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As I often like to say one of the reason I left “The Show” was because I had few opportunities to grow. Last month I “reblogged” a post I had did over a year ago asking why I never got promoted to mgmt at the theater.

Regardless this was why I left the theater over four years ago. Why I tried my hand in the banking world. It’s also why I took on a job at a grocery store in a position I would’ve never imagined working in. It was never idea leaving a bank for a grocery store, but one has to go to work and the bank job didn’t work out for me.

As I’ve often stated over the past year or so, jobs are nothing more than a means to an end. Make your money, get your benefits, if you choose take on other jobs in a company, especially if you get tired of the job you had since joining a company long term. This is my current attitude as I continue to seek growth.

So this month I’m keeping in mind something in a recent post about change, now is the time to make some moves. Execute some plans and make some changes. It’s something that I have started this month and as time goes on this is something I plan to share with you all soon!


img_4834I feel as if my current boss was trying to put me onto this opportunity. All I said to what he’s already noted one morning at work was excellent. It felt like he said something else other than good morning, but let me tell you what I would think it’s all about.

He came from another store at “Fresh Foods” to take on his new role at my current assignment. In fact I learned after a recent huddle that it has been exactly a year since he took over that department. Anyway I want to note that his same store where the dept mgr who hired me to “The Hole” years ago had moved on to become an assistant store mgr at this other store.

With this said, the opportunity is at that other store to become team receiver. The position I could’ve had at “The Hole” if not for the regime change that took place during the summer of ’17. And in this case I’m in a better position to take on this role if I commit to applying for it and preparing for the interview. Back when I was at “The Hole” I was at the mercy of a dept mgr who I now think just had real difficulty settling into his new role as a dept. mgr.

Either way I’d like to talk more with my current boss about this opportunity. Although to be honest I like sticking with the familiar and since tardiness made it easy for that other guy to say “bon voyage” (even if he got sent packing himself later) I’m concerned about that too. The main reason for this is that this new assignment would be a longer commute perhaps as much as an hour. My current commute is easily 30 to 35 minutes.

Of course there are some other things to haggle over such as how early do I have to get to work. What type of schedule I’d be working. The main thing I could be concerned about is the leadership at the store and in that dept. Though I have some advantages, Arielle is in the dept as an assistant mgr. I know one of the store assistant mgrs and the store mgr. I also know someone in a supervisory role on another team.

Of course with this in mind I recognize this as a promotion. This is a step in the right direction for me at “Fresh” It’s an extra notch on the pay scale, or at least it had better be. It gets me closer to mgmt, though getting real close means learning buying. Then again I remembered something the reason for this journey, growth.

I remember over four years ago when I finally turned in my two weeks at “The Show”. And even though I went for broke there had been some apprehension on my part. While I was sure about leaving the theater (although even now I still have to convince myself that it was time to leave) my mindset wasn’t entirely excited about the new job at “Gotham Bank”. The way I see it now, the bank job wasn’t entirely the job I wanted as I wanted to work in downtown Chicago. Though big picture thinking is in the long run things worked out anyway as once that bank job fizzled and found myself where I believed I needed to be.

I will keep you updated on this, however, I want you to read – and give some likes – my New Year’s Day Odds & Ends post as it sets up the current situation in my dept. There has been a lot of changes and some of those changes I didn’t take advantage of. And the main change (my team needs a new buyer) is one I’m not yet ready to take advantage of. However I’m in the season of change for myself personally and it’s time to make some moves. I’ll never know if I don’t try.


i’m going to start about four years ago before i get to the main point of this post. four years ago was the start of my two year long job hunt which ended….two years ago. i started essentially in summer 2012 and then ended by fall of 2014.

what kicked this period off in earnest was a management position at a neighborhood theater that i had frequented for years. the company was owned by a woman who it seemed wanted to do right by the community. it seemed we had a good interview and expected to get the job.

basically a friend of mine – anthony – put it in my head that this was a done deal, he was also involved in this process as he wanted to work for this particular company also. while i had nothing but seemingly good news regarding my interview he responded with shock in his texts with me that i never heard from her. indeed he had interviewed and advanced to the next round but after I send her a quick follow-up email she cut me out of the process as i didn’t have significant management experience.

needless to say i was upset because i needed this and to be sure this would’ve gotten me away from “the show” and the drama there quickly. i really thought this could be a good fit to bring my experience from working near downtown chicago and start a program to turn the neighborhood facility into a posh place that you would expect to only see downtown. it sadly didn’t happen for me that way and i whined about it for a long time especially as my job search was netting me zero results until October 2014.

as for anthony he didn’t get the job himself and the behind the scenes drama of this businesswoman with whom we both interviewed got blasted in the news. her business partner conducted a takeover of this business and ultimately it resulted in a decline where she appears to no longer be in that business in almost a year’s time. it was really sad and one way to look at it is that we both dodged a bullet because some shit began to hit the fan.

well this is one example of staking everything – my livelihood especially – on one position. i was ready to leave “the show” at that only to find that well i may have been ready but no one else was yet ready to give me the job. it never occurred to me that i wouldn’t get that management job and that makes this extremely disappointing.

let’s fast forward four years later. i wrote here recently i was up for a promotion at my store. an interview was scheduled at first only to be canceled due to some technical issues at the store. there was a tentative date only for that to be pushed back due to meetings upon meetings upon meetings. then a bombshell recently.

one of my department assistant managers told me that there is an expectation that the position i was seeking – essentially a trainer supervisory role – could be eliminated due to budget issues. i had to process this but then i wasn’t too upset, disappointed yeah because i was looking forward to this one although for now it wasn’t meant to be.

i didn’t take this hard at all. what can be said was that things happen and that is that. i was gung ho but that just means for now i can relax. i’m still a regular employee for a bit longer. i didn’t really take advantage of the many past opportunities to move up at the store so that’s on me and the one i did go for may not happen for me.

at least for now, i need not stake my livelihood on a promotion as much as i think i’m ready for additional responsibilities. i had my promotion last year to full-time status which was an unexpected development but very welcome. the different between now and four years ago is that this will not bother me a whole lot for the moment and i know there will be other opportunities to take advantage of.

indeed i thought about this. what if say my current job enabled me to get the experience to go back to the movie theater business as a manager. one way to look at it if this was something i really wanted to do. as it turned out even though this was my first management interview experience it proved not to be the last and better opportunities came up later in spite of that initial disappointment.

by the way, the song of choice was no accident. it seemed fitting to use this James Bond theme for this post. “for you, i have to risk it all” seems to be good background music for this post especially for the subject matter.


had to quit the movie theater job today. when returned from my vacation last month my grocery job scheduled me on days where i normally would be off and/or work days. my schedule at theater and the store just weren’t compatible. i did the one thing i never do and that’s call off. i began to realize i can’t continue doing that.

one item off of my bucket list was working for this company as i had tried while still at “the show”. had three interviews with them and one of them for manager. cool job and offered more than “the show” ever did but with my full-time schedule at the store and the irregularity of hours at the theater well it grew difficult to manage.

the manager i turned my notice to said i’m free to re-apply in the future. which i may do when things begin to settle down, but i need a good plan to insure that i remain there for a while. that means managing the hours better than i had when i started as i had certainly been winging it.

still it felt great to return to that industry and to bring my previous training with me. also it was great to work at a newly opened cinema and at least see how an operation should be run. i can also say that about the store i work at also. i would like to think of myself as a better employee as a result of my experience at the store.

either way good experience and would try it again smartly. in addition up for promotion at the store at my current location and then a new location. well the new location decided and wasn’t in my favor and still waiting on interview for my  store. perhaps it’s better to not have this stress until i know what direction my work life will go.

also after turning in my notice at theater i rushed to the other job as quick as i could to stay within the grace period. it’s something that isn’t encouraged but it helps keep me out of point trouble. if i can’t stay within grace period i get a half point and they add up. they already have me documented for it. my goal now is to also stay on time from this point forward.