Online dating

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I don’t like online dating. It’s hard for yours truly to really break out of the pack and score a date. It’s possible I’m making some mistakes with those women who are out there.

I’ve seen a lot of non-binary, queer, non-monogamous, pan-sexual, poly-sexual, bisexual and have even ran into a few trans-women. For the most part I swipe left for most of them. Right now I want someone who’s sure of themselves and most of them aren’t at least in my opinion. I don’t want someone in transition and I definitely don’t want someone who’s unwilling to truly commit in a traditional sense. If you’re non-binary sorry I’m looking for someone who’s a she not someone who wants to be a they/them.

That’s the trickiness of dating it’s very easy to point out what you don’t want, but no real idea as to what you do want. Then again you got to have the ability to reject those you’re sure might not be compatible in your life. Those who are just plain radical in their lives are not compatible with my own goals in a relationship which is that I desire a family and children.

So far my many matches are anywhere from college girls to just about grown women in their 30s. Some of the women I found on tinder are my facebook friends through the “Hillman College” connection. Is it worth risking being a creep who break some unwritten rules? Well actually I have….

Let’s say some of those women whom I’m connected with on facebook I had actually messaged them there with regards to Tinder and got no responses from them. There was one I really thought was cute and unfortunately she seems reticent and she’s local too so that should increase the chances. Perhaps I should try again, but I loath being the guy who is only talking to themselves in their inboxes.

I’ve matched some who are looking to have a bit of fun. I could read that as they “want the D“. Well those I’m very concerned about, yep I could get laid with those types. At the same time I don’t just want to get laid I really long for love. I’ve never been successful with love. One noted fetishes on their profile, well I’d feel a lot better with a girlfriend who was into that.

A somewhat frequent topic on this blog has been those young women who are looking for sugar daddies. I’ve taken myself out of that hunt because I don’t exactly have sugar daddy money. Then again I wouldn’t mind a college girl, then again depending upon the girl that’s dangerous. Especially those that have over protective families and me dating a girl who either just entered college or isn’t that close to graduation could prove to be weird.

What have I decided? The real world is better. Perhaps I want a younger woman however how do I meet them? And perhaps I need to stay away from college girls…





on my ipad i have access to my mother’s emails. my mother has easy access through her own mobile devices both iPhone and iPad to check her home emails. i see all types of family stuff and that includes drama.

for example a few years ago cousin natalie – whom you may recall as a bit player in some episode involving a girl at college – has some drama that aired out in email form. her husband made an appeal to us – natalie’s family – via email to provide an explanation and to reiterate his love for nat.

to be honest that was uncomfortable and whatever small issues i had with nat up until that point, it was unfathomable that there would be trouble in their paradise. to be honest perhaps i’m cranky but i wasn’t a fan of her husband either. i used to call him a jackass, but i can’t say my reasoning other than because he married natalie and her and i weren’t that cool.

so a few days ago my brother wrote my mother an email. to paraphrase he doesn’t understand why my mother insists on her grandchildren – my brother’s children – email her instead of a quick phone call. he feels like she doesn’t want to be bother and feels she favors me because i have no children. huh! 😕

my brother and i have had our issues. and my mother and i have our issues. they flared up a bit when we came home from a family reunion. just disagreements between parents and their children and between brothers. only thing is that i’m really unsure about the nature of my brother’s issues.

at this point my only option is to stay out. and for the time being deleted my mother’s email from my iPad.