younger women at “fresh foods”

mary aka crazy vibes unfortunately i learned was let go from “fresh foods” a few months ago. she had that odd crazy giggle and was pleasing to the eyes physically, but i had decided that she had some issues upstairs. while i personally was attracted to her, her mental state kept me distant.

in some respects she was very nice probably very cool. though because i made no effort to approach here – and there had been many opportunities – there was some distance. i probably never gave her a reason to really bridge the distance in my case i was unsure if i should’ve.

in that neighboring department there was a new young woman – of about 21 – who had been there since the summer. her body type resembles the young lady you see below though she left a lot more to the imagination than what you see here.
29.02.16 - 1

i will call this woman mary jr. she seems a lot more playful – and probably in a less crazy way than mary. she’s thicker, younger, and has caught my eye and certainly the eye of other young men. like mary, junior seems to have a certain distance from me.

often mary jr might send a quick comment my way about my whistling for example – she doesn’t like it apparently. otherwise not much is said by me and typically she doesn’t seem to notice me. i rarely have much to say to her and it might be because there is an age difference and it’s certainly attributable to her playful and youthful demeanor.

as of now however she’s one of the most interesting women i’ve seen at work. my dilemma is how to proceed and i’ve never been very good at that.

part of me wants to resort to the whole anonymous not slipped in her locker and she may want to know who’s interested. i feel as if that won’t go over very well.

i like to think i look younger than my almost 40 designation, however, doing the note thing is really beneath me. would the best move for me who’s never been on a bonifide date with a grown woman – well over 21 mainly – is to be bold? and considering that i’m checking out women at the work place regardless of their age this is something i want to be careful with.

april 2013


while i could turn this into an april fool’s post i’m playing this one straight.

in april 2013 i was ready to leave “the show” unfortunately the three early opportunities to have come up for me didn’t pan out. during this particular month i took a test for the local transit authority to become a station agent. it paid much better than the show at least $12/hr part time with benefits. sadly i didn’t get that job, i passed the test but couldn’t connect with them when they called me later.

also the previous month i had gotten a phone call from another theater of this national cinema chain. in february of that year i had interviewed from a theater right off the magnificient mile which did not result in a job offer. this was another fail and was further frustrated by some intervening events.

when they called me it was on a saturday night and at work. i had the next day off and didn’t call and waited until thursday to call them back. the person i needed to speak to wasn’t in, however, i was told in spite of the length of time it took for me to call them back to try back in the afternoon.

my friend anthony wanted me to meet with someone that afternoon though failed to tell me when. basically we spent most of our time downtown hanging out unbeknownst to me. i never told him that i needed to call these people from that national chain. we wound up going to his martial arts school for a meeting that never happened.

so on a friday night i worked early and intended to come home to make that call. except on my way back to the house my mother called me up from work insisting that i needed to go with her to get some bottled water from a neighboring suburb – because chicago has a tax on plastic bottles per bottle even in a pack. when all was said and done i was in no mood.

then on saturday exactly one week after the phone call i hoped to get to work early enough to make the call. my friend anthony wanted me to go back to his martial arts school to meet his business partner and it was a while before i returned home. then quickly got ready for work and drove my mother’s car to “the show”. so the dent in that plan was traffic coming into downtown chicago on cermak. by the time i had arrive to work there was little time for me to make that call.

after that i just said forget it. see this is what happens when i choose to procrastinate when i should just go for it. from this point forward began a long drought starting in march through roughly september where i had no interviews – hell no nibbles.

funny thing was that i had a nice stretch where i really had no serious issues with anyone at “the show”. yeah the female cliques of the time probably came up with something regarding me. for example a young lady wanted to drop some popcorn in a bin but because we already were having issues i wouldn’t move out the way and she just started talking shit about me for a good period of time with some of her like-minded coworkers. that’s the only one i can really think of.

recently i started to realize something. my friend anthony continues to hit me with it’s not the place it’s the people. he believes it even if i stick with it’s hard to separate the people from the place. unfortunately i’ve started to learn how “the place” brings out the worst in people. perhaps it’s as simple as how the people – management – chooses to run the place.

if there are conflicts between people over very small issues no matter what, and people are willing to start fights over it threaten people even get others to gang up on people there is a serious issue there. granted so many were so young but they really need a crash course on how to get along with people at work. it should take some time to get rid of people but with people willing to snipe their coworkers or just become problem employees they need a crash course of they need to go.

and just thing this month two years later, i found myself with a better job and hopefully better people at a better place. and on top that became a full-time employee with good benefits and paid time off. in time got my first raise ever!

however at that point in time, it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


been thinking about ways i can grow where i am currently. one of the reasons I left “the show” over two years ago was that i wasn’t growing at the theater. right now my job at “fresh foods” is somewhere i can grow.

the changes in the department has caused some disruption. our management is almost 100% flipped and brought in some new people or managers who are new to our team. they have to get to know us.

because fresh foods has been slashing the number of supervisors a few have moved on to other stores others have stepped down from their roles. they still work with us but they’re no longer supervisors.

allegedly one of those supervisors have stepped down not long after not becoming one of our assistant managers. someone told me he’s a bit frustrated which i understood especially after his interview. the job he went for had been reposted.

with all this pessimistic talk i’ve seen this before. it happened at “the show” people talking about moving on. people being a bit crabby – indeed one of the people who was on the panel just upped and quit a few days ago. things aren’t looking that great right now.

btw, as much as i want to hang in there and see how things shake out. how long do i wait until it’s too late?

odds & ends


odds_and_endswas talking recently to a young coworker about all the changes at our store and also our company. there aren’t many paths to move up in our dept anymore as the company cut some supervisory positions. i was supposed to be up for a supervisory position – akin to an hr role for the dept unfortunately they cut the position so therefore no need to interview anyone.

one supervisor has moved on to a different store. the other two supervisors are stepping down from their roles because they both have found other jobs. we’re getting two assistant managers from other stores one of whom have left an unfortunate first impression upon arriving. another i will be on a panel to interview them.

also this coworker told me for the first time that our former boss made some good money. almost $30/hr and roughly $50K a year, and i admitted i would stick around just to make that much cash. though getting into a position would be such a competitive process.

btw, i also learned for the first time that our former boss who left last month is moving on to selling luxury cars. if my coworker is correct he found the right fit for him as a car salesman. he does sales for our dept and understands some of the nuances of sales. perhaps he’ll do well on a commission job and possibly double what he made as a dept manager.

we both have found ourselves wondering if we both joined at the wrong time. to which i try not to dwell on where the company is now.

i told him that it’s better he came to our store than to stay where he was down the street. he didn’t like it there and he moved on. things aren’t looking good right now, however it’s better than where he was.

in fact to look at my path. i left “the show” where i had a very limited path to succeed. and unfortunately at the mercy of other people who were looking for problems. then took a risk and moved onto a bank where i had limited hours – far less than at the movie theater – however a great potential to make more money through referrals. sadly i crashed and burned there and luckily landed somewhere to realize the potential to make more money. now things are a changing and i have to determine what’s next, but i’m at a good company where i could afford to move around.

and also i can consider that it was better to have worked at “the show” than to have nothing at all. perhaps close to five years at the theater is better than doing another temp job and then being let go and waiting for the next temp job. i used to shit on that old job, but it was necessary back in the day regardless of how long it took me to simply find another job and move on.


well the shit-talking has begun in our department, there is an assistant manager in our department helping us out as we figure out who will lead our dept. so we’re in a state of upheaval after our big boss quit for another job and another is departing soon to a new position at a new store.

this other assistant manager came from another store nearby. been with company almost two decades and is already not making a good first impression. she’s already starting to micromanage people and rub them the wrong way.

it’s one thing for her to rub regular employees the wrong way, it’s totally another to rub other members of leadership the wrong way. for example, I heard our acting dept. manager and one of the supervisors talking about her. the conversation they had wasn’t good. the supervisor said that she acts like she’s still new to the job and she was a micro-manager and yet been working there two decades. also she’s just interfering and she really isn’t doing anything.

i spoke to another coworker and i had my own opinion. there have been managers who used their authority to just be downright rude to employees and unnecessarily. most of the time i just took it but there’s always a breaking point. it’s often made worse because perhaps they found something i’m in the wrong about. i’m not saying that’s this lady’s shortcoming, but she has them regardless.

at least for me i can do something about it. i volunteered to be on a panel interview for at least assistant managers. so it’s one more thing to add to the resume especially when it happens. hopefully i can do my part to root out those individuals who aren’t likely to be good fits for our department. i just hope others see what we’ve been seeing.


our dept. manager left over the weekend. he already announced he was leaving the company. one of the assistant managers told me quietly that he applied to a job at another store in another department. we found out recently that he got it….

at one point in our dept. we had five assistant managers. our original manager left to become an assistant store manager at another store. one of the assistants – who opened with us moved on to california at another store and in a different dept. one of the other assistants became the new dept. manager.

another one who got promoted to two roles while there ultimately becoming one of the five assistant managers became a dept. manager at another store. and the changes aren’t ending there our acting dept. manager is planning to move in the near future so she won’t be there much longer either.

in other words, we got a changing dept after over two years. i don’t feel stagnant as of now since i’ve learned other stations so i need to work with the manager i do have right now. as long as i can still make money and continue to grow in that dept i’m not doing too bad. now i should consider what else i can do to expand my skills.

while i may view this with concern, perhaps i shouldn’t yet. time will tell if i have no choice but to make my own changes. unlike at “the show”, i had barely a path because i narrowed it.

if i wasn’t growing as a box office, concessionist, or usher i could go to the restaurant. i had little interest in being a server or a bartender. perhaps i could be a busser or a host – i had a joke a male host would be called a male hostess lol. i had little interest in working the kitchen. and yes i wanted to become a supervisor ultimately, but what had i shown them and would it have mattered if i did.

interestingly i kept making jokes about the old job, about the show at work one night. and one of the supervisor asked point blank what we could do to keep up morale. it’s very important now more than ever.

i joked about how if morale is in the tank find ways to make people far more miserable. talk as much shit to them as possible when they start complaining. don’t make any changes, play favorites. generally just keep people on edge.

so he asked point blank and i gave him some pointers. don’t just people people upside the head with rules changes. make expectations clear. then i came up with since we may not have “leaders” in our dept for a minute. let the leaders emerge.

there was a posting in the back for the customer service department to have regular employees work the front desk. and this position could lead at some point or ultimately provide training for a customer service supervisor. perhaps at this critical time this department could do the same thing. have a point for our critical areas. perhaps that’s one idea that will carry forward until we have our new boss.

the idea wouldn’t be to give them the responsibility without giving them the compensation. it would be to give them the responsibility so that they would be ready to take on the new role of supervisor. something to consider at this time, hopefully.

odds & ends

i found out recently that my boss – who replaced the boss who hired me after getting a promotion – put in his two weeks. he’s leaving the company and he hadn’t been our department manager for a whole year. that means a whole lot more change after two years at the store.

his surprising departure wasn’t the only one. we’ve lost a lot of people due to attendance and some outright quit.

one young man who had been without a doubt a very enthusiastic coworker decided to quit out of the blue. the sequence of events had been he put in his two weeks, he had found a new job at a burger joint and was very enthusiastic about it. and then one day just stopped coming in for his schedule shifts.

i added him on fb recently and his statuses indicate that he likes it so far. time will tell, but because of how he chose to depart even after giving his two weeks might make it difficult for him to return. we’ve had others leave only to return later. one of those individuals also quit recently.

our department is woefully short staff although at the moment we could get some relief. they posted some jobs for our department and a posting for our new dept. manager. so i’ll have to take a wait and see attitude but to be honest at this new development i was very disappointed. i hope our soon to depart boss is doing what’s best for him and that would take the sting away at least.

back to the enthusiastic young man, one of our more experienced coworkers talked about him. someone else told him the news as he never knew. he asked where’s the stability, 401K, etc. all we can say now is that he’s doing what he believes is best for him now. another coworker said he wasn’t getting the respect he thought he deserved or the recognition.

to which i say, yeah i hear that. i worked somewhere that didn’t give me respect. i got the job done, but then there was something else i didn’t do to their satisfaction. of course some of this was a self-inflicted wound for example at “the show” i didn’t get along with people. perhaps it was in part my personality or because i worked with people who were looking for conflicts. sometimes it wasn’t me who fired the first shot.

but what i will say for the young man is that everyone noticed when he essentially stopped showing up. people loved him and respected him it was bad business how he left the store. as another worker put it, he goes all in with everything he does. whenever he started his job and liked what he saw he committed and forgot about his old coworkers.

it almost reminded me of when i transitioned from “the show” to the bank. it wasn’t entirely smooth, missed a couple of shifts because of the new job. one day was when i had to report  to the branch and they weren’t flexible not that they had to be. the last day was the day after my last worked shift, the next shift was during the time i had to go to off-site training for the bank. i could’ve easily said forget them, but turning in my notice was my form of forget them and worked most of my remaining scheduled shifts.

the people i got along with at “the show” probably noticed. the ones who found some issues with me likely didn’t and it’s none of my business whether they were glad i was leaving or had little response to it. probably didn’t matter if i left to find something much better than what i had done for almost 5 years. all i can point out is that some of the senior managers noticed and for the smallest issues they gave me grief, they couldn’t believe i was finally leaving.

however, now as i plot my next move after these developments it’s time to determine which direction i should go. the point to make more money which is important but then what else. i can’t sit on my ass and expectt nothing more than stability. i stagnated at “the show”, i should always strive to progress now that it’s been two years since i left the movie theater.