Not so important update

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Here is the update I had been sitting on with regards to the Hustler that isn’t necessarily breaking news. Hey I figured the way that he was sooner or later I’d hear from the man. Guess what I did earlier this month. Even got a screencap of it.


What was this for, well I had a video on my personal instagram page of myself going through northwest Indiana on the train. Hadn’t really heard from him since he wrote a comment to my facebook page with regards to a status about my interview earlier this year. He hadn’t tried to call me since January and all the sudden he’s expressing interest in this year’s jaunt.

Funny part about this is I believed he was rarely on instagram. The only post he has up is of himself in a martial arts uniform posing seemingly aggressively. The only comments were from one of those grandmothers whom he would say does the nastiest sexual act and expresses a very pleasing purr. Of course I call this showing off of these older women granny porn though nothing sexual about the pics he wants to express the mentally images….

Anyway the last real jaunt that I shared a number of posts on instagram was in 2016 going to the west coast. Our relationship was very different back then but he largely expressed no interest. He even called on our way to a national park and it was seemingly a quick call and I do remember I kept telling him that his call might drop because I was riding around in the “sticks”. Otherwise that trip he showed very little interest in, especially on instagram.

Well because I’ve stayed out of contact with him here he comes. Probably not that interested but if he knows that I purposefully staying out of contact with him or avoiding any contact with him it becomes a magnet for him. So for his trouble I just blocked him on instagram. Don’t know if that sent a message to him, however, for now it’s my signal to him that times have changed. At least for me, it’s for the better!


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