March 2015

At this point I was working at the Hole for just about 2 months. I didn’t know that soon I’ll be working “full-time” for the first time in life. The transition wasn’t too difficult, however, I was in a different environment than expected. Or was I?

What I was doing at a grocery store wasn’t terribly different than for example a theater concession stand. Just a bit more prep work and certainly a clearer idea of what’s expected. The products weren’t as limited as a cinema – you know popcorn, candy, hot dogs, etc. However, I had to get used to what I was doing and when I first started looking at a jobs with Fresh Foods my inclination was to be at the front end ringing up customer groceries.

Either way, I had to do another call with the state’s unemployment officials in March ’15 as Gotham Bank had filed an appeal after benefits were approved even if it was just for no more than three weeks – from the time I got let go from that branch in December ’14 to orientation at Fresh in January ’15. As it was termed I got benefits with an initial payout then after continuing to register weekly for regular payouts after that. It wasn’t much but for a brief time I had some income coming, and still no overhead. 😛

The initial process was easy and under the guidance of a friend – no not the Friend I never told him directly what happened with the bank. There were no direct documentation that I had to sign just a lot of verbal warnings and what not. I think the only main warning I got was not from anyone in mgmt or otherwise any standing but from co-worker. And I had to guess at the final act which I was never told directly. When Ed and Stan pulled me into the office Ed fired off a number of offenses which I could easily categorize as issues with attendance (specifically tardies) and performance as a teller. A list of things that allowed him to determine that he just didn’t like what he sees. Made sure to reference the probationary period for Gotham which was about 90 days, and I was just about halfway through that once things ran their course there.

So I guessed at what the final straw had been, I made sure to tell them what I had been told. Correctly I guessed one particular incident that happened that helped Ed make up his mind about my job there. I get a letter approving my benefits saying I was not at fault and the friend based on some of what I had been telling him determined that my training was an issue. Then again I will admit I was incompetent and uneasy in that role and as stated as time went on and didn’t get on well in my new role yours truly began to dread coming to work at that branch everyday…

For the record the hearing over the phone for the appeal had been cancelled I got a phone call for it the day it was supposed to happen. Actually in a fit of pretending to be my brother who hadn’t seen lived with us for over a decade I took a message that Gotham had rescinded their appeal. If the appeal from Gotham had gone through I’d have to repay that money and thankfully at that time it wasn’t necessary.

I had read up on the company and how they handled unemployment claims. It seemed they contested all unemployment claims and if they lost they will appeal. I had the unfortunately issue of being unable to find my schedule from the bank because in the initial phone call which was before my orientation for the Hole from what the agent told me over the phone there was some discrepancies as far as when that final act occurred. If I remembered the date the agent had told me correctly I wasn’t even at work that day and looked at a copy of my schedule from the bank still in my possession. If the appeal was rescinded I didn’t have to prove that.

However, one thing I could say for Ed one time he pulled me in the office and he got his dates wrong. While he was going to get me on something that given day, he was trying to mention something that we talked about on another day in the office and it was all wrong. I demonstrated that I do remember what we talked about everytime he wanted to talk $h!t to yours truly. Right or wrong Ed seemed to have some arrogance about him and this was not the first time nor the last time I encountered this from a manager. Problem is when they want to get you on something there isn’t much to say about it on my end and was still on the defensive in the long run….

Regardless smooth sailing in the new year at the new job. We started off with a decent crew in the beginning. A few we lost for a variety of reasons probably attendance related or otherwise just realized this wasn’t for them. However, I viewed my new job and company as yet another new beginning. Besides the hot shot job at the bank didn’t work out and that was supposed to be something of a new beginning from The Show.

Oh, yeah I like to talk about the big money years. Well 2015 was the start and it’s basically ongoing even with the hiccup that came later. Minimum wage in Illinois back in 2014 was still $8.25/hr. When I moved over to the bank I went up to about $3.25 more per hour than the hourly wage offered at The Show which was minimum wage. However starting off at Gotham the position was only 20 hrs a week and yes there were opportunities to add to your paycheck i.e. make referrals and never felt too comfortable doing that at the time. I think on Gotham’s version of a social network I saw there doing this for a year would get me, basically I wouldn’t make more money than I had made at The Show. Basically under my minimum goal of making $20K/year, my yearly income assuming no changes would still be roughly in the $10K/year range.

However at the Hole as time goes on that year, I get benefits mainly health insurance and dental. Also a raise after six months, and especially being lifted up into full-time status which means overtime and working up to 40 hrs a week I would ultimately reach that $20K/year goal in 2015. As far as benefits that would wait until a bit later I didn’t immediately get benefits or was unsophisticated about the company’s processes as far as enrolling in benefits once I became full-time. However, by the end of the year I’d get there.

After a couple of years of the streak era, I was going to achieve some of the minimum goals I had from roughly the start. A job with benefits and at a minimum make $20K/year.


assorted flavor pizza

For the first time in a longtime I tried something new at work. It was something that yours truly had been working on for years at Fresh Foods but the opportunities weren’t presenting themselves. Nor was I willing to just take the “bull by the horns” and go for it.

I made some pizzas at work. To be honest the four pizzas produced recently weren’t the first ever made with my hands. Still yours truly feels as if I’ve made quite an accomplishment recently not even achieved during my time at the Hole.

The other pizzas ever made with my two hands occurred earlier during my time at the Hole and then later once I arrived at my current assignment. The only concern is would I be able to handle the rush during a “normal” business day as it could be very stressful for anyone who has worked pizza. Also at this moment my concern is over whether or not it’s possible to handle a custom order for a pizza. Regardless, it’s hard to say that I have an out as far as making pizzas now.

Keith – whom I formerly worked with at The Show – even chimed in on my snapchat that my beautifully crafted pieces of culinary artwork looked like something from The Show. The pizzas sold at my old job were shipped pre-made and frozen – definitely not freshly made not matter how often customers at concessions insisted on a “fresh” pizza. My only response to which he agreed was that the pizza I made was better than what you’d get at The Show. 😛

As always I continue to change and grow and learn new things!

Career week

I wanted to write a bit about some updates about the job and recently I became aware of something that happened at the Hole. I’m calling an audible here and thus I won’t write about that yet and those are relatively negative anyway. In one case what I wanted to update about the Hole involved that whole “fiasco” of two years ago!

people sitting on gang chairs

I wanted to talk about career week at Fresh this week. Mgmt has seminars at the store to help inform us not only of upward mobility with the company but the steps associates can take to move forward. Especially key is all the subtle hints of whether or not you’re serious about the position you hope to take on.

It reminds me of a few opportunities I took to learn from higher ups about positions at a company. For example let us go to the national theater chain.

During my first few shifts there I wound up speaking with another associate there with a man who was a coordinator of all facilities with the region. He was an old gentleman who seemed very approachable and willing to field questions. I don’t remember everything I asked him or any of the associates for that matter. I do remember that I asked him about going from running a twin screen to 30 screens.

He probably started off as an usher or concessionist and moved all the way up to general manager within the company and eventually to mr. hot shot executive coordinating the upkeep of all theaters within a region. And his answer to my question made sense, to do that is a natural progression to go from two screens to more than 15 times the screens. If you’ve been a GM, it should be old hand to manage larger and larger theaters.

Then recently at work I ran into another hot shot executive from Fresh Foods’ global HQ. He came to our dept looking for something to eat and gave us the gist of his project at our store. While I took care of him I picked his brain as far as his background and he noted that he went from doing deli to becoming a dept manager to store mgmt and finally made his way into the IT field.

It’s very interesting to see where anyone can go in these companies as far as upward mobility. You get stuck in a rut and want to do something different go for it. Choose another store or choose another department. If you’re lucky you can definitely make it up the corporate ladder.

This is why I went to a session for career week with my store manager. Who gave us a run down of his time with the company having spent two decades with Fresh. And he started off young while in school (basically he remembers something about my background). Things just worked out for him he told us about all the locations he’s worked at. Basically he ran down things that I largely should’ve learned about him when I interviewed last year to get back with the company.

I made sure to ask the question. Say if I had applied for a job elsewhere and it’s expected of me to work a shift or two is this something I must arrange or is this arranged for me. Of course the answer is I have to establish the rapport with the mgmt of that team and follow through on it. It also has to be determined who pays for my time in the other department would my dept have to pay for the overtime to work a few shifts to learn that department and meet the team?

I know I’ve talked about going back to school in a recent post the main thing now regardless is take advantage of any opportunity to truly progress. As stated a few times on this blog change & growth.

Back to school, maybe?

I’ve largely been talking about change & growth since starting this blog. So far the topic of discussion has often been advancing at Fresh Foods or even for a brief time when I worked at the national theater chain at the Dine-in Show. I’ve gotten the closest at the Hole and even had an interview for a higher position at my current store earlier this year.

One of my long-term goals is to make six-figures and at this point I’ve gone from doing it where I currently now to finding other options. I’ve even decided, it is time to return to school. Should I just enroll at the local community college – where I left without attaining an associate’s degree to transfer to the prestigious Mission College – and take a few business courses. This is something I had been interested in anyway even back in the day when I should’ve done it.

Going to Mission College definitely put me outside of my comfort zone for that time. Ive learned a lot from that experience and my only regrets were some of the mistakes I’ve made. One of those mistakes was depending upon financial aid to keep me enrolled. Would I have been better off choosing a lower-cost option or having my own skin in that game? Would I have been better off with a real plan once I graduated and especially while there?

So either way I like where I am now as my income is pretty good so far. I feel as if there’s a lot more going on for yours truly now than back during my 20s. If only I had the persistence as far as finding employment back in the day. This was the type of experience missing from back then being so wedded to a classroom and even worse it took some time to finish my degree.

Now I feel as if it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and move on to the next step so I can arrive at that six-figure mark. And in addition to taking some courses at my community college for my “enrichment”, now I find myself wondering if it’s time for a master’s. I do have a goal in doing so.

When graduating from that prestigious liberal arts college I had failed to take advantage of student services to really find a job in my chose field. This time around I need to do that so I can truly take advantage of a masters degree. This won’t just be a vanity project this must have a return on investment.

I’ve even identified one program of great interest and will continue to look into other programs. The program I like has some flexibility and while rigorous, seems like one that could ease me into other academic programs. Just pick a field: business, social sciences, humanities, etc. I could still stick with the field I got my undergrad degree in, however, I could dabble in other fields especially if it pertains to what I hope to study.

Since I do have a job at a fortune 500 company I hope to expand the research outside of Chicago. Perhaps take my job with me as I study elsewhere to finish my master’s degree. However I choose to do it, now is the time to come up with my plan and get going.

Meanwhile back at Fresh Foods I wanted to tell about a new posting for supervisor. We lost another one last month and there’s no need to make this a longer post than necessary. It’s a position to consider, however, there are others within the company to consider. Bottom line is we got something to talk about for now and also Jack just make a move man!

Family reunion change & growth

This year’s family reunion was interesting. Before having to leave for a flight during a family reunion picnic I had to say something to one of my uncles. He was the one that had that tough conversation with me over a decade ago.

My mother told me a few months ago that he called and then told me he said hi. So I referenced that telling him don’t just call my mom and tell her you say hi. Of course what happened after that is the initiative is thrown back to me once it was established that I didn’t have his number. Actually my comeback was “text me”.

He made me work to get his number is one way to look at it. He probably won’t call me as he hadn’t in the last decade-plus however he seed may have been planted. Not many are afforded this (yeah it does sound like I’m doing him a favor doesn’t it).

Not much to report this year at this reunion. People I sort of stood apart from over the years kind of didn’t say much to me. Some of my first cousins, and yeah there are some issues there that both sides dug in on. Also some of those might be self-imposed and while they might be the ones to break the ice often I’m not really ready. Perhaps in their efforts to be friendly and open I’ve proven myself to be very grumpy still with them. Just unwilling to really socialize with them.

My aunt Laura was there. She friend requested me a few years ago out of nowhere and I accidentally deleted her request (I know what you’re thinking “yeah right”). She hardly said a whole lot to me this year not even a real hello. She actually spoke to me at our family reunion in our family’s southern home town last year. It didn’t entirely go well as well I barely showed any interest. It was so awkward when it was time for her to leave that family event she didn’t say much to me before leaving.

One thing about Laura and I’ve written occasionally over the years is that there were times I felt she just tried too hard. Sometimes I recoil at that, perhaps in their own excitement I think my family doesn’t understand that I don’t thrive on that at all. Laura when she wants to could put on a full-court press only for me to just pull back and it quickly becomes awkward. And in her own way she expresses her own awkwardness in our interactions.

Another uncle over the years tends to come on strong. He definitely is very quick to rather temperamentally assert his boundaries. For example he sometimes will express irritation at my sarcasm (for instance one time he asked for me to look up so he can take a photo and instead of looking up I reply “This is my good side” it might have been his sense of humor, however, it was clear he didn’t like that response reacting accordingly). Lately he can come on strong being very touchy feely which due to our unfortunate history I just barely react to it. This year he hardly said much to me.

In light of what happened these last few years and some of the “drama” that I’ve run into since the last real family reunion I attended over a decade ago. I could especially talk about work drama which became personal drama due to The Hustler or even my current goals that I hope to meet in the future “change & growth” perhaps now I need some people in my corner more than ever. My mom is getting up there in her old ago, and she’s not that old yet but she’s just about there. I don’t have much time to really turn my life around for the better and besides life is too short.

Alas you can’t always pick your family, but you can definitely choose the people you want to be close to you whether the people you meet everyday or your family. Perhaps I’ve done a lousy job of that so far. I’ve allowed one person to come in and decide I had no one and they made their moves largely to my detriment. Now I have to create a network to lean on when I run into such a person again although chances are there are small odds that it would.


abundance achievement bank banknotes

I know I’ve covered this ground recently. I often stated about my time at The Show that my dream was to make over $20k per year. At the theater I only made between $10k – $12K per year. I also got no raises at the theater other than say one minimum wage increase. Needless to say as far as my income growing it just wasn’t going to happen there. If nothing else working there was really just the boost of regular income.

To make a few more dollars I’d have to change jobs which is why I went to Gotham Bank. Unfortunately that was shortlived, however, if it had worked out I learned that I wouldn’t have made that much more than I would’ve made at the show. How did yours truly know? Well it said as much on Gotham’s version of a social network. Of course this assumed that I still worked a limited amount of hours which I had to start and remained at the same hourly wage although the wages were at least $1.25 $3.25/hr more than what I had made at the theater.

Then I arrived at The Hole and while I took a 50 cent per hour paycut to take the job there, my hours were generally pretty good and then I became full-time. After that I could literally do overtime and couple that with the holiday pay of time & a half my time these were for yours truly the big money period. I never before saw the amount of money I saw on my paychecks! And couple that with the hourly wages I was getting, it felt great having that extra money in my pocket and the opportunities to make more to boot.

This is why I get excited over raises, as yours truly never received any for performance at The Show. I need not retell the lack of opportunity for growth at the theater and the fact that I never became a manager. Needless to say for more income and opportunities it was time to leave and see what else I could do in the work world. It was truly refreshing to know that I was worth becoming a full-time worker and to know that I could get a raise for my efforts.

About 6 or so months after arriving at Fresh Foods I got my first raise and told my mother (I also told one other person who would continue to leach off my gains). I got another raise six months later and then another a year after that with an opportunity to learn something new. Although that in the long run didn’t go so well due to some unforeseen changes, but regardless before the wheels fell off these were better than say the last two years at The Show.

Well it’s been an interesting period of time at my latest Fresh Foods assignment and it feels great to get yet another raise. It feels great to be so close to that optimal real living wage of $17/hr. I’m pretty sure after a couple of more raises or even a promotion I’ll not only get to that point I’ll have finally arrived in the $30K/per year range. If I’m lucky it won’t be long before I arrive at $40k/yr in wages.

I know that I did a personal finance post fairly recently. Talking about depositing tax refund checks or putting into my savings any loose change I collected over the years. Oh yeah and I almost forgot about my one share in the holding company. So I’m glad to be able to continue gaining and achieving some of my financial goals.

My hope is that it will continue and I recognize that now I can truly count my blessings!


Finally some modern day news and we’re in a period of change & growth!


One of the supervisors is leaving soon and in our dept is a email advertising for an open position in our dept. He’s leaving for a job and for some reason it surprises me as it hasn’t even been a year since he took on the role. Then again who says you have take on a career at Fresh Foods just use that role and the experience as a stepping stone.

To start I told the soon to be departing supervisor that I am thinking about going for it. Even confided in him that I’m a bit concerned about the pressure and the same pressure to be experienced by a buyer. He seemed to boil down his role to you’re basically doing the same thing you’ve already been doing and yes the pressure is to fill in where you can. For myself I would count being being answerable to other managers over you and dealing with customers is another consideration also.

I often said this year I’ll never know if I don’t try. Need to get away with that as it’s almost like saying I’m going to give this a try to see if I can do it and then just do absolutely nothing to prepare for it. You get the job and then prove yourself to be deadweight in the position. However, if I want to work a six-figure job eventually I have to take some risks and taken on jobs of significant authority or responsibility.

I can stay where I am and allow another opportunity to pass me by and remain comfortable in the position I’m currently in now. I feel as if there are times that I have been there, but my mindset has always been to want more. I’ve been lucky to have opportunities to move forward, especially coming from a company that chooses you as opposed to bidding for a higher level position and being given an up or down vote. It’s not possible to progress or grow if you’re not willing to take on other roles that are a great fit.

At my current job it seems they’ll often close a requisition after maybe a week. It went down after that time, however, I checked the company’s social network and see the position is back up. There was talk of a candidate between a colleague and one of the supervisors (they never would say who especially since that candidate is said to within our department), however, I also heard that this candidate dropped out. Thus the position remains open and who knows who’ll replace the supervisor who’s leaving.

He was very even keeled as a supervisor very cool and I’ve only seen him make a “boss” move once. He reminded a colleague who was returning from his break that he was out of uniform. He is very much someone you would want to point out your mistake vs one who’s only looking to take their frustrations on some wayward associate. If I went up for that position and got it, I can only hope I can display similar traits.

Move on!

Today is mother’s day so I wish everyone a wonderful one. Hopefully you’ll celebrate yours with your mother assuming she’s still alive.

Anyway with that out of the way, I reached a sudden epiphany recently and that would result in me not following through on some posts that I promised. Now I could go ahead with what I have already written especially in earlier posts where I had expected to share them in the future. Or I could pretend that these were promises that I never intended to keep and yes I’ve done that far too often.

My epiphany involved the idea of change and growth. I can’t really make any necessary changes or engage in significant growth if I continue to dwell on my relationships with past friends or my role in past situations. And especially when both just never really benefited yours truly in any significant way.

Since about last year I’ve written about Anthony the hustler and wrote about some of the more flagrant examples of why my former friendship with him just wasn’t beneficial for yours truly. For the most part I realize that most of what I talk about seems to involve money or even attempts at dominance. I realize now that for reasons – aside from my own meager resources – that only he truly knows he sought me out. I never really chased him down until I was lead to believe there was some benefit towards me though as time went on and had little contact with him there was very little benefit.

So I know that at the end of this month I wanted to finally just end my current storyline involving him. I also didn’t want to continue reporting to you that he attempted contact with yours truly. I don’t really want to tell you different stories involving the same conclusion or the same facet of his actions. Obviously he’s showed me and hopefully through my writing you the reader who he is.

So part of my change and growth as I had started talking about since roughly the new year involves keeping him out of my space. He never belonged and only served to disorder it for his purposes. We’re not talking about a long lost relative we’re talking about a former coworker who has a knack for getting himself involved in things where he just doesn’t belong. Unfortunately I had allowed him to do so for far too long.

I often talk about the communications black out and noted how we’re both responsible. He no longer needed me for anything at one point in time and had been trying to get in touch with me to open that door again. And as for me I realized at some point long before leaving “Planet Hustle” that it’s really not worth trying to talk to him unless he wants to be bothered. He’s given me nothing but reasons to just back away only for him to try his damnedest to get me back on his planet because he can’t understand why I’m backing off.

Part of this new period of change and growth is to eliminate that which doesn’t serve those purposes. To continue to talk about the Hustler really doesn’t serve those ends as easily as even continuing to associate with him. As a result I’ve realized there’s no point in continuing to write about him, not so much just forget about him but not even allow him as much thought in the present day.

So as far as these other posts in the pipeline and perhaps some of you have some thoughts on this. Continue to publish some of those remaining posts or stop and focus on more pressing present day concerns. In the meanwhile, time to do what I’ve should’ve done during the course of last year which is to move on.


I was trying to come up with a grooming episode with regards to The Hustler. I realize this years after cutting ties to him. We’re talking about a different form of adult grooming and in this case well we know what he was doing, he found someone he could beg off of. Remember he’s a user he sees something he needs at a given moment and tries to get it. Couple that with some aspects of his control issues….

I could say the grooming began the night I gave him a ride home because I’m such a nice guy. Remember he asked one wild question that night among others and why well I think he was really gathering data. I told him some things about my background and he turns it into I can’t believe you’re at The Show. Well I never really anticipated that he as others did had such a dour view of the world. I think his negative disposition is why he engages in the actions he does.

I find myself wondering if he saw in yours truly someone who was socially awkward and used that as an opportunity to try to connect. Thinking about it now he spent a good period of time trying to connect. How does it do it? With his more paternalistic instincts, I think Ant strives to be a father figure. He hadn’t just done this with yours truly surely, though he tries with everyone else who’ll allow him to. And true to form because I can be a nice and trusting guy who like to see the good in everyone I allowed him to.

Most of his attempts to connect and get involved I never asked him to. He was one of the first people I really told about what was going on with Missy. Events finally came to a head with that young rambunctious boss b!tch. And then there were some other things that let to the party that he didn’t want me to go to which I told in the first gaslighting episode.

Ultimately as things began to happen after a period of distance for most of the summer after he arrives on the scene we gradually start to warm. What I would say is sometimes, if you’re not that strong of a personality perhaps you need a stronger personality behind you. That’s what Anthony was at the time or I wanted to believe he was or better yet this is what he realized he needed to be. I’m guessing that’s his motives once I began to grow distant, he needed to be something for yours truly this way he could try again to get what he needs especially if that’s a ride home or some cash. Better yet someone to pay for his food because he had no cash…..

Also remember one time that during the next summer he put me onto this management gig at a theater in the neighborhood. This I believed was a great opportunity to get away from The Show and the increasing stagnation there. Of course I won’t go through what happened with that word for word other than it didn’t happen. However Ant was in the process and according to him he would’ve been a general manager. He was talking about possibly bringing me and others from the theater with him. Since I wasn’t going to get it outright I was hoping for this because I was READY TO GO and now it’s just moving at a snail’s pace.

One night we were working and talking about this possible gig and I was complimenting Anthony because I wanted this to happen. Suddenly he does in his infamous words a “woman move“. In suddenly and awkwardly changing the subject he quickly says, “I just don’t get you”. When he does that I look back like the hell!

“Sorry for changing the subject” he says, but one of thing he does to justify this odd pivot was to state that “You keep pushing me away”. To be honest in 20/20 hindsight, he kept giving me reasons to his outspoken nature, his need to get into things that shouldn’t concern him, his need to beg early on in our work relationship, to name a few things caused me to stay back from him. To call this a woman move was to inject emotion into what should’ve remained a discussion on business. And it causes me to go on the defensive unfortunately.

After this we got closer. In the new year after this we began to hang out. Just remember earlier the year before he was texting me about having coupons for McDonald’s and I showed no interest. Besides I can go to McDonald’s anytime I wanted to. Regardless it would lead to an interesting year where in spite of his seeming support on some things the negative aspects of his personality comes out.

Moving forward

man wearing black polo shirt and gray pants sitting on white chair

Well I’m sort of over the disappointment of my recent interview. It would’ve been more than I’d have ever imagined making. A few months ago I said I’d have given anything to make $20K/yr and often this was said at “The Show” where I made no more than $11k or $12k/yr. Well I’ve done that and this interview would’ve represented a milestone except it didn’t happen.

This has been only my second higher-up interview at “Fresh Foods” and though technically not mgmt it would be up there with the other three interviews for mgmt or supervisor in the past. And I consider this something of a benchmark because this was the one to learn from. This is the position that hopefully could lead to mgmt, it breaks the mold of the positions I’ve held since graduating from college. Usually service industry front of the line customer service positions.

The irony of this is that I finally go for the position that I could’ve had at “The Hole”. With the regime change to /goofball some expectations ultimately got shunted aside. This was not a situation I handled well and it just showed who I had been dealing with at that time. So I wish I could say that /goofball only delayed the inevitable. It will happen one day no thanks to that guy who had moved out of his role after 6 mos and got bumped all the way down to supervisor and is no longer with the company….

Either way I got some great feedback from the mgmt who were on the panel. It was suggested I get more interview coaching. Also be more timely if there is a project required for the interview and certainly follow-up with the panel as far as your ideas for the project. Be sure to have some deliverables for them for said project. Most importantly be more prepared once I have to present my project to the panel. Also if an opening or closing statement is required have one prepared.

So while I anticipated this interview, it’s evident that I hadn’t done enough to prepare to ace this interview. So I feel great to get the feedback that I got from everyone. Main thing is that it just wasn’t my time, but I want to indicate that this will be my year. So I’m not quite ready to put myself back out there yet as I’m still getting over the sting. It just means I have to dust myself off and try one more time.

I’ll never know if I don’t try.