the check


i forgot to mention more about depositing money into my accounts on the bank that formerly employed my mother. basically i deposited my tax refund check into both my savings and checking. most of it went to checking so that i could use that to pay my bills mainly credit and student loans.

the remainder went into savings which for the first time ever moved my account past the $10K mark. wow if only i had continued to add money to my account a few years ago when i collected that social security checks – as a result of my dad’s sudden passing – which pushed me past $5k before i even turned 19.

anyway my mother’s ideas are already put some money away in a CD. anthony my oddball friend from “the show” seems keen for me to buy a car. and i’m sure there are some other ideas, but for now I’m keen on continuing saving. and at that as i’m interested in changing banks in the future perhaps evaluate interest rates.

as far as a car if i continue to live at home and work in downtown chicago i’m not sure about the value of a vehicle. i won’t likely drive to work especially if parking could be an issue although it would help me out with my new job situation where i’d have to be at work starting at 5 am everyday. on the other hand this would make it easier for me to come and go as i please. can’t really do this with my mother’s vehicle. for now the jury is out but hopefully i can find something to spend cash and then hopefully get what i really want eventually.

yeah so for the next two weeks at least i’ll be doing more receiving at my store. remember two years ago i left “the show” for a job that would allow growth. i wasn’t growing at the movie theater. some of it was a self-inflicted wound, however, it probably wasn’t meant to be anyway. all the same, if it becomes a permanent job then that means more more and means more money to put away.

also it means more time on my hands. i would get off in the early afternoon – say about 1 pm or so. that could mean doing some moonlighting and it could also mean i could develop a plan B while doing this. and yes moonlighting could mean i could go back to a movie theater in the future and closer to a living salary especially if i can work more hours without losing sleep.

and yes it could also mean more time to meet women available women who hopefully are the ones i can connect with in a meaningful way – yeah whatever that means. perhaps more time to socialize and enjoy my time and develop meaningful hobbies and even connect with people who enjoys them.

with those things in mind some things are changing at my job. as i somewhat failed to do at “the show” the goal now is to get whatever i can get out of my job now. it may mean i have to learn to do receiving or buying and possibly parlay that to another job elsewhere if necessary. as much as i see a future at “fresh foods” it’s also possible that my future may not be there.

my future could be the main fantasy i had while i was struggling with being a bank teller after leaving “the show” becoming a theater manager. something i had two opportunities to accomplish. at the moment i could settle for being a grocery manager – department or store. i could make more money at a grocery store than at a theater. but that’s one path i can take for sure and perhaps the new potential job situation would allow me to accomplish that in some small way.

now i just have to adjust and adapt to the current new reality at work and with life.


Odds & Ends


becky quit out of the blue recently. when that happens and it has often something happened. who knows what really but it became clear she hadn’t been happy for a while. it went up and down until she decided to cut ties with the job.

we at work thought about what if she came back looking for work and sported a mustache and gave herself a new name. instead of becky she could be dickey and she may have to slightly change the lettering of her last name.

and speaking of that our department is looking for new people. we had so far hired two from what i can tell. in fact i saw them interview a couple of people, however, what they’re really looking for is temporary help. when they’re not needed they’ll just get cut until the leadership team see something they like. raw deal but if you’re unemployed and need money it’s better than nothing.

saw my taxes recently i made more money last year working that i had in previous years. if i hovered around $10 – $12k during the last 5 years i made close to $10k more last year. this means that i pay more in taxes then i get in the form of a refund. i got some type of tax credit because my income was low.

however, i get more money back just that uncle same took some money from me in taxes this year. i go up in income may get more taxes back and if my income goes up it may not mean i get more in a refund. when i get this refund i’ll do what i usually do save some & spend some. just can’t wait to get that iPad mini.

how about this for comedy. came up with a one-liner. if a new store opens up in a mostly low-income community bringing in gourmet items and you need a selling point here’s one. “*insert low-income neighborhood name* goes hard for gelato.” i had some guy rolling after that.

if only i could share that….