Remember that video I shared a few days ago. Well perhaps I have a new goal which is aspiring YouTuber. These aren’t crazy numbers, however, to have gotten new subscribers and likes and views to that video in a few days time someone is paying attention.

Someone even recommended – and it could be spam who knows – that I need to share more of my own thoughts. Of course I was looking for this video and uploaded it and never quite expected the response. At this moment I got almost 30 comments and even had one hate filled comment.

I suppose what do you do when you find one woman who’s at odds with the message of this video. Perhaps a woman with her attitude is the reason why MGTOW exists. Well that’s not entirely my problem.

I’ve been thanking people for the response especially on instagram and on facebook. Yeah now that I’m on YouTube I’m just about everywhere as Jack Chaste. I post plenty of wild stuff on facebook.

Anyway, if you went through this blog to watch, like, subscribe or comment thank you.

I want to refer you to this long ago post about my thoughts on this video. I had shared this over two years ago and the channel where this video was originally uploaded had been deleted from YouTube. Glad to give it yet another wind.

MGTOW 101: Women struggling to find mates

I just made this upload public today it’s already been liked 8 times & just about 70 views. I’ve been looking for this video out there and didn’t find it, even e-mailed the man behind MGTOW 101 although he’s moved onto other projects since then. He still has two YouTube channels that we might occasionally post content on these days Men 101 & Driven and Desired.

I couldn’t find this on a mirror site well actually another video site that he sent me a link to find this video. Found another video there that I’d like to share with you as it’s kinda hilarious. You’ll have to see later however.

Then I found it through There were quite a few videos from MGTOW 101’s long deleted channel. And I found it, though it’s too bad the quality isn’t what I’d like it to be. However, I didn’t create this content in the first place someone else did. I posted this video on this blog over two years ago and it was lost once that channel had been terminated.

Finally I’ve been advertising my YouTube channel on here for a while, I’ve mostly been uploading footage I’ve been hoarding and it’s often nothing exciting. Let me know what you wouldn’t mind seeing me do with it. You want me to share content about my thoughts on MGTOW, male virginity, dating, women, etc.

I’m curious this blog needs not be an echo chamber…


Case against MGTOW

Sharing a lot of videos lately am I?

This YouTube channel BlueCollarLogic takes on MGTOW. The man – Dave – you see above has his reasons for going his own way and mirrors what I’ve observed from such men. The woman in his life screwed him over and as a result he lives in a mobile home to save some money. While he’s still friends with his ex-wife he describes their split as a divorce he didn’t want!

So his take on MGTOW or feminism is that both seem to want to deny human nature. Men and women are wired differently. We can debate why it’s unfair that women must be pursued. And women could always wish that men become more feminine. The reality is men and women are different and anyone that tries to deny that are kidding themselves.

There was an article in the news that an HR person thinks that sports talk in an office could lead to discrimination. My first thoughts on that is that this HR person just couldn’t relate to men at all. It’s OK you don’t follow sports yet how is it so serious as say men engaging in “locker room” talk with the women they work with. I can see how that is disrespectful and perhaps I wouldn’t want to be subjected to that by women at all.

I’ve worked with women who were loose about their thoughts on men. They gushed over men they liked and absolutely didn’t bite their tongues with men they didn’t like – especially yours truly. And they especially didn’t handle it well when a man they did like just didn’t respond to them in keeping with their “value”. I definitely got one story about that.

Either way, a I’ve often said about MGTOW I don’t have as much of a case as you see Dave above. I’d say his story is far more common in that community i.e. his wife fcuked him over. He will also state that for men going their own way, they got a lot more going for them than they realize. They’re making themselves more attractive by being not so easily available. Also they’re going to the gym and working on increasing their income. Just other self improvement that we as people should always strive for!

It’s not important to shun any relationships with women. There are bad women out there and I’ve met some of them. The thing is speaking of me I hardly play anyway, perhaps the self-improvement is about being a better player. That’s what I’m striving to be when it comes to women. I desire a wife and family and  while I could become hardcore MGTOW, however, that’s really not likely to change with me.

And one final note, my standards aren’t that high. I could go for the 10s as far as attractiveness and go for at least the middle of the road as far as women. I’d say be careful about the types of women you do pursue. Whether they are very attractive or average or below average a lot of them have their own issues. I could go for the looks, just don’t look at the score see how these women are mentally. Once you see where they are as far as character then you can decide whether or not you can go forward with them.

My 2₵!

Advice: Deflowering a male virgin

I’ve been looking for this video for years. Unfortunately I don’t have any female friends whether work or school that I’d feel this comfortable with. Actually comfort isn’t the word, the women I’ve known and maintained friendly contact aren’t the types of women I’d have any sexual attraction for.

One I’ve known since high school is married and knows of some of my issues with women especially in college. Another one who I’ve been talking to since my days at Mission College really isn’t my type and I’mm glad to count her as a friend, however, she often leans on me for relationship things. Anyone else I’ve maintained contact with either aren’t very attractive or perhaps a little too old etc.

I suppose if I really maintained contact whether through school or work with any attractive women I hope that it would be a subject she would be willing to listen. Of course she has to be comfortable and I have to be open about my desire. So whoever wrote Max on this subject was very open to deflowering a man otherwise she wouldn’t have even asked for advice.

With this being said, I’m glad I found this video and from what I recall Max suggested the lady should go for it. Perhaps they have by now since the video is eight years old.



Since I started an instagram account I’ve been looking for memes whether on other sites or on Instagram and found this one. I like to censor words but chose not to here. This might be on my account in the future, but I thought this was funny or poignant.

I’ve met a guy in this boat. Just as he likes to portray himself he’s a wolf who’s always up for the opportunity to get his needs met. At the same time as far as money he comes up short. So I can view there being something wrong in that instance.

However, here’s my stance if chasing women or sex is what makes you happy then I’m all for it. There was a time I’d judge and believe everyone should get married and have families though thats probably not for everyone. I’m not as black and white about it as I have been.

On the other hand if you want to chase money then that’s OK also. While I recognize broke men can get women also, if you want a certain type you have to upgrade. Perhaps making good money will allow you to access better quality women (well that sounds a tad misogynistic doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I find myself wondering what was I chasing years ago. My attention has been money lately especially as far as a job, however, I know that jobs are nothing more than a means to an end. Regardless during my teenaged years through my 20s I’m wondering what was I chasing, what motivated me.

So I see this meme and start asking myself that question. I was chasing a pie in a sky dream back in the day but definitely lacked a clear direction. What I do know is that I definitely wasn’t chasing women otherwise I wouldn’t have started this blog.

With that said a man could be motivated by satisfying his needs or otherwise being able to attract members of the opposite sex. Or he could me motivated by achieving financial success or some type of success outside of matrimony or the bedroom. It’s interesting that only now have I found something to get motivated by.

Race & MGTOW


Often when writing this blog I write this as racially neutral as possible. Of course if anyone is curious about my race – as much as I wanted to de-emphasize this – there are some hints to this. For those who know what to look for the evidence is right in front of you. Regardless, I often stay away from the issue of race though only in the context of potential mates because I could always date someone different from my background.

With this said this post from Shannon in Kansas City blog declared MGTOW “white people’s business”. She further declares that any black man that declares themselves MGTOW are only following a movement that really is about average white men expressing their own frustrations with educated white women. Educated white women have more options and also could choose to remain single if they find no compatible partners. Educated white women could also choose to focus on their careers instead of just seeking a compatible mate.

The reason why any man chooses to go their own way is varied. For me, I hadn’t always had much luck as far as dating and these days instead of focusing on finding that woman I just try to improve myself. Improving myself includes the job, but certainly it means having some social goals as it’s one reason why I missed out on that time when I should’ve met that woman.

So basically MGTOW isn’t as simple as average white men frustrated with the achievements of educated white women. My observation of MGTOW has often revolved around for example men being hurt by a woman they had relationships with. Also men commonly believe women have it easy in the world. As far as society here in America at least women have it easy especially when it comes to divorces, courts will generally be more generous to a divorcee than to a man who’s marriage is broken up. It might be as far as alimony, division of assets, or even who gets the children.

I would dare say the black men seen in a video from a MGTOW channel seen on this blog last month illustrated a group of men who are going their own way. They have their own reasons for going their own way if they term their journey in that way. Perhaps Shannon’s post could just as easily be about those men.

So to speak for myself I don’t have disdain for women. I hope to meet the right woman in the future. I don’t begrudge an educated woman and desire one for myself as I’m educated also. My reasons to wave the MGTOW flag isn’t the same as on any YouTube channel or facebook page.

Also to comment on this:

There are a lot of problems in the Black community and I think that Black men should focus their energy on something other than disdain for women. Even if they don’t want to marry or involve themselves with women Black men have much bigger fish to fry than MGTOW concerns. For example, I think that inner city crime is a more pressing matter. How about all that police brutality? Black men simply don’t have the time.

Police brutality and inner city crime are important. What about fatherless children? What about a quality education for children? Why aren’t black men and women getting married to give their black sons & daughters a stable family and home?

Disdain for women no, for me the state of relationships between men and women are as easily an issue to worry about as issues Shannon mentions for example. So as I go my own way, it’s important to just as easily look at the state of relationships between men and women. Perhaps there is a reason for black men going MGTOW.

My 2¢ as always.

Qualified yet single

 Well MGTOW101, actually Miggy101 seems to be back though I don’t know the true status of this channel but you can officially follow Miggy at Men101 on YouTube.

Today I wanted to share this video akin to another video shared here which actually involved single women still look for Mr. Right. They are as accomplished as the men you see above making good money with education credentials and what not,  however, they can’t seem to connect with Mr. Right. Alas I wish I can show you that video, it’s since been taken down along with MGTOW101.

The video you see comes from a documentary about a group of men from different American cities who have dropped out of the dating scene. I’ve yet to see this documentary and am curious about it now. Men who are “qualified” to be in a relationship and yet they remain single why?

From what can be gleaned in the above clip many of them are focused on themselves. Other may well have experienced hurt at the hands of a woman at some point in the past. Others have reached a point in their lives where they’ve become successful that they’ve been forced to put up their shields. They don’t want to be in relationships with just anyone so that forces them to be more cautious. One man outright states that he wants a woman to be like his perfect mother.

Just as the women above who are successful who aren’t able to connect with a good man. These men are sort of in the same boat. These men are “qualified” however that’s defined to be in a relationship. So the question could come up is whether or not these men have an inability to really connect with the right woman. I’ll bet money someone out there have started to determine this in spite of some things in their life going right. They’re successful and yet they’re alone….

If you want to know about yours truly, I’ve established once that I’ve been doing my own things since before MGTOW was a thing. At this point I feel as if I’m in a better space now than I had been once I graduated from college ten years ago. There was a period where I had been stagnating, but feel as if I can truly develop jobwise and hopefully it won’t stop there.

Perhaps I missed the point where I’ll meet the right woman, however, I think I can get to the point where I’ll be ready for her. Meanwhile I want to continue to focus on being a better man which is what one of those men stated in the video above. And hopefully in a few years I can be a hot-shot corporate executive making good money.

Part of the world

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Last year I did a post called MGTOW which stands for men going their own way. I had begun to follow some of the MGTOW youtube channel although my favorite one got taken down ultimately. It opened my eyes to the idea at least that a man should go his own way, become a better man, and that he doesn’t need a woman to do so.

Now this is a male virgin blog and I suppose if society has their way I should be shunned or pitied to have never made a woman’s acquaintance before in life. Everything I do so far in my life is empty without either having had sex at a bare minimum or having a married with children at any point in my life. Its the one thing that many have used to define me especially if I wind up making an ignorant comment about women, sex or relationships.

I’ve had people decide it was OK to lecture me about how I need to go out and become part of the world. For example join a dating website so that I could get laid next week or I need to hurry up get out there into the dating world before I turn 40 or the women will laugh at me. Just trying to cause a sense of urgency on my part to connect with a member of the opposite sex before “its too late”. And I find myself wondering how empty is his life where he feels as if he needs to say anything about it?

Let’s be honest about something as far as being part of the world for some it’s defined by having companionship as a bare minimum. To be fair, I haven’t really been part of the world. I missed out on that time in my youth where I should’ve met that woman. I spent a number of years in college – longer than I should’ve honestly – and I never really involved myself in social events. While I might have desired some of the women I met at school outside of social events or on facebook I feel as if I had more drama going on in without involving myself in relationships. I had to pay for school, avoid any academic issues, and then of course finally graduate.

In order to meet that special someone I have to go out into the world and interact. I often failed to do that and often preferred to keep to myself. Of course there were times trouble came to me, and often without me knowing how to handle it. It caused me further keep to myself and as a result those women who would’ve been interested in me found other men to engage with. It also didn’t help that after a number of missteps it took me time to finally finish my undergrad.

Then I arrived at “The Show” and aside from a few social moments, I never allowed myself an opportunity to truly connect with the young women or older women that I had worked with. Though what I can say about that period was it was the first period I had found gainful employment and had a few more dollars in my pocket as a result. Still I felt at that point that I couldn’t afford to do the many things that will allow me to become part of the world.

Sometimes I do feel as if I’m behind in my life. While many are out dating and meeting people or they’re married and building their families, I’m still stuck in teenage mode. I still have to figure out things that should’ve been worked out years ago.

Think about this, I graduated from college later. Found a regular job and eventually a full-time job later. And any other accomplishments I will ultimately meet them later as well. Perhaps realizing my potential as a man (and more for myself as I’m beginning to recognize) will have to come later as well.

I’m behind because I’ve never been part of the world, time to find ways to become part of the world.

My pants came off

As far as looking forward to having my pick as far as online dating. The formerly unfortunate virgin male (yup he lost it a while ago) informs on what you can expect. He had the right formula, go out and meet people. Hopefully he still does that.

However the many dates he goes on using various online dating apps such as Bumble are very entertaining. He know what turns him off, what turns women off, he knows if someone isn’t interested, he knows when to go in for a kiss, he just has some experience with this dating thing. One thing is still true dating is still hard, but for him he continues to plug away.

Hopefully he will find love….

The (Formerly) Unfortunate Virgin

For a hot minute I thought I was going to get laid again, I really did.

I made a snap decision to rejoin Bumble a few days before Christmas.  However I was tiring of the crap I was wading through and I remembered my hookup over the summer. I could do that again, I thought.  I definitely missed sex.  And while I’d ideally like to find something serious, if something like that came along I’d definitely consider it.  So I posted a picture of me in a holiday suit, declared I wasn’t looking for anything serious,  and joked about having a Red Room of Christmas, donning a Santa hat and engaging in elvish kinkery.

I created my profile at 8 in the morning, and within a couple hours I already had an interested party.  She was 28 and lived a few miles away in my old hometown.  We met…

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