June & changes

Well a lot of changes at work.

To start finally last month the string of nights have just ended. As of late most of my shifts involves breaking down the load for my dept. Sometimes I feel as if I’m not work as fast as possible. However there are days where the job gets done and proud of those.

Our team receiver hasn’t been to work since about January and thus we had a few months where no one was available to do the load. And often those duties rotated between me and two new hires. One of those new hires has since left although still listed on Fresh’s social network. The other has transitioned to other tasks and for now that leaves me.

We lost a few people during the last two months one just had issues with tardies – sound familiar. The other not sure or nothing that I’ve heard about what happened. Just know that he’s no longer listed on the company’s social network and at one point my dept had a posting looking for another full-time worker. We’ve since posted for new people to replace those who have moved on.

Either way it would be cool to be the team receiver and to do something different than dealing with customers and that leads to another new situation. There have been changes to my old dept as the dept mgr who hired me is moving on. I’ve been knowing about that since at least April and one of his assistant managers have ascended to replace him. And with the easing of these pandemic restrictions my old dept is now hiring full-time or part-time and that means I could go back, right?

Well I thought they’d give us “dibs” once the situation changes. So far no one is banging down on my door as of yet. So my consideration is do I really want to go back and do the same thing I had been doing? I’d rather deal with heavy containers of product than deal with mentally heavy customers and especially with food. So that’s my consideration for now, if they offer me a “good deal” to return then it’s worth it.

I suppose for now thats the consideration with returning to the Hole. I see they’re still looking for full-timers, however, I did express interest via email with one of the assistant managers. He never responded only he knows why, but what I would’ve liked to do is see if I can get back into the buy/receive that I had started there four years ago. Who knows if it’s advisable or even doable…

As a matter of face sometime in April Larry actually came to my assignment. Since my former dept mgr’s job was up I figured perhaps he was there to check out the dept, instead I later saw that he was helping out another dept. I had decided in my head that perhaps he wasn’t trying to go for it. Just there to help out as mgmt as it were.

Although speaking of that dept, which is next to my old team they’re looking for a new dept mgr. The young man who took on the role lasted just about six or so months and shockingly they’re looking for another one. Perhaps for him it just wasn’t working out for him – wait sounds familiar doesn’t it? Anyway since I never had the opportunity to get to know the young man who knows what his issues were.

Well all I can say for now is that change is a best. Either adjust/adapt or get out of the way!

Interview Time re-visited

Around this time three years ago, I attempted to get rehired with my old team at the Hole. Why waste much time with the outcome, it didn’t happen. I interviewed not with Larry who at that time just returned to the Hole to take over my old dept, but with one of the store managers who was actually in the office when Morley gave me the bad news back in October ’17 – climax of the Reign of Error.

Anyway, I look back it was a bit of a wreck. Perhaps I thought there was a rapport to establish and the store mgr just decided hey dude I don’t know you. I forgot all about you. The irony is while Morley was very willing to say I can’t get a copy of my record or at least of the write-up this store mgr filled in the blanks and said I could make a written request. So the answer isn’t just no

Now I can point the finger at Rog for my dismissal from the Hole, however, the questions remain in my head. Was my dismissal part of Morley’s plan to inject new blood into my old dept? Was this solely Roger’s call and I think it is based upon how I thought /goofball was behaving towards yours truly at the time? And when I tried to return do I think Morley wanted to find a way not to bring me back in spite of the seeming implications in the mgmt office on my last day there?

Those are questions that remain unsettled and often my thought process points towards the actions from Rog to the assistant store manager as they were direct barriers in my mind. However, if I was concerned about Morley he’s no longer with the company as in outright fired. And of course why I tried to return Rog was no longer the dept mgr to be worried about and he also after some time left the company.

I had people backing my return mainly supervisors and even Wil the team’s associate buyer and it meant nothing. At that point in March ’18 I wasn’t coming back not there anyway. The supervisor said when I did visit my old dept about two months later that it was strange that they didn’t bring me back. They didn’t know what was up with that, I gave that supervisor my take that I just wasn’t able to connect and we left it at that.

On the day of the interview I ran into Danny who was doing new hire paperwork. My first comment to him was “the nightmare is over?” It was what I had said to Wil actually days earlier before I got a call from this store manager for an interview. He just chuckled and noted that the now departed /goofball was either too bossy or just wanted everything his way. He never said what claimed his job although from how he was talking it sounded like Ruthless Roger was just looking for excuses with him also. Then we talked about the changes since his last shift and I don’t think he knew Larry was the new dept manager. According to him Gary was working on his paperwork with him. So after that I do the interview….

Incidentally for the first time since I had returned to the company Danny had actually came to my dept at my current assignment to cover the night shifts. He must’ve forgot that I saw him when he was getting on-boarded with the company and asked if Rog didn’t want me to come back. My response was “By the time you came back at least he was long gone, and even then I don’t know if I’d want to work with him again”. He just responds with a “yeah” as if to agree.

Another few thoughts and events since then. Since I alluded to the strangeness of what happened in March ’18, Morley was one of the people who likely knew I was trying to come back. One of the supervisors stated that he would tell both Larry and Morley and of course got the call from that store manager who I had also been told was actually screening people.

One month later I finally write the post “On the Spot!

Feel free to read the original post

Calamity & reconnect

Let me start that as we look at this month three years ago, I began hearing from the Hustler/Fiend again. I noted a number of times that he called me four times during the course of the previous month. And after my birthday in December I began seeing him on my facebook feeds on occasion. Especially once when announcing that I had seen Black Panther.

He called three times in February from a number I didn’t recognize. I realized this only after his third try that this anonymous individual decided to text “Call me!” Who is this asking me to call them? Well I sent such a text and got an answer I gave him a martial arts related nickname and he decided to use that to confirm who it was. Of course this was during that time where I was recovering from the “Reign of Error” and just decided I didn’t want to talk at all. He would call one more time after a week.

I get a number of calls from numbers I don’t recognize and usually don’t answer so I didn’t realize until this text message that he had been trying to call me. Perhaps he didn’t realize I didn’t have his other number, perhaps he thought like most people I’d just answer, only he really knows his thought process. What I do know is that he’s done something like this before in the past.

Just about four years earlier he texted me from a number I didn’t recognize letting me know that one of the managers from The Show had been let go. He wouldn’t respond to a text message requesting identity until I messaged him on facebook and he confirmed. Again probably didn’t recognize that I didn’t have whatever new number he had.

Regardless in my head the thought process was he probably had moved on. He got his last score, and perhaps if he did call it’s not to genuinely talk to yours truly but because he needed something. While I have no idea why he wanted to re-establish contact my belief is that he wanted me to call him because he needed something. It was almost similar to how the episode “One Final Drop” started off with a quick text “Call me! 911!” which indicated a sense of urgency more for him than me. Instinct told me this was about a small cash infusion something he can’t help but ask for on occasion while trying to tell yours truly what to do.

Again for me to avoid calling him once he started coming around the context of that time in 2018 was that yours truly was unemployed. I saved up over $10K since about year two or three at the theater only to have to cut that in just about half because of the somewhat unexpected event of a job loss. Therefore no income had been coming in on my end and thus if he expected a small cash infusion well in those circumstance why would I help him. However, there isn’t a satisfactory answer to this question as I never sought a resolution. At the same time a cat & mouse game had commenced he was the cat and yours truly was the mouse.

Meanwhile it was time to hit the Fresh Foods beat as it was my desire to return especially to the Hole. It wasn’t to be and I wound up going to another store from the Hole. We’ll revisit those episodes where I interviewed to return to my old team at the Hole in the next post.

Also later this month I wanted to share an episode where the Hustler had effectively used yours truly to fill out his own job applications. Well for those of you who have been following this, you shouldn’t be too surprised.