milestonesSo this month marks two milestones. The main milestone was that I left my dead end job at the cinema in the hopes of making more money and greater occupational growth. The other milestone involved the dental work I need to do and that involved numbing and pulling teeth.

Perhaps this time next year I can talk about another milestone. Perhaps it’ll be a promotion at work, perhaps it’ll be a relationship, or perhaps just sex with her. It doesn’t matter as long as there are people rooting for me it’s something worth sharing.

It seems I can’t help but  write posts about working here. The thing is finding a new job was key to making some improvements in my life. That included fixing my smile that had been altered by a gum disease and failed to get adequately treated.

Funny thing is that my time job hunting there was some concern more on some other people’s part that my inability to get a job offer was due to my smile. Funny thing was got a job offer in spite of my smile and on the firs day of my job was sporting a new set of front teeth.

As stated, the job I arrived at proved to be a bad fit and have since moved onto another job after only a month unemployed. Have been doing pretty good ever since and have only been happier since leaving.

Here’s hoping that by the first anniversary of this blog, I’ll have some progress as far as feeling some love. ❤


Dismissal and rebound

pink-slip-hollywood-journalOften I like to look at my work career here on this blog. One of the first times I did it, it was regarding how I arrived at my current job. It happened after a firing and a brief period of unemployment.

You’re reading the blog of a guy who for most of his 30s had been gainfully employed because unlike his 20s most of his job experience was as a result of temporary jobs that rarely lasted more than 2 or more weeks. Even if the first long term job I’ve ever held wasn’t in keeping with the fact that I earned a college degree it was something that gave me money for the first time in a long time.

That being said, often if I were to talk about my experience at that job you may decide that I haven’t gotten it out of my system. You’d be right I haven’t, I complain about a place where I no longer work and it was bad not just because of management but also employees. Of course in situations such as this blame could go around to management, coworkers, or even myself.

That being said the next job I held which was at a financial institution turned out to be a bad fit in spite of the fact that it would be a significant raise it was a change from what I had been doing. Indeed it proved to be a more grown job than the one I had held at a cinema.

I won’t go into details as to what happened at the financial institution other than tardiness, but my head definitely wasn’t in the game. Some of the people I worked with there I felt great talking with, others however there was some distance. If it happens early as it had for the month-plus I had been there consider it a wrap.

My last day there, I didn’t want to get out of the bed that morning. The routine of going to work there whether I had started early or later was often a dreaded prospect. So I laid around until I knew it was time for work got ready and by the time I left the house I was already cutting it close and tardiness was once issue they kept going back to.

Basically by the time I arrive at work it may have been about a minute and not long before it was time to open the doors. After a brief huddle before the work day I got pulled into the office to hear the bad news. It was upsetting and while already preparing for that possibility at least another interview was in the pipeline for the next day.

Regardless, I went back out in the show and some man on the street started talking to me and noted that I looked like I chose the wrong day to get out in the elements. On this day it had been snowing which likely contributed to me getting there late anyway after less than half an hour I was back in the snow. Although since at this point the job was a short distance from home it wasn’t a long trip on public transit to get home.

When I did, it was no more than 9:30 and me working kind of got thrown out the window. New territory for me losing a job – before then the issue was not getting a job or not calling back jobs who were looking to interview me. Then I realized, my management told me that I was still getting paid for that day.

After calling a job I had been interesting in working at – another cinema incidentally – I decided there was no need to stay home depressed. BTW, this cinema gave me a speech about how many applications they receive however the hiring manager gave me some hope by putting my app through (whatever that means). It was all a matter of waiting still as they weren’t hiring at all.

Through my eyes, I had no idea when the next job was coming. It took time to leave the cinema in the first place more time than I cared to even spend but finally accomplished that goal by the end of the year.

I saw two movies that day and probably had lunch before going to the place I had just called about my application. While there I told my mother the bad news, she wanted this opportunity to work out for me and it hadn’t. She knew I was starting not to really like it so perhaps it was no surprise to her that this happened.

To conclude, I won’t say losing this job was the worst or best thing that ever happened. It helped make much more possible for me to find the next job that proved to be a better fit. At least I had been prepared for the eventuality of losing a job, but setting up the possibility with a phone call here and an interview there where in less than a month I will be employed again.