Back to school, maybe?

I’ve largely been talking about change & growth since starting this blog. So far the topic of discussion has often been advancing at Fresh Foods or even for a brief time when I worked at the national theater chain at the Dine-in Show. I’ve gotten the closest at the Hole and even had an interview for a higher position at my current store earlier this year.

One of my long-term goals is to make six-figures and at this point I’ve gone from doing it where I currently now to finding other options. I’ve even decided, it is time to return to school. Should I just enroll at the local community college – where I left without attaining an associate’s degree to transfer to the prestigious Mission College – and take a few business courses. This is something I had been interested in anyway even back in the day when I should’ve done it.

Going to Mission College definitely put me outside of my comfort zone for that time. Ive learned a lot from that experience and my only regrets were some of the mistakes I’ve made. One of those mistakes was depending upon financial aid to keep me enrolled. Would I have been better off choosing a lower-cost option or having my own skin in that game? Would I have been better off with a real plan once I graduated and especially while there?

So either way I like where I am now as my income is pretty good so far. I feel as if there’s a lot more going on for yours truly now than back during my 20s. If only I had the persistence as far as finding employment back in the day. This was the type of experience missing from back then being so wedded to a classroom and even worse it took some time to finish my degree.

Now I feel as if it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and move on to the next step so I can arrive at that six-figure mark. And in addition to taking some courses at my community college for my “enrichment”, now I find myself wondering if it’s time for a master’s. I do have a goal in doing so.

When graduating from that prestigious liberal arts college I had failed to take advantage of student services to really find a job in my chose field. This time around I need to do that so I can truly take advantage of a masters degree. This won’t just be a vanity project this must have a return on investment.

I’ve even identified one program of great interest and will continue to look into other programs. The program I like has some flexibility and while rigorous, seems like one that could ease me into other academic programs. Just pick a field: business, social sciences, humanities, etc. I could still stick with the field I got my undergrad degree in, however, I could dabble in other fields especially if it pertains to what I hope to study.

Since I do have a job at a fortune 500 company I hope to expand the research outside of Chicago. Perhaps take my job with me as I study elsewhere to finish my master’s degree. However I choose to do it, now is the time to come up with my plan and get going.

Meanwhile back at Fresh Foods I wanted to tell about a new posting for supervisor. We lost another one last month and there’s no need to make this a longer post than necessary. It’s a position to consider, however, there are others within the company to consider. Bottom line is we got something to talk about for now and also Jack just make a move man!



last year when i was looking for a new job i had excuses. when it came to job hunting i was very picky as to the type of job i wanted. it was a matter of sticking to a familiar business to breaking into a business where there would be better pay and benefits.

that also meant i lost out on a lot of jobs that would provide that, however, those jobs would not be of great interest. my current job isn’t exactly ideal, but i received exactly what i was looking for better pay and benefits.

the same applies to dating. this year is the first time i tried dating sites after utilizing social networking such as facebook to approach women. so far my experience is with happn which unfortunately hasn’t gotten me any results.

a friend of mine suggested plenty of fish, and he hassled me about it for a while and kept coming up with excuses such as i didn’t want to post a picture or whatever. simply my head wasn’t in the game at that point and his checking on me and this website wasn’t helping. at that point in time there was no interest on my part to truly join that dating site or any site for that matter.

now that i realize that in keeping with the earlier post about whether or not i should announce my virginity on any other dating profile. of course what this could mean is that they could see a face of a virgin, unless i chose to find a way to sidestep this issue and there are ways.

perhaps i still need a picture but would still have to be true to myself. i can’t find a picture to portray myself as athletic if that’s not reality for instance. of course i’m talking about not showing my face, just as an experiment.

of course with these dating sites it’s to spur interest not to depress interest. i have a lot of decisions to make about some of the excuses i made regarding these dating sites and what strategies to use to spur interest. most importantly whether or not being a virgin should be the draw.

or is it best to not reveal that info until such time as there is comfort developing between me and her? I recognize not all are into dating or being with virgins who have very little experience or success attracting women. with that being said with trust and honesty comes movement.