Valentine’s Day 2012

A decade ago I had to work the evening of Valentine’s Day. The movie everyone came out to see on that occasion was this Denzel Washington picture Safe House. Perhaps a lot of the people who came out thought it was just like American Gangster which came out the previous decade but no it’s actually an espionage thriller. Regardless a lot of folks came out on Valentine’s Day to watch the latest Denzel pic.

I’m going to share with you the craziest part of the night and it happened near the end of my shift. This shift was on a weekday and it was just busier than usual. I seem to remember that it was so busy that it felt like a typical weekend. The business we were doing would normally be seen on a Friday or a Saturday.

Eventually whatever other pictures were scheduled for that evening gave way to Safe House and by the end of the night the only movie we had was Safe House. Every screen available by the time it was time to close up The Show was playing Safe House. That leads to one of my last customers on that given evening.

There was a lady and she was with a party and I forget how many with her. My manager was standing off in the background ready to count me down. Our digital screen over box office still had those other pictures that we were showing during the day although they were no longer playing by the end of the night. This lady started asking about those movies all of them. Just one question “what’s this about?”  about all of those pictures before she finally asked for the only show we had left playing.

It got to the point that the next thing I knew my manager counted someone else down as the customer went down the list of all the movies she wasn’t going to see. I was already overdue as far as getting off for the night and did some extra time because of the business we were doing, on request of mgmt.

Eventually she finally asked for Safe House as I knew she would. She had a smirk on her face when she was finally ready to buy her movie tix. It’s almost as if she knew exactly what she was doing when she was doing it. She asked about all those other movies that weren’t playing just to hold me up or perhaps my manager standing back. Who knows what she was thinking, however, if there was no real reason other than some people are just quirky. Quirky to the point they just meander until they get to the point.

So anyway I finally did get off work, and I recall there was some drama in one of the auditoriums that Henry and his crew had to address. I forget what it was, perhaps there was a fight or a lost wallet. Whatever it was my night was over and I got ready to get back out in the cold of that evening. Actually I don’t really remember how the weather was that day.

However, it was an interesting shift.

MGTOW 101: Women struggling to find mates

I just made this upload public today it’s already been liked 8 times & just about 70 views. I’ve been looking for this video out there and didn’t find it, even e-mailed the man behind MGTOW 101 although he’s moved onto other projects since then. He still has two YouTube channels that we might occasionally post content on these days Men 101 & Driven and Desired.

I couldn’t find this on a mirror site well actually another video site that he sent me a link to find this video. Found another video there that I’d like to share with you as it’s kinda hilarious. You’ll have to see later however.

Then I found it through There were quite a few videos from MGTOW 101’s long deleted channel. And I found it, though it’s too bad the quality isn’t what I’d like it to be. However, I didn’t create this content in the first place someone else did. I posted this video on this blog over two years ago and it was lost once that channel had been terminated.

Finally I’ve been advertising my YouTube channel on here for a while, I’ve mostly been uploading footage I’ve been hoarding and it’s often nothing exciting. Let me know what you wouldn’t mind seeing me do with it. You want me to share content about my thoughts on MGTOW, male virginity, dating, women, etc.

I’m curious this blog needs not be an echo chamber…


A virgin stand-up???

I found this article just over five years old regarding a comedian who himself has been unlucky in love. This part of his story was interesting:

It hasn’t been easy. Every girl I’ve ever cared for has rejected me. The last big rejection was April 29, 1999. I was in high school, and I was fairly certain this girl was interested in me, too. But her ex told her I was going around school saying she was already my girlfriend. The next day she told me to fuck off and never talk to her again in front of the entire school. OK, not the entire school. Just the drama club. And the kids in detention (chanting “ECW!” because extreme wrestling was big up here and “Jerry! Jerry!” because ahhh, the ’90s). And the dance company. And the cheerleaders. So, you know, most of the school. When I got upset, as one does when his heart is broken in front of the senior class, a teacher grabbed the girl. “Don’t you remember what happened last week in Columbine?” Gee, thanks.

But that wasn’t enough for this girl. She also framed me for a bomb scare at my school. She also called my mom to let her know she only hung out with me because she felt bad for me. As the days turned to weeks and the months turned to years, I realized that perhaps I was wrong. She never did care about me. And in fact no one has.

Ouch! What a piece of work that girl seemed to be. In my case I don’t really know any women I’ve encountered who went to those extremes, however, I could relate to realizing some girl who was friendly with you at first can just turn on you. No warning no anything you’re just worthless to her and she throws a kitchen sink at you.

Either way I share that article with you to note the message for those of you who are virgins. I want to have my first time with someone I truly care about. I don’t want to do it just to get it over with or even to satisfy someone else which a certain someone has attempted in his own interest.

I do it because it’s what I want and as with other things I’ve talked about last year life is too short and I want to get started before the opportunities begin to dwindle.

If you want to know there’s an update and he took a very drastic and desperate step. I’ve hinted at the idea of this earlier last year.

“You need a friend”

two boys sitting on bench wearing hats and long sleeved shirts

Before writing this post when someone turns around and says they think or it seemed like “you need a friend”, they may not always be trying to be your friend. It’s really a jarring thing to be told. It’s really jarring to hear someone who wanted to be your friend tell you that they felt so bad for you because they believed you had no friends.

Well this is one reason why I decided to cut ties to The Hustler. He knew what he was trying to do when he decided when we worked at the theater to connect. And it helped that out of being a good person I gave him a ride home and it enabled him to start probing with the question “How old were you when you lost your virginity?” when I first met him. Either way I was weakness rich enough for him to come in and decide that he needed to take me under his wing so that he can take advantage of yours truly more.

I would dare say he had really been one of the more honest people I met. Not long after the ride home and not long after he had started at The Show he was quick with his hand out asking for money. Which if you read the first savings episode he never got because I left him at the theater as he not only expected some cash, he expected a ride home as well. When he called me and left a voicemail I could tell the disappointment in his voice when he realized I was gone. It was definitely an episode of avoidance.

With this said I wanted to juxtapose something and this was a post I wanted to write. The time that Anthony was at The Show overlapped the period with Candice – a young lady of about 19-20 years old who tried very had to connect with yours truly. I originally wrote an episode I considered apocryphal which may have been when I first met her, however, I remember that episode I really don’t recall who that person was.

All the same when she did try to connect at one point it became “I tried to talk to you because it seemed like you needed a friend.” When she tried that I continued my jackass act with her as I kept acting like Stone Cold Steve Austin repeating WHAT? to her. Almost as if I didn’t hear her though in reality when I think about it now she just came on strong for someone who just came out of nowhere expressing interest with her boisterousness.

So Ant’s and Candace’s time at the Show basically overlapped that summer in 2011. While The Hustler remained another two years Candice would be gone by the fall.

Candice had become the one who got away. And because I never really found out her true motives I really don’t know what they are. I just know that my behavior towards her was very unwelcoming and she was the type that for a time would keep trying. She did snap at yours truly once when I wouldn’t respond to her after repeated attempts. I learned later her good buddy was the one-off foe Missy. She may well have for reasons only she knows genuinely liked me and did something about it.

I now find myself wondering if she’d have been the one thing that would have helped me avoid the time-consuming friendship with The Hustler. At this point I just don’t know, but would being accepting of a rather young rambunctious woman who all the sudden wanted to connect would’ve made the difference with an older man who had ulterior motives who also wanted to connect.

What I do know now is that the friendship I had with The Hustler wasn’t real. He did’t give a damn about anything other than what I could do for him. He would create a situation where I would need him or for him to come to the rescue.

And also who knows perhaps one was more honest and compatible than the other. Perhaps one relationship could’ve happened more organically with little or no manipulation. Most importantly perhaps one relationship won’t prove to be costly. For this I will never know.

I miss the 1990s

I really do, the music was awesome. The movies I enjoyed back then. The TV programs also. I wish I had the social media tools back then facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube didn’t exist back then. As a matter of fact the internet was this exotic techology I had a vague concept of.

I have to admit it’s funny to watch this Jerry Springer clip from 1995 and the internet was mentioned on TV even then.

What prompted this post. Somehow Skee Lo a one-hit wonder from the 1990s was a reference on an episode of Family Guy. Of course his catchy lyrics was used in a side gag on the show recited rather dryly with a wizard granting his wishes. lol

All the same life seemed so much simpler back then believe it or not. Part of it is that yours truly was a kid with very little responsibilities still going through school. Not yet even with a high school diploma. Not a lot of worries not even socially….

Still I look on those days as fun times with their own ups & downs.

It doesn’t matter…

circus theme party

No more circus!

No free rent!

I got news for you, I ran into D.B. earlier this month. It was almost a similar story to just about two years ago, except that he got no response from me. Even after his parting shot towards me. Also I’m just glad that my peripheral vision is still good.



I know that overtime D.B.’s avatar is Barney the Dinosaur (and once a purple teletubbie). Deranged Barney fashions himself as an entertainer and outside of his costume is a guy with some very visible ear piercings. I got another image for you with no offense to those who actually are gay pirates. Although to be fair once I had identified him without actually looking at him I hardly really looked in his direction. Already knew who it was and hoped (in vain as it turned out) that we’d just walk by each other in silence.

It makes you wonder who’s in who’s head. I want to move on he wants to connect evidently. He wants attention and he wants acknowledgement which was what he got years ago when he was my “archnemesis” at The Show. It was one hell of a conflict, and in his own words D.B. finished it. It took me a few years to accept and move on, unfortunately because I can be stubborn (in more ways than one) and he just doesn’t have a clue perhaps in his mind it keeps going.

Oh yeah I said D.B. was an entertainer. Imagine a man dressed in a Barney costume telling jokes at a children’s birthday party involving public aid, stalking, sex, or prison. Often using very vulgar language and utilizing very violent imagery in his act. If you were the parents that hosted this birthday party you’d want a refund, except that deposit was already spent and likely there is no more money to fall back on. Just generally in some ways very incompetent other than an ability to mouth off and say anything that comes to mind. Sooner or later something sticks.


Barney a teletubbie?

When I ran into him, I fall back on what I had to train myself to do in the many years since that conflict. It’s been well over seven years since I’ve worked with that man. And of course it will be five years since my last shift at the job I formerly called $h!tplace. I’ve gotten myself to the place that it doesn’t matter and it’s time to move on. I know who I’m dealing with now and stooping to his level gives him what he wants. Attention, relevance, etc.

Once I ignored him once he “acknowledged” me since he refuses to act like a human. He gave a quick hearty chuckle and then stated in passing as he also kept walking “Weirdo!” And it just goes to show it takes one to know one. Go ahead call a spade a spade, and not recognize that he’s far more off the charts.

Unlike the last time I hardly leaned on anyone. There was only one person I told. Since I’m largely a part from him these days The Hustler likely will never know. It’s the Hustler who kept D.B.’s memory alive thoughtlessly. It was mostly a joke for Ant, but I realize there may be more of a psychological reason it comes up with him.

I may have two more posts with regards to D.B. and it will likely be the last time you will see Barney as Mr. Deranged’s avatar. I want to talk about Anthony’s need to insert our final work conflict in our conversations during the last few months we actually talked. This will lead into what caused D.B. to finally lose his job and what role I played in it.

I’m in no rush to publish it I assure you, however, some of what I hope to present is what I had promised and had yet to deliver.

Work Drama?


We had some work drama recently and little did I know that it was brewing. Over the past month we acquired a new worker from another store – she got transferred over because the other store she had been assigned to wasn’t doing very well. In any event, it’s generally agreed that she knows what she’s doing, however, one main issue she thinks she knows everything.

I was talking with a guy who works another venue and it’s safe to say he knows how to work it and he tries to train her. One problem, she thinks she knows everything and seemingly according to him training her just doesn’t go very well. Perhaps her personality is she doesn’t like for anyone to try to show her anything she will front as if she does. I’ve met people like that, and in my case they feel as if they need to show me even though they are WRONG!!! Often I just take it and then do what I want to do anyway and in a minority of cases they may escalate it (yes I’m referencing to those faceless, characterless “mean girls of $h!tplace”).

My encounters with her – we’ll call her Peg – has often been cordial. Has there been a few incidents of her overstepping her bounds with yours truly? Well I consider those minor compared with what has happened in the past, however, she has stepped up to me as if she was a supervisor. Let’s say when she saw some items on the floor that she saw was incorrect – and I saw them myself so I already know what the confusion was – all the same she sees this although she’s on another venue. She comes to me and knows that while I probably didn’t do it, she needs to inform me of her findings that particular morning. I basically say OK and keep working.

She was an mid shift working one morning and saw how things at my venue was presented. One thing I will say she has some good ideas, however, my issue and other’s issues has been how she goes about it. I tell her she should pitch it to our dept. mgr. Huge mistake, she screams out his name as unknown to me he was already on the floor walking around. Someone with that much arrogance about their own experience, will have no issue making suggestions. And the boss agrees with her, no big whoop-de-doo.

Then I come in one morning for my own mid-shift and learn that some personnel had been shuffled around. We have a mother-son duo working in our dept and they were now working together while Peg was sent down to another venue. Which is where I remained stuck because she and the mother – who really does know what she’s doing – were in meetings with mgmt about some incident between them. I don’t know what it’s about to be honest have heard a lot of hearsay on this but it’s safe to assume she walked onto someone else’s territory made some observations and decided it was OK to correct.

It lead to me to even mock her behind her back (yes I know profile in courage). It went something like this.

“I don’t think this looks very appealing and appetizing. I think it needs larger tomatoes and more cheese. It doesn’t look done enough, we need to put it back in the oven some more. Customers aren’t going to buy this anyway we need to spoil this out. I don’t even know what I’m talking about”

Which elicited a what from one of the workers who witnessed my own mocking. I had to tell him what I was doing but something tells me he already knows.

I even did my act for the mother who had to deal with peg that fateful morning. She laughed and then kind of went into default yeah I need to do this over thanks for the input. I also tell her that I was mocking so-and-so without revealing who, but something tells me she also already knows.

In any case, I hear in light of this Peg seems to have already rubbed her supervisors the wrong way. From what I can tell about her, she’s a bit of a busy body who probably should’ve applied for the open supervisor/trainer position in our dept. It appears she hasn’t, however, her personality is dominant and thus she may well be the type who wants to be large and in charge yet no desire for the responsibility.

Time will tell if she will ultimately right her ship or if she goes bye-bye because finally something broke the camel’s back.


Well we’re in the month of Valentine’s Day and this story isn’t exactly a Valentine’s story. In fact I used to refer to this story as the “rape whistle joke” and isn’t intended to be insensitive. For this reason, I’m only going to refer to the whistle in question as only a whistle.

man person red white

* One night a coworker at “The Show” let’s call her Shannon who was about 21-22 years old at the time was walking the floor and at some point during my shift she asked me “What time is it?”. I simply just blew my whistle at her and she asks as I walk off “That’s what time it is?”

“Oh yeah, that’s what time it is!” I replied.

The whistle itself was a promotional item for a TV series that was set to air which was screened at the theater. They just decided to give those items away and at that point I began to have some fun with it. It was odd, but guess what I got a kick out of it!

So anyway, later that evening she comes to one of the auditoriums I was seating and seemed to have come in very carefully almost on eggshells. She politely asked me “Hey Jack, can you please tell me what time is it?”

Out comes the whistle and I blew it at her again!

She shoots me this stern look and paused for about five seconds and she quickly stomps out of the auditorium. I’ll bet she told someone, but I never heard about it again and as with most of the stories I tell now fodder for this blog!

selective focus photography of woman using whistle

Blows the whistle!

* And now you see one reason why I never did very well with the young women at the theater. Whenever I talk about some of these troubles my mother notes how I had serious issues relating to these young women. In that case my humor was really what I got a kick out of it, and she didn’t. If she didn’t get it and was under the belief that I had a problem with her and really I hadn’t, however, I didn’t entirely want to be bothered with her. It was quite unprofessional what I was doing.

I didn’t have to like her to work with her. And her chatterbox tendencies really doesn’t have much to do with me so why did I make it an issue? I was better off being a bit more professional and giving her the time so she can do her job on the floor. Although at this point this was just a beginning of the manifestation of my frustration with the job at the time. This was light-hearted compared to some earlier or even some later expressions of my own frustrations at work. Regardless this was one example of many.

However, the whistling episode was justified using her behavior as an excuse. As I said she was very talkative there is one example of her giving out too much information to coworkers. For example, one time three of us were in an auditorium before the movie starts. Shannon and another coworker were closer to the door I was further within the auditorium.

Rather audibly she told this other coworker that – I’m pretty certain this is what she said – some man she was with combed her hair and they had sex. Once she walked out of the theater I told the coworker “That’s too much $h!t, just too much $h!t”. He laughed as if he agreed and later repeated this sentiment to me once Shannon returned to the scene. She said nothing during those festivities.

* Shannon worked at “The Show” for over a year before she finally just quit when I heard from someone that she had found another job. The last time I saw her at work she was complaining about something and me looking towards another coworker made the crying face which elicited laughter. I was low-key trolling that young lady and I believe this was weeks after the whistling incident. In a fit of rage she quickly referred to me as “dumbass over there” recalling another instance of low-key trolling directed towards her by yours truly.

A few months after she had left the theater a group of guys were talking about her while ushering. I went to my refrain of how I just thought she was stupid. The guys laughed as if to agree, but then they turned around and stated that she “came on too strong“. I don’t recall any of them telling any reasons why, but it’s certainly a sign of how she was with men she liked. She probably came on aggressively and let a man know where she stood with them.

And I can always say she might have been the same way with me though in this case it might have been about being turned off based upon my own behavior towards her. Though who knows if I had been a bit more approachable or willing to play (and I just wasn’t), there’d be a different outcome. Then again, I’m a long way from saying whether or not I’d want to date her let alone sleep with her and the answer would’ve definitely been no.

Worst part of this is that she had a child at the time and I found on facebook somehow that her family is growing. Presumably she got married or is with someone who is helping her get pregnant. My only hope is that she has matured far more than she had the last time I saw her over six years ago.

However, this story has proved to be somewhat interesting fodder.

Kant: The 40 year old Virgin

To be honest, I wish I had taken philosophy more seriously in college. I took a few courses in political theory, however, I don’t recall much Immanuel Kant. I’ve heard the name somewhere for sure though not sure if it was while at “Mission College”.

This comic was interesting enough for me to share with you all.


people at theater

Years ago on the floor at “The Show” a coworker named Henry told this joke as we were ushering one night. I’m telling this joke my way as his joke was a tad more involved as he told it. It was as if he witnessed this right in front of him when the picture Snakes on a Plane came out.

A couple were at the box office trying to figure out what movie they wanted to see. The girlfriend was looking at the movies on the board and sees Snakes on a Plane and then asks “What’s that about?”

The boyfriend seemed annoyed with that question smacks his lips and then states “It’s about boats!” They started arguing after that.