i’ve been particularly bad with online dating. the way i see it this is something always done with fb with no levels of success. that is i never had the opportunity to connect with the women i wanted to connect with.

for example, perhaps i wanted the true babes so to speak. the beautiful women but either they weren’t interested or attracted to me or i was too late and they’re with someone. and sometimes on my own, i don’t always come off well.

recently i was on the phone with a matchmaker and irony of ironies i met this person via tinder. a dating app used for business purposes that shouldn’t be allowed :P.

anyway after trading messages for about a month i finally connected and we talked for a few minute she set me up a profile. i expressed interest in possibly image coaching which is something i need. and while being added to a database, it’s fine if i can become a client at some point and hope to meet someone who wants what i want.

of course my interest is in having a family i made that clear. my life goals aren’t as clear although i’ve expressed a desire to move up where i am now and perhaps move on to something entrepreneurial – such as real estate.

as for the person she wants to match me up with well she doesn’t live nearby and she’s older at 37, but i’m open. the reason i’m open is because i need to get out there and start meeting these women. unfortunately it’s difficult for me to get out here and meet these women even to just approach them cold.

believe me it’s possible to make a connect as a service worker. there are a good number of women who are seen during the course of a shift and to stay professional as you never know what’s going on in anyone’s head at any time. believe me there have been some odd situations with customers.

either way perhaps if i continue doing this i’ll be comfortable with the idea of dating and hopefully i can find what i’m looking for. perhaps i’ll find this young woman who’ll be the mother of my children and will be an awesome wife. and now it’s possible for me to enter the dating world.

let the matchmaking commence…

Amber Rose to Her Virgin Pal: ‘Sometimes You Just Want to Get Slaughtered’


However, Dr. Chris doesn’t think that ‘virgin’ is an accurate description for the guy.

Source: Amber Rose to Her Virgin Pal: ‘Sometimes You Just Want to Get Slaughtered’

I haven’t heard this podcast, but I just have to say if i had Amber Rose as a friend my imagination would run wild. I respect that this guy wants to wait until marriage to experience sex, but if only I had some of that oral experience Ms. Rose’s friend has. I missed out big time.

speak it into existence


an odd concept and good fodder for a blog post. this was something spoken by one of the supervisors at work. spoken to a coworker though it’s often stated in the world not just at my job.

sometimes one’s own negativity gets into the way of positivity. sometimes i have wallowed in being a virgin. i have no one romantically, i do have friends but not many whom i seem to frequently keep in contact with even from childhood. i do desire a intimate connection with a woman that i value and trust.

with this said, it won’t be long before i’m a late 30s virgin and perhaps it’s time to believe that something will change in that department. unfortunately i have no concept of how to be successful in the dating realm. i really missed that boat when i was younger. even with online dating.

regardless sooner or later something has to change and i’m still unsure how but i want to make the next year as pivotal as two years ago had been job-wise. times have to change and as much as i value my current job with all i have accomplished the past year perhaps the nature of my personal life must change also.

i will speak into existence that i will have a relationship with a woman i value and trust. short of that relationship i hope that the woman i value and trust will be the one that i could lose my virginity to. perhaps in the new year i will know the intimacy that has been missing for most of my life.

popping his cherry…

somehow i found this article searching for anything on male virginity. i would like to find such a woman whether or not she’s either old or young.

then again would i feel comfortable being just another notch on a woman’s lists of v-cards she’s helped to punch? something to decide and besides i like the idea of getting my v-card punched by a loving girlfriend.

other than that where have these women been. have they been under my nose all along?


quite a while ago i toyed with the idea of doing a feature length film about a mid-30s virgin. we start at the movie theater where the virgin – really yours truly – was actually a 30ish virgin. we go through some odd drama involving many of the young women i worked with. why them because over time they gave me the most problems and there was little difference over the issues they’d start drama over.

so then i go from the movie theater after showing my two-week notice to my current job in retail. though there is a flashback to my ill-fated attempt to get into the finance sector. the flashback occurs during presumably my interview with my current manager.

and as stated the ending ought to be that mid-30s virgin losing his virginity. of course that has to be written or more accurately experienced.

all the same my focus would be the job after the firing at the bank. it could be a segment that could last 10-20 minutes. for the flashback perhaps there is some dialogue but hopefully actions convey that someone is going to lose their job. the interview however is untainted by those events that occurred in reality the day before.

perhaps we start off with me entering an office building for this interview i see the offices where interview will take place is closed. i’m standing around like what the heck until the person i have an interview with comes out to use the jon and i had little idea until he says he’ll check it out.

of course the problem how do i fit in the flashbacks before the interview or during it. and what artistic reason should i convey these flashbacks. that i’ve yet to figure out and yet i can see clearly in my head both parts of this story.

you know this could make a very interesting video if i find a good group of people together especially a good writer who can do a screenplay. lol

btw, the music for this story should be from the “inception” soundtrack. i’m truly a fan of that movie and very much of the soundtrack. this is not an action packed science fiction movie about invading someone’s dreams, but for what i hope to do the music would be perfect for what i as a writer hope to convey.

this gives me the idea to do a mid 30’s virgin musical playlist. it proves to be somewhat interesting with odd selections. perhaps answers the question of what types of music i’m into.