August 2021

Well I don’t know it’s been missed but let me update you all. Yours truly was associate of the week last month at my store. An unexpected accomplishment that came with a gift card for groceries. Made sure my boss allowed me the email that announced this honor. Perhaps after 10 years of working a regular job this was a compliment to yours truly.

For those of you just starting out, just come to work don’t try to be perfect. Sooner or later someone will notice it not to say no one ever has ever for me, however, consider that you will work with people who won’t appreciate you no matter what.

It seemed changing departments even for this pandemic might have been a good move hopefully to take me to the next level. Time will tell on that, however, I think things started getting rough in the other dept by the time the change occurred. Not necessarily to reign of error levels but close. Perhaps this was a good thing although I wasn’t happy about it for months after it happened. Though I’m still looking for the right opportunity to return.

A colleague from my old dept pulled me aside and offered me an “that a boy” for that accomplishment and she believed if I stayed on that team I’d have been stuck. I grew even more away from that environment. Noted that one of the people who we worked with just always seemed to act like they were threatened. No one can do anything to help or anything without them accusing her colleagues of making her seem incompetent. That person had some issues and thankfully they have since moved on. However while there that person just wasn’t very happy there and it often showed.

Of course there are other examples of people whom I worked with who foot that bill with varying degrees of pleasant/unpleasantness. Some of them were older and quite a few were younger. Most did a lot of complaining and quite a few made some boasts while they complained. Some knew to stay out of trouble and quite a few still liked to act as if they have their run of the place. Very few come up with a plan to leave and execute it.

It’s very easy to stay in one place and be very comfortable. I’d say as long as your making good money stick around, the moment your pay stagnates move on. Even if you’re happy with your pay or even growth, perhaps there’s something else you’d rather do you can always work towards that. At this point that’s my goal!

This month my mother and I will be going out of town for a reunion in an exotic location. Nope not the Carribean or anywhere outside the country. We’re having a reunion somewhere that has no ties to any family that we know of. It’s rarity as usually the reunions are organized where family lives. I told my mother she should get vaxxed me I just plan to wear a face covering and will only rest easy once we get home. If we had gotten her car serviced we could’ve drove as it’s not that far away from Chicago where this reunion will take place.

Perhaps another tale of awkwardness to come?

Beyond that not a whole lot to report. You probably already knew this.

As always stay optimistic even if a lot of the things I discuss on here doesn’t seem very optimistic.

March 2015

At this point I was working at the Hole for just about 2 months. I didn’t know that soon I’ll be working “full-time” for the first time in life. The transition wasn’t too difficult, however, I was in a different environment than expected. Or was I?

What I was doing at a grocery store wasn’t terribly different than for example a theater concession stand. Just a bit more prep work and certainly a clearer idea of what’s expected. The products weren’t as limited as a cinema – you know popcorn, candy, hot dogs, etc. However, I had to get used to what I was doing and when I first started looking at a jobs with Fresh Foods my inclination was to be at the front end ringing up customer groceries.

Either way, I had to do another call with the state’s unemployment officials in March ’15 as Gotham Bank had filed an appeal after benefits were approved even if it was just for no more than three weeks – from the time I got let go from that branch in December ’14 to orientation at Fresh in January ’15. As it was termed I got benefits with an initial payout then after continuing to register weekly for regular payouts after that. It wasn’t much but for a brief time I had some income coming, and still no overhead. 😛

The initial process was easy and under the guidance of a friend – no not the Friend I never told him directly what happened with the bank. There were no direct documentation that I had to sign just a lot of verbal warnings and what not. I think the only main warning I got was not from anyone in mgmt or otherwise any standing but from co-worker. And I had to guess at the final act which I was never told directly. When Ed and Stan pulled me into the office Ed fired off a number of offenses which I could easily categorize as issues with attendance (specifically tardies) and performance as a teller. A list of things that allowed him to determine that he just didn’t like what he sees. Made sure to reference the probationary period for Gotham which was about 90 days, and I was just about halfway through that once things ran their course there.

So I guessed at what the final straw had been, I made sure to tell them what I had been told. Correctly I guessed one particular incident that happened that helped Ed make up his mind about my job there. I get a letter approving my benefits saying I was not at fault and the friend based on some of what I had been telling him determined that my training was an issue. Then again I will admit I was incompetent and uneasy in that role and as stated as time went on and didn’t get on well in my new role yours truly began to dread coming to work at that branch everyday…

For the record the hearing over the phone for the appeal had been cancelled I got a phone call for it the day it was supposed to happen. Actually in a fit of pretending to be my brother who hadn’t seen lived with us for over a decade I took a message that Gotham had rescinded their appeal. If the appeal from Gotham had gone through I’d have to repay that money and thankfully at that time it wasn’t necessary.

I had read up on the company and how they handled unemployment claims. It seemed they contested all unemployment claims and if they lost they will appeal. I had the unfortunately issue of being unable to find my schedule from the bank because in the initial phone call which was before my orientation for the Hole from what the agent told me over the phone there was some discrepancies as far as when that final act occurred. If I remembered the date the agent had told me correctly I wasn’t even at work that day and looked at a copy of my schedule from the bank still in my possession. If the appeal was rescinded I didn’t have to prove that.

However, one thing I could say for Ed one time he pulled me in the office and he got his dates wrong. While he was going to get me on something that given day, he was trying to mention something that we talked about on another day in the office and it was all wrong. I demonstrated that I do remember what we talked about everytime he wanted to talk $h!t to yours truly. Right or wrong Ed seemed to have some arrogance about him and this was not the first time nor the last time I encountered this from a manager. Problem is when they want to get you on something there isn’t much to say about it on my end and was still on the defensive in the long run….

Regardless smooth sailing in the new year at the new job. We started off with a decent crew in the beginning. A few we lost for a variety of reasons probably attendance related or otherwise just realized this wasn’t for them. However, I viewed my new job and company as yet another new beginning. Besides the hot shot job at the bank didn’t work out and that was supposed to be something of a new beginning from The Show.

Oh, yeah I like to talk about the big money years. Well 2015 was the start and it’s basically ongoing even with the hiccup that came later. Minimum wage in Illinois back in 2014 was still $8.25/hr. When I moved over to the bank I went up to about $3.25 more per hour than the hourly wage offered at The Show which was minimum wage. However starting off at Gotham the position was only 20 hrs a week and yes there were opportunities to add to your paycheck i.e. make referrals and never felt too comfortable doing that at the time. I think on Gotham’s version of a social network I saw there doing this for a year would get me, basically I wouldn’t make more money than I had made at The Show. Basically under my minimum goal of making $20K/year, my yearly income assuming no changes would still be roughly in the $10K/year range.

However at the Hole as time goes on that year, I get benefits mainly health insurance and dental. Also a raise after six months, and especially being lifted up into full-time status which means overtime and working up to 40 hrs a week I would ultimately reach that $20K/year goal in 2015. As far as benefits that would wait until a bit later I didn’t immediately get benefits or was unsophisticated about the company’s processes as far as enrolling in benefits once I became full-time. However, by the end of the year I’d get there.

After a couple of years of the streak era, I was going to achieve some of the minimum goals I had from roughly the start. A job with benefits and at a minimum make $20K/year.

Climax of 2017

On New Years Day 2018, I was out of work. I had two interviews from the jump with the national theater chain I had been employed during 2016 – the Dine-In Show which I also had an interview and didn’t get an offer. I had also been interviewed with the theater I had been trying to get on board with when I was still at The Show up until 2014 which resulted in no-offer.

I was still dealing with the ouchie from being let go from the Hole and although I knew that Ruthless Roger wasn’t going to last long with a paucity of updates about the situation at that point I was beginning to believe in a different narrative. Perhaps Rog might actually work out in his role, he’s fulfilling his role as a change agent trying to inject some new blood into my former department. I was just about a month away from realizing that it hadn’t worked out and he was no longer in charge of my former department. And it was time to re-apply with Fresh Foods.

I know I promised a Climax of the Reign of Error post, there isn’t much I feel is necessary to write right now. I’ve written a few times about what happened – my train was running late due to an unforeseen emergency got a late slip because it wasn’t in my control and certainly by Rog and definitely by Morley it was justified as corporate never said anything and no one else had been affected so you’re out BYE. One part of the story to be told was Rog just hours before the end of my shift snuck up behind me to escort me into the store mgmt offices only for him to walk back out coldly. On second thought I do want to hash that out.

Either way I didn’t know that this month Roger was on his way out as dept mgr for my old department at that point. I was still applying during the cold of winter establishing a new routine as the previous routine was unceremoniously changed over two months earlier.

You know the climax was hard because my mother was unemployed from earlier the year before. She lost her job when her company was taken over by banking regulators. I lost my job and had a not as healthy senior citizen mother at home. I knew that yours truly was going to be the primary breadwinner although at least my mother had her own retirement to lean on. Regardless with me out of work she had a different role at that point than she would’ve had in different times.

At that point all yours truly could do was continue plugging away though for the moment just avoid Fresh Foods until I was close to getting out of that 6 month period before I could reapply.

It wasn’t until I stated on Facebook that I saw Black Panther that Anthony/The Hustler/Fiend had been flushed out. He actually wished me a happy birthday out of the blue the year before, however, I really hadn’t heard much from him since the summer before. I never communicated to him about the job loss and once the soft blackout with him commenced he had no idea how things just began to go 180 degrees in a whole different direction. I often get the feeling he’d take advantage of such disarray…

Regardless all he had to do before he started trying to get into contact was attempt to comment on Facebook “you never said what theater you went to” once I noted seeing Black Panther. I deleted the comment feeling a bit irritated that he was attempting to repeat a schtick that was no longer amusing at that point.

I suppose not much to report for that period of time. Just hopeful as one can be in a somewhat different circumstance.

I do want to add however that I heard different things about Roger’s last few days at the Hole. I heard from Wil who was the associate buyer that until Rog had departed he hardly spoke to anyone. Two supervisors noted that he had bought a house in the suburbs and evidently didn’t want to commute into downtown any longer – sounds like an excuse doesn’t it. Even one supervisor somewhat expressed such a thought to yours truly when I contacted him. I heard through the grapevine – not from those aforementioned supervisor – that he was pulled aside once he referred to his department as a bunch of gangbangers. Yeah that’ll do it, and once hearing that I just started laughing because it made sense.

Either way while I was buying into the hype in my own head that he just might work out, the reality was that he may well have been exposed while finding people he can get rid of. Eventually I will have more of a complete picture once I return to work in the spring.

The Modern Day

I saw recently that my old dept at my current assignment is hiring for part-timers. I overheard a discussion between my old boss and one of the store mgrs. He specifically asked would staffing help.

So far from what I can tell the requisition are for part-timers only. A part-time customer service and a part-time porter. I don’t know if they had any discussion with the part-timers they transferred out. I was told if they’re looking to restaff they’d pull us aside, but it’s not clear if they had pulled aside the part-timers they transferred.

I have to really ask them about it and haven’t allowed myself the opportunity. Although one of the part timers who works for the butcher team has been picking up shifts where he can including our former dept. Though perhaps over a month ago he mentioned they may pull us aside at some point. It’s amazing that we’re just about four months into this out of the blue change thanks to the after effects of this bug.

I see that jobs in this state for Fresh Foods are on the uptick. The numbers seem to go up and down the last I checked there are 172 jobs available in this state for the company. This includes jobs at the regional corporate officers, a distribution center nearby, and the various stores which are in the Chicago area.

I’m keeping an eye out on available opportunites. And I still got my eye on the Hole especially any higher level opportunities as discussed with Larry. The opportunities are out there and if I get tired of the current situation the hard part is making a move. This is the time to do it.

My old department is down one assistant manager. I spoke to him when I learned he was leaving and he told me where he was going. I wished him luck but this was an out of the blue move though closer to home for him which I understand. That means maybe my old dept will be looking for a new assistant mgr though as of yet a requisition hasn’t been posted.

There is also some turnover in my former dept as a few people have left including one outspoken and troublesome older woman who didn’t mind finding things to complain about. She was so stuck in her ways it was very difficult to correct her. Others have commented that as far as her job she was woefully inefficient.

I went on a 15 min break as she was making sandwiches to be packed out and sold on the floor. When I came back she was still working on those sandwiches. My reasoning is that if it was me I’d have moved on to other sandwiches by that point or packing them out as opposed to still making them.

Anyway just judging by some of things she talked about she knew some people who could help her. Especially as far as with opportunities she talks about how she was a professional and didn’t belong in a retail environment. I was glad to see things were progressing for her and she felt confident in leaving a situation that she decided wasn’t working for her.

And I also know there were some people who breathe a sigh of relief when she moved on. She was miserable and was said to brought people into her misery. That includes yours truly who came to that store after sitting at home for six months after the climax of the Reign of Error.

We got a presidential election coming and I know who to vote for this time. My plan is to go to my precinct and cast my ballot in person. I don’t trust electronic voting and I definitely don’t trust mail in especially now. As always I hope for the best with it as this has been a wild year in my memory and in this case worldwide too.

As always, stay safe & be well.


photo of buildings during nighttime

Although I answered HarleyQ in the recent post when she asked the question about transferring out of my comfort zone it caused me to want to further expand that post. I went from talking about changing jobs and remaining comfortable and complacent in the roles I have accepted so far to considering whether or not I should leave my hometown.

In my answer I liken this to changing jobs (on my own terms) back in October ’14. The time to have left in reality was over two years ago before and I was very gungho for that, however, in my mind I needed a job to leave for. I had to work for that for over two years until I finally got a job offer to leave for.

I told a senior manager at The Show that I was leaving. At that moment I believed that was the right thing to do upon getting the job offer to go to Gotham Bank, there was hardly anything there for me to stay. I knew the job which was my comfort level and I knew some of the workers, especially the ones I felt that I could work with and the ones who were trouble. Although some of the managers were beginning to move on I knew them too for good or for bad. I left a job of almost five years with great familiarity, however, I knew it was stagnation no reason to think I would grow there.

There lies the catch-22 I was leaving the familiarity and taking on a role where I had no familiarity. A new environment does wonders, then again the new environment is the unknown and once I did turn in my two weeks with that aforementioned senior manager I did so with trepidation. Did I really want to leave?

Although I knew it was the right thing perhaps in a way I wasn’t really set to go. I made those decisions turned in my notice and never asked the rescind it. Your’s truly was still somewhat unsure about what I was doing. Even then once I realized it wasn’t working out in the long run, I had also decided it would be a failure if I tried to get my job back at The Show.

As far as transferring out of my comfort zone I feel as if I may have that same hesitation. To leave the familiar is hard. I know the Chicago area for the most part leaving would be hard. I chose going to Mission College because where it was located it had decent public transit, but it was still an unfamiliar land.

I also consider my elderly mother who’s going through some of her current health challenges. We’ve occasionally discussed the possibility that I could take on a job outside of the Chicago area. Nothing serious comes of it, however, there are a few options I’ve noted where yours truly would want to go.

green grass field under blue sky


The pic I used in that last post I used a search term Iowa. It seems like an unlikely new direction for me, and especially for a state I’ve only passed through a handful of times. Most of us know Iowa as a place of agriculture, college football and even minor league baseball. I could find a decent sized city and be OK because it’s unthinkable to live in the sticks.

Someone suggested Georgia where Mission (not a real school but does represent my alma mater) is located and I basically just balked. Everyone is moving to Georgia and yours truly would rather start trends not follow them. 😛

Either way making a physical move to another city or another state is a difficult undertaking. Especially difficult without having a plan that could include a job or even a school to attend.

As always something under consideration for now.

Comfort level

green grass field under blue sky

With what’s been going on in the world I’ve been thinking again. Well actually I have been thinking about it for quite a while. It really should’ve started during my hiatus over two years ago.

It back during the period between October ’17 to April ’18 I developed the idea that a job is nothing more than a means to an end. It’s true there are many ways one can make money and this is something that had been explored on this blog also (ex. how does one make money on YouTube).

At the same the thought process with that was merely that I had lost the job that I really liked and believed that I really grew at in that period. However, what if that company went belly up and lets say I created a new company I could attempt to recreate that culture. The culture at the Hole if not Fresh Foods as a whole is one reason why I returned to the company.

The lesson here is that no matter how much you like a job and how much a job or a company has done for you especially financially it can always be taken away from you. I won’t entirely go into the circumstances of my situation just about three years ago at this point and besides it’s been written about on this blog numerous times. The bottom line is that for whatever reason you may not have that job any longer.

Still, one focus on this has been about jobs. What else would I like to do and what entrepreneurial thing can yours truly do to make money independently? I still think about that chances are I probably won’t start a store although I do have thinks I have cared about such as movies, comic books, tech, etc. I’ve tried the world of finance and still have the culture shock of that in my system.

However, another part of comfort is I’ve never left home. A conclusion I came to recently in light of this unrest is that Chicago is part of my comfort level. Jack V works for a fortune 500 company and has the opportunity to go anywhere he wants. Yours truly can go to Wisconsin, Georgia, Mississippi, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, etc. Just about anywhere I wish as long as I can secure a job.

I’ve also been talking about going back to school although the time you might have seen this on the blog it was to go to a local university and attain a master’s degree. Well that’s my opportunity to go elsewhere. Find out how reasonable tuition is and hopefully find a full-time job to keep the money train going.

For this moment things under consideration.

This guy made a change

I can somewhat relate to this video where a man who had at one point in his life worked a high pressure job making $80K per year and then decided to downshift. He went from working such a job and letting go of his condo and house and job to an apartment riding a bike to work at a grocery store three days a week. He got tired of the rat race and left it behind working for eleven years.

This is one of those videos that probably doesn’t fit here, however, I wanted to share it anyway. It likely belongs on the new blog that I want to start.


assorted flavor pizza

For the first time in a longtime I tried something new at work. It was something that yours truly had been working on for years at Fresh Foods but the opportunities weren’t presenting themselves. Nor was I willing to just take the “bull by the horns” and go for it.

I made some pizzas at work. To be honest the four pizzas produced recently weren’t the first ever made with my hands. Still yours truly feels as if I’ve made quite an accomplishment recently not even achieved during my time at the Hole.

The other pizzas ever made with my two hands occurred earlier during my time at the Hole and then later once I arrived at my current assignment. The only concern is would I be able to handle the rush during a “normal” business day as it could be very stressful for anyone who has worked pizza. Also at this moment my concern is over whether or not it’s possible to handle a custom order for a pizza. Regardless, it’s hard to say that I have an out as far as making pizzas now.

Keith – whom I formerly worked with at The Show – even chimed in on my snapchat that my beautifully crafted pieces of culinary artwork looked like something from The Show. The pizzas sold at my old job were shipped pre-made and frozen – definitely not freshly made not matter how often customers at concessions insisted on a “fresh” pizza. My only response to which he agreed was that the pizza I made was better than what you’d get at The Show. 😛

As always I continue to change and grow and learn new things!


I often refer to me years – and two different stints – with Fresh Foods as the big money years. Then the bug hit us and the business had to adjust to the pandemic. The hours have gotten a tad more erratic in recent weeks. I’m not like it at all.

Earlier last month full-timers got hit with the policy that we’d have to be available for at least 70% of a store’s operating hours. And the added threat of possibly losing hours which two people confided in me about. One of those people I don’t see as particularly versatile as this seem to stick to one job and show no interest in learning anything else about the department.

Indeed and I’m keeping this in mind that this person seems to have things going on at work. They want to limit the times they can work – not necessarily what they do at work – in light of what’s going on at home. I think what would help them out is expanding beyond what they have done since I’ve started there. If this was my advice it’s unsolicited and just need to steer clear of that. However this bug hit us and that person hasn’t said anything else about it.

Another person actually started doing receiving more than I have in recent years. And view him as having the least to complain about, they don’t like the idea of a job “owning” a worker. However, if they’re concerned about their availability I see their solution – and had offered unsolicited advice to them – perhaps they need to find a buy/receive job. More often than not that’s guaranteed early hours do your ordering, receiving, and replenishing and then go home.

They’re not complaining as much as they had been, however, we have the added concern of this bug and we have some more problems. Our boss sent an email recently with regards to scheduling and hours letting us know we’re making less sales than normal. Suggested a few things like taking some hours in new departments, taking an extra day off or a whole week off, or even taking some hours at another store. Then it got me thinking.

I often liked to say that it’s more likely that I will return to the Hole than return to The Show. Yes, they are two different industries and right now The Show is closed so no return as of now is even possible. But what if I could help out my old department at the Hole and it leads to returning for good. Of course what I realize in that situation is that given the many changes as far as personnel there are many changes.

Another thing in consideration is that while grocery is an essential business as of now and many stores are still hiring there isn’t as much hiring given the current circumstances. I get the opportunity to learn a different department and how they do things and saw a job that could be of interest which is in another department but is a buy/receive position. So once I send this e-mail some big picture thinking is involved and besides this is a period of change & growth.

Regardless, this bug going around where I hear there is some progress – though not enough so that the world can go back to some form of normal – is causing us to adjust far more than we may be comfortable with. My goal right now is to just take advantage.


A recurring theme it seems to talk about letting things go only to further talk about it some more. Some of the events at work and talking about this with my mother regarding what happened almost two years ago has me re-evaluating the events that were the “Reign of Error“.


My mother who has experience in corporate environments hears a story of a change agent who’s time as a dept manager was expected to be brief. That’s how she might describe /goofball without being in the situation herself. She might be on the right track he definitely became a change agent, on the other hand with most of the folks that I worked with at the Hole mostly agree they knew it wouldn’t last long. They also mostly agree he just didn’t know what he was doing.

Another thing I had gotten stuck on is either his “strange campaign” against me was personal (i.e removing me from buy/receive under strange reasoning) or I might view my firing differently if I had a different mgr or even a different relationship with Rog. Well I have no reals answer as far as that to be honest, however, all I can say was as much as I may consider what happened bull$h!t it was legit unfortunately. It just had to be him who made the call and his bosses backed him.

Some colleagues at my current assignment suggested it was time to let that go. Because of recent events at work with Peg it had also caused me to re-evaluate some things. For what happened with Peg the thought turned to what happened with her. That was the more pressing thing of that moment especially the events before or after her hiring. I could compare her attitude even if it was an extreme to that of /goofball.

One of my colleagues even suggested that whatever happened back then I could just say “F#¢k them”. The way I see it now, if I did have that attitude I may never have returned to the company. I wanted to return and while my message even now has often been a job is nothing more than a means to an end I felt that returning allowed me to finish what I started. Mainly I hadn’t finished growing although who does finish growing. I had some goals in mind that were there once I got going at Fresh Foods so I wanted to “right my wrong” and just not allow that momentary setback to deter me.

Remember these days at work I make in wages a tad more than I had when I left in ’17. Also I own a share of stock in the conglomerate that owns Fresh. I’d say I consider these years at the grocery store to be essentially my big money years. These had been better years than what I had spent at The Show. No one can ever take that away from me and thankfully I have a good wad of cash stashed away.

I had allowed that to sidetrack me. I suffered a momentary setback and it caught me off guard. He may have wanted to sink me, however, the case was made by yours truly – yeah Jack don’t be late. Through testimonies from a variety of people I see that Rog definitely did have a really odious personality.

Since I was told by someone who had the misfortune of working with him even briefly before he got promoted to a dept manager his info is as simple as he had a massive ego. He also was inadequate at what he was doing and still projected this image of being a know it all. He wanted everyone to think he had it all figured out until it turns out he had very little clue about the job. I still feel as if at some point in his six months as a dept mgr he got exposed.

Another thought had occurred to be once I returned to the company last year. What if I eventually got /goofball’s old job? What if he remained at the company and somehow I was over him in a reversal of fortunes?

With this said I had wished for my own version of that moment when in Batman Begins Lucious Fox is starting a board meeting effectively letting the jilted Wayne Enterprises CEO that he was unceremoniously dismissed. I probably won’t get that moment and even then I recognize that when I do finally reach the dept mgmt level the last thing he would even be thinking about is yours truly. He might yawn at the idea of my own ascension to a role he seemed to have been forced to step down from.

That’s the image I need to have in my mind at this point. Perhaps I need to forget about the idea that if he does even think about yours truly that he’d be upset if I take on the role where he essentially failed. The ultimate revenge would be to get that level and even more sweet actually succeeding. However, I realize that it’s possible that I could also fail in spite of that potential motivation.

The bottom line as far as moving up at Fresh Foods and thinking about that period is I only can do this for me. It benefits me, I could be consumed by whatever wrong that could think had been done to yours truly. However at the end of the day, I still have to prove to myself that I can ultimately move beyond the types of roles that I had been hired for. And of course that includes mgmt positions at Fresh Foods.

I suppose that’s the manifestation that must happen. The manifestation must be that I can handle new roles whatever they may be that comes may way. I have to motivate myself but not at anyone else’s expense to do better for myself…

Alas I got a few more posts on this as we’re approaching the two year anniversary already. I don’t believe I teased a while back that my last days at the Hole and what led up to that could be a future post I still want to let time elapse on that. However, I have a few more stories to tell about that if I’m in the mood.