Election Night 2016: time suckers SHOOT

Feels like the right time to revisit this episode from over five years ago. I can connect this with the last convo I ever really had with The Fiend and it turned into such an ordeal in my humble opinion. I think in both cases we just needed someone to talk to and for me in my last convo with him he wasn’t just not as willing to talk or listen as I feel as if I was on Election Day.

I may have been looking for reassurance because what led to the last convo I considered a bit triggering. It wasn’t so much that he just couldn’t empathize in that moment it was that he was in no mood to really listen to my thoughts on it. It’s one thing if it wasn’t something he really wanted to touch, however, in the months leading up to it he was mentioning a subject that was more or less a no-no for me. And at that for me to take on that subject I thought was a no-no for him however as stated in yet another post this was yet another way to further his own negativity.

Now as far as election night 2016 I don’t know what he was looking for other than to rant even as he was patrolling a grocery store parking lot on the graveyard shift. As far as I remember we never really talked about that election that year. It was a most unusual election and the results was for many unexpected. Perhaps he took an outcome for granted and it freaked him out very easily.

I think he really exposed his own hell, fire, and brimstone alarmism on a night where I was just ready to call it a night. I didn’t have the same type of alarm that he did as far as who was winning. When I think about it, just wasn’t sure where that election was going just knew that neither candidate for President appealed to me though it appears Anthony had picked a horse and wasn’t happy.

He chose me to call and repeatedly referred to the man who became President-elect a racist, rapist and declared there was going to be a race war. He also declared that he was going to move to Canada and this country is screwed. I was not in the mood for a real political discussion and definitely didn’t want to engage with someone who was very upset and unglued. While trying to have a balanced approach I told him the other candidate wasn’t all that he just stated that “we’d be screwed even less under her”. This was when I asked if we could change the subject and he agreed.

Of course we talked about a range of subjects in that moment but here’s where the convo just went into a strange direction. He asked if I saw the latest Marvel Comics picture Dr. Strange. When I answered in the affirmative then he asked “who did I go with?” When I answered no one he launched into a strange lecture about how I needed to start dating or all the women will start laughing at me – oh right that’s encouragement.

He noted that I was a loner “which is just fine with you” but I “make good money so you really don’t have an excuse”. He made a pitch for me to again use PoF.com. I just said OK as if to say this convo isn’t going any further and he had to keep it going “I know what that means. Give me one reason why you can’t do it.” I didn’t give him a reason just my typical way of dealing with something like this is to say hardly anything as if to say I’ll consider it.

To give some background he knows I like to go to the movies but as a “mentor” it was important for me to take someone to the movies. That was his priority, why I have no clue as stated many times on this blog he’s a disappointed father that’s his schtick. I just think in his mind he feels like what suits him is for me to have some female companionship. On the other hand while he claims to get a lot of action with the ladies to one time graphically telling me one sexual encounter with a grandmother during that period I just see a man who’s just single and chasing pu$$y not really companionship.

Aside from the fact that since I cut ties now he later became engaged. YaY him as long as he’s serious which I suspect he probably isn’t but that’s not my business anymore.

Anyway as for PoF.com he’s mentioned that site to me before. When we were still working at The Show we were regularly taking the train back to the south side from work and he would start mentioning that site frequently. His main selling point was to predict that “you could get laid by next week“. As far as how his campaign went I just wasn’t interested. I checked out the site and saw nothing I really wanted to connect with out there.

I usually just demurred and stated that I didn’t see the point and I liked connecting with women who went to school at Hillman College. Well not specifically Hillman I was more referring to connecting with women on Facebook before they had their own dating services. He was not deterred it was his mission to get me to connect with a woman as me being a man without a woman was just an issue for him.

He would at that point probably 2012-13 just would follow up with me. Did you finish your profile? Did you upload a profile pic? I usually just said no and probably cited finances as far as why I just didn’t have much interest. For those of you who have kids, you put on the pressure then you find out how uninterested the kids are in your ideas here’s a good example.

Anyway until election night 2016 he brought up PoF.com again and as it turned out for the last time. The difference between 2016 and just about four years earlier was that this time he dropped the sales tag of you could be laid by next week to just get a date and get you some female companionship before you turn 40.

However, as far as me not having much success with women he couldn’t help but continue to take his shots. Even kept mentioning the name of one young lady he insisted I take to a comedy show at a downtown theater which fell apart because I just wasn’t into it. He wanted to keep blaming me for what happened with that until I saw the confused look on his face with no further answer beyond “you blew it with her.” The look on his face was basically I’m no longer buying that answer and he knew it. He ultimately left it alone.

Anyway let’s turn this 180 degrees and discuss how he ranted about some women near the end of our convo. First I had to listen to him rant about the elections now I had to hear a rant about how he was talking to a woman over time and some other woman he knew decided to interfere with the motive that “she was lonely and she didn’t want her girlfriend to have anyone“. My advice which I hope was sensible – and could probably be easily ignored by Anthony – was he should just leave them alone which he easily agreed stating that he already has. There I go being a friend to someone who really was no friend of mine.

Anyway what a strange up and down conversation. Frustrating, tiring and a bit long lasting two hours, I didn’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I missed some of the results but that’s OK did some catching up as I wanted to follow this one.

To give you a break down this happened about a month after the episode of The Next to Last Drop. I do hope you follow the original Election Day post.

Also it was election day somewhere in the country on Tuesday, hopefully you did your civic duty.

Election Day 2016: Time suckers….

We’re one week away from the Presidential Election. I hope you plan to vote next Tuesday or you already voted with this bug in mind. All the same, four years ago I did my civic duty in a different environment and took a call from someone who was bothered by those results – you know who. 😛

This is a post of a so-called “time sucker”, in this case I found myself taking time to receive a phone call while I was still following election returns. He portrayed himself as someone very concerned about the election all of the sudden. He was worried about how screwed were going to be and the character of our then president elect and was ready to move to Canada. So far as I knew he hasn’t moved yet.

Sadly this year’s election is as polarizing as the last. It seems in many respects the lines are again clearly drawn. Basically don’t vote for this guy he’s the devil, or vote for this guy he’s better. The choices this year aren’t great, but at least one man has a more of a record in office than the other who’s been in public life for decades.

At least for the most part people haven’t mentioned the worst aspect of our current president’s character as they see it. And this year I hope people are seeing through a lot of what’s going on in the streets of many of our cities during the summer.

So either way in 2016, I wasn’t as affected as my old fiend was. The results, actually the candidates weren’t ideal however the one who didn’t get in that many expected to do so wasn’t elected. The one who did get in wasn’t the most ideal, but I suspect many in America trusted him more than the other.

I hope you enjoy last year’s treat about what happened with yours truly on Election Day 2016.

Election Day 2016: Time suckers….

You know I could really relate this story to “energy suckers”. A man who worked with yours truly and Anthony the hustler could describe Ant as an energy sucker. I know that in the title I had used the term “time sucker” and I could put into the same territory as an energy sucker. However being a time sucker is a story I want to talk about here.

This story takes place on Election Day and especially during the returns from all states. It’s relatively rare that politics becomes a topic of discussion on this blog. I stay away from it here because in spite of the retreads of stories on this blog, there is more than enough material to avoid politics. In this case however is the one time politics and this blog converges.

Strangely I don’t remember enough about election day three years ago. Did I work that day? Did I have to work the next day? Did I miss some of the returns and therefore the moment that the 2016 presidential election was effectively over?

white house

I DO remember that on that day I did do my civic duty and voted in that election. I do remember that at some point during that afternoon I had talked to Ant on the phone as he was on his way to work (at this point he had worked for a security company as it turned out patrolling the grounds of a grocery store during a late shift). We didn’t really talk about the election, however, we did talk some business.

We talked about the theater owner whom I interviewed with over four years ago at that point. This was the first interview of the streak era which resulted in no job offer. Some things came about regarding her in the press and she suffered some reversals, however, it was in the local news for a new project to bring her back into the cinemas business. Since Anthony claims to be in her head I just had to ask him about it.

His response was to state that he saw her some time before our call. He claims that she’s been trying to connect with him for a job. He claims to be avoiding her because he already knew he didn’t want to be bothered. I don’t recall any real thoughts on her new project, however, it was out there. Let’s stop here though as this will come up later.

So we head in the evening and during most of that time I had been watching the returns somewhat intently. What I can’t say I expected was the man who’s currently our president was basically running away with this election. It was truly an odious election as neither candidate was ideal. However, I was feeling one candidate more than the other and I was more than accepting of the results even if it resulted in a controversial candidate getting elected.

A little before midnight I was dumb enough to take a call from Anthony – the major mistake. Anthony called and he was just upset about who was winning that election, at this point he’s calling while he’s on patrol at his security job. He often repeated that the president-elect was a rapist and a racist, that it’s time to move to Canada, and that there will be a race war. Meanwhile in the comfort of my own home I was more annoyed and perplexed by this conversation.

Trying to offer some balance I say the other candidate isn’t that great herself. All he could come up with is that we’d be even less screwed under her. Regardless he seemed strangely affected by this election and it’s as if he was caught off guard by election returns. Not only that he never stated his position on the election before that evening, so it’s possible that he might have been in his bubble truly believing another candidate would win.

Eventually I realized I had nothing to add to this conversation and ask to change the subject. Perhaps he sensed that I wasn’t as upset as he had been which would be an unusual moment of awareness for him. This was when I pivoted to the mgmt interview I had with the theater owner of a neighborhood cinema. He didn’t have too many answers other than her personality was such that she could never truly be counted out in spite of her reversals. Then suddenly we pivoted towards another subject.

Ant started off with “Did you see Dr. Strange?” the latest hot picture at that time and I answered in the affirmative. Then “Who did you go with?” Which only served to revive something he was interested in for reasons only he understands and it was something he started mentioning at random when we talk. Now he wants me to find someone to date and take the show with me. My answer was the wrong one since he wants to pivot onto this.

He lectures me on how I need to have some female companionship before I turn 40 or these women will “laugh at you”. They will wonder where have you been and all that. He makes another pitch to join PoF.com and made sure to note I had no excuse since “you make good money” which is another thing that’s really not his business although I had expressed my level of pay to him. My only response to this was a confused and perplexed “Okay???” which leads to his lack of awareness that I wasn’t that into talking about it.

“Give me one good reason why you can’t do it?”

I never said that I wouldn’t was my reply.

“OK I’m just going to say this. I’m part of this world and you’re just living in it. There is a difference and I’ll leave it at that.”

Which eventually leads to us trading a form of Chuck Norris jokes with me offering “Anthony the hustler was once bitten by a snake and after five days of excruciating pain the snake died”. Ant mockingly laughed at this joke and had to one-up yours truly “What did Anthony the hustler say to his dad when he left home for college? Alright dad, you’re the man of the house now!”

Finally he talked about talking only with some woman with whom he had mutual friends. Things seem to go well until something happened and he found out one of his mutual friends kind of interfered with this communication. According to him this mutual friend stated that she was single and she didn’t want anyone else to experience companionship while she was alone. So he started ranting about that.

The irony of this is that he just finished lecturing me who he knows is inexperienced with this about his own troubles with women. I could’ve just said GOOD as Ant had used the term manipulate as far as getting his needs met with women. That woman may have just dodged a bullet as Ant brings drama with him. Of course I only sympathize as this seems like an experience were often women seem to make excuses to not do something. It could be dating or anything else….

With that said he described the scene around a grocery store late night with coyotes running around in an urban jungle. While he took one last shot at the president-elect before he finally had calmed down enough to get back to work that night. So he called around midnight that evening and it was about 2 AM before we finally hang up! That really took a lot more time than I wanted to devote and I missed some of the returns as he decided to call me up at whatever moment the winning state was called.

What did we see here from that evening. Well Ant was definitely a time sucker and I allowed him to be. For him I had time to listen to his rant about the election. And he was definitely an energy sucker who decided to take this time to make me feel bad about myself with unsolicited advice. I’m not at the point in my life where he wants me to be. If only he knew what changes during the next three years would bring to our rather odd friendship.