated and adapted version of the Are You Being Served? theme. It depicted a bustling dept store and now the theme should depict a bustling grocery store. Yes the percussion of cash registers with perhaps announcements heard over a PA system. And I can only imagine the set design…

I feel like this program could be a winner! Alas my comedy chops isn’t that good, however, I’m sure I can develop this series with the right comedy writers. Perhaps make almost the same types of jokes known from the British series. Perhaps it’s time to take a class on comedy writing.



just for fun, i’ve decided to create a glossary. it’s only waiting to be published in the near future but just to help keep track of the terms i used or even the assumed names. i could include in it the liberal arts college i attended at one point and the all-girls college right next to it.

only thing that stumps me so far are the two theatres where i have worked. i really need a new name for the so called “sh*tplace” because i really want to go along the lines of positivity. it was an appropriate moniker for so long and it’s really time to move on. it’s very important to move on.

i could also discuss the assumed names for the many women i’ve met and even for some relatives that i’ve mentioned on this blog. now what i will say for that is how i arrived at these names are very random and have little meaning. the names used firt  that particular woman at that particular time.

it’s a fun exercise and hopefully will enable you to follow along with the various stories i have told on this blog. haven’t decided whether or not links should be included.

also if you have a new name for the place i formerly worked – the movie theater – then feel free to suggest one for me. a more positive one and part of me wants to use some semblance of it’s real name, but this is an anonymous blog and it’s not very important for me to be very specific.