I’ve been reading up on male virginity for a while, the subject of shaming had come up at times. We’ve seen how so many men who’ve never had sex feel shame in some cases enough where they kill people.

To be sure the shame is often internal although the fear is certainly that someone might decide it’s ok to point out this fact about someone. I’ve been on occasion the subject of “shaming”. Mainly someone’s need to just point out this minor detail about me.

Honestly it’s really no one’s business other than the people I care about most. The friends or anyone else who may feel the need to take a dig about me regarding this well they may mean well, but it’s really not their problem. It’s only mine…

In my case, rarely I have told some of these individuals. In others it had been deduced and they use it as ammunition rather immaturely. The fact that anyone decides it’s OK to ask about anyone’s sexual history. It’s my belief that it’s not worth talking about although it’s easy to say if you’ve never talked about it.

The unfortunate thing is that for whatever reason the choice was to turn this into a cheapshot. Worth it for whatever reason they can come up with. It only shows they have an even greater issue with it than I do.

Either way, I don’t have much shame about the choice made years ago. To abstain from sex primarily because I didn’t yet want children or wait until marriage. I truly believe it’s best to wait although yes not all have and they have made their own choices with that.

The one thing that has alluded me so far is that I’ve never had many female friends. It certainly would be great if I had that one female friend – with whom I have great interest romantically – that I could confide in. Surely if the day comes when I find a woman I truly like in the near future this won’t be secret but something that brings us closer together.

The unfortunate thing is that I’ve never really explored this part of myself with a woman I really cared about. There have been a precious few over the years with whom I had been interested, but never quite to the level I’d like to go.