Be part of the world

As I’ve stated already the idea of having sex or otherwise relations with the opposite sex to be part of the world is kind of backwards to me. That doesn’t happen unless you’re part of the world, thus I have to find activities or interests where one could connect with people. Thus you become part of the world and you can begin to find love or sex.

You don’t always find either from work. Or you don’t find either because people keep needing to lecture you about it or just make random comments.

All the same this article lets me know I had been on the right track. Take an improv class or take an art class. Hopefully you find someone you like or they like you though you can learn something new, especially something creative. And yes I know those aren’t the only things I could do to become part of the world.



the girl is not the goal…

then what is it? that’s the obvious question and reddit – perhaps you can call it seddit – has the answer. i think i like the answer and even got some parts of a numbered bucket list checked out. the main thing:

When you focus on becoming the best version of yourself, women find this naturally attractive. Yes, you can still benefit from breaking down and analyzing the social dynamics between men and women, and we can still get better results through techniques and theory. But there is no technique for attraction as powerful as becoming a man who knows what he wants out of life and goes out and gets it.

a matchmaker figured this out quick and now having arrived in a new period of great change – “the apocalypse” – it’s time to make some necessary moves. moves that will benefit me and get something out of life for myself.

my focus has been on jobs and money. that’s fine then what?

new years goals 2017


financial – i want to continue as much as possible what i have been doing for the past 4+ years. continue to save money once it was between $25 or $50 per paycheck and these days i often save about $75 per paycheck. i also have a 401k so i also resolve to pay attention to those assets which are important for the day i’m ready to retire and i hope that’s years away. if i keep saving i’ll be ready for this next step.

transporation – i’m a creature of public transit and don’t see that changing in the near future as long as i live somewhere with a decent system. one way to be mobile and go places where i want to go that isn’t easily accessible by public transit is to have a car. it’s probably the first investment i can make and hopefully i can find something to pay cash with and hopefully not wipe out a significant amount of my own savings. and this investment i can put forward on another vehicle at the right time.

real estate – to start i would like an apartment this year finally move out on my own but that is only a start. my ultimate goal is to own a home, hopefully several piece of real estate around the city and hopefully in part of town that are expected to grow in the future. one pipe dream in a place with low property values to custom build a home of great architectural significance. but that means i better have some cash put away so that i can afford that.

travel – last year i went to a reunion on the west coast. 2017 hopefully i can find somewhere to go that i’ve never been. just spend a weekend there. as long as i have the financial resources to do that it’s something worth doing.

work – i want to get promoted at work. i have been lucky to have gotten promoted to full-time at my current job in 2015. as of now i want to get into a leadership role and hopefully there are two possible paths whether or not i stick with the grocery store or i go back to the movies. in the latter case i have to return to the company i had worked with for 7 months and it was a great period of time, but due to my schedule i couldn’t do both when i finally quit. time to come up with a good plan for that…

hobbies – i’m big on photography mainly streetscapes and architecture. not only that i like to take video though at this time it’s most on my smartphone. i need to change that and go back to using a real camera or camcorder. hell, i’ve thought about going to my local cable access studios and taking some classes in tv production. it would be cool to take a hobby to another level and share with the general public. perhaps become a side hustle

love – as always it’s a long term goal and few prospects. thing i must figure out is how to change this. while i am a virgin it’s not just sex i want. although i’ve entertained the idea of having sex with a dear friend who cares about me it’s still important to make that connect with a woman who wants to be with me. that’s far more important than to just lose my virginity. of course the main goal is marriage and i hope i can find someone who doesn’t want to waste time in going in front of the justice of the peace for example. perhaps this is something – to find that special woman – that i really want and need to crack. where do i start aside from online dating (which will be the subject of a future post.



what do you do when trouble finds you?

so anthony an old friend i worked with at “the show” has talked me into taking some martial arts lessons. as much as i would entertain boxing as a martial art of choice he suggested karate. he suggested a place off the beaten plain in a sketchy neighborhood. another school he knows about was blown off because it would be too rough for me as a beginner.

perhaps i can train to be batman, but in this case i’m not training to fight for justice. instead i’m training to fight for myself more than anything. so far i know how to be mostly defensive just try to see any potential trouble before it becomes trouble. but even then you come ready when you just can’t ignore it.

another activity worth starting is exercising. at this moment just stretching, walking, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. beyond that just join a health club and keep myself in shape. i’d rather be a slim senior citizen then a slightly pudgy one because while i was younger i didn’t really do much to maintain my body.

as much as i enjoy working at a grocery store i still haven’t gotten a handle on eating healty. as much as i enjoy having a sweet-tooth I have to cut down on them and focus on much more healthier meals. perhaps doing some physical fitness would do me some good. even better i can afford it now so it can’t hurt.

where does this blog fit?

another identity crisis: what kind of blog is this supposed to be.

of course this is a virginity blog but could it fall under dating/relationships?

this could also fall under sex. i could spend a lot of time talking about sex. there are posts about porn here, however, how much can i talk about sex when i’m not getting any.

at times this is as much a life blog because i talk about work. not sure how much i’ll talk about family as so far i’ve talked about my dad and one of my cousins. i also talk about abstaining from sex and alcohol.

i may even talk about the hobbies i want to take up. perhaps one day i may take up improv. perhaps i’ll find something else to take up in addition to that. who knows.

either way, i’ve seen nothing more than a handful of male virgin blogs out there. the question is where does this genre of blogging fit in the grand scheme of the bloggosphere?