young women

i have a story to share with you regarding that. in the meanwhile men’s health discussed this. it easy for me to see where dating a younger woman may not work.

and yes the opportunity has been there for me to date a much younger woman especially working with many at “the show”. many of them may not have fit well with me, some might have however my own shyness gets in the way.

regardless yeah, i seem somewhat directionless. i have little interest being a sugar daddy though my savings since changing jobs has gone up. i feel as if i have more to offer now. still for me to attract a young woman i need something to bring them to me.

one of those things will be, just being a cut above some of the young men these women encounter. one thing for me to consider, will she appreciate my extra gestures? to be sure i’m still not very good at that.

before the end of the month i will share this story involving a young colleague.

oh yeah i almost forgot, my motives for going young….wife and children. i can always date an almost 40 woman but the family i want to build may stop at one child. i really don’t want to raise an only child.


sugar daddy

today i started a line of jokes today as a result of a rather unprofessional and off-handed comment about a young coworker. see i was staring at a girl’s behind as she walked by and she wore a pair of tights. nice, shapely and my imagination got ahead of me.


she’s ok, but i realize i’d have a difficult time with her. she strikes me as someone with an attitude problem. sometimes i’m not a very good judge of character so feel free to take that assessment with a grain of salt.

either way after taking a virtual beating over that statement for a second one coworker – a man –  said that this young woman is looking for a sugar daddy. a female coworker went on to make her point which included sugar daddies can’t keep it – the cock – up and declared that she had a sugar daddy.

then i took it into rmy direction. for example  “you wan that coach purse  – a real one – well i’ll hook you up when i get that 25% coupon. in he meanwhile let’s have ourselves a little fun in the meantime”. of course the fun you’d have to use your imagination. it was quite clever i thought.


then i thought about it for a second. what if i was a sugar daddy. what if i used my humble financial resources to attract a woman. “a real one” is reference to my knowledge that people are willing to buy counterfeit designer products. if i may utilize my own ego, i never buy the imitation i buy the real thing. my coworker noted that i was wearing a designer t-shirt and he needed to “step up his game”. either way i’ll buy the real thing for a woman who may have no concept of the real thing and probably doesn’t care.

i decided on the ride home to look up a website designed to help sugar daddies meet their sugar babies. i realize how out of that league i was. the income floor was much higher than where i am at this point it would be a laughable exercise and a cruel joke. on who is another question. 😛

all the same, it feels sad if i have to use my income in any way to attract a mate. i’m worth so much more than dollar $igns. for now at least i don’t have impress women with my money.